Clouds for cover for planes??

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  1. LT_Latency

    How come there are no cloud like objects in the sky planes can use to break line of sight or lock ons.

    Right now, the problem with planes is they have to be balanced around flying in and flying away while being blasted the whole time from the ground. I always though having clouds in the sky could help.

    I don't fly much so this could be the worst idea ever though.
  2. Meeka

    Honestly, clouds that block sight from pilots to ground and ground to pilots would be a neat idea.

    Not constantly, of course, just weather patternish.

    Have clear days, have cloudy days, have sparse cloudy days, etc.
  3. UberBonisseur

    Hossin's trees and canopy should offer mutual cover for ground troops and aircraft.
  4. Aesir

    You want clouds as cover ... I'm actually in favor of this ... having played Guns of Icarus Online ;)


    Of course it schouldn't be as extreme as in GOIO, but on higher altitudes they could form a second layer of the air game ...

    There are also desert storm clouds in that game, which damage you for entering. Though the general cloud also does some neat tricks in that game, the second you break LOS in a cloud you shake the spot.

    The clouds move at high speeds in that game and constantly shift how you play in that game.
  5. Dalek

    I support this idea in exchange for a massive nerf of daltons and a 50% HP reduction for liberators.
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  6. Mastermind

    all i read was "more lag for your lag with the lag"
  7. Plunutsud pls

  8. Blarg20011

    Yeah, flight ceiling needs to extend to 3k meters, cloud layer at 1-1.5k, planes stop rendering for ground and vice versa at the cloud layer.
  9. AdmiralArcher

    it would be great to have clouds but they wouldnt stop lockons, lockons use radar and no amount of puffy white cloud is going to stop radar, unless its a thunderstorm and even then that wont really affect it.

    also playing on low settings would surely get rid of clouds so MLG pro ******* will just play on low settings because they are K/D ******