cloaks that hurt the game

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  1. homedepot51

    stalker cloaks are the worst part of infantry play. stalkers are at their best when they prey on people trying to play the objective.
    trying to overload a gen? stalker-one shot knife.
    trying to push to the next hex with your unit? too bad that pesky stalker already flipped the point and has a terminal hacked out for a shiny new sundy. forcing your whole group to have to return to the fight you just ended

    to put it simply the stalker cloak should be removed till someone can come up with a better balance for it. with the playstyle being to take advantage of the people trying to play the objective

    when you make a playstyle undermining the fun your game has laid out, its you the devs that lose out

    on a side note cloak flashes are just as bad, for different reasons. 50 nanites for a cloaked flash with a fury that can almost kill a mbt before it knows what is going on is ridiculous. in a tank v tank fight i dont get upset when i lose but, when i get deleted by a little flash because he cloaked up to my *** and dumped a magazine on me. i feel cheated. 50 nanites to have the ability to destroy multiple heavy armor pieces worth 9x more almost instantly is ridiculous. one way i can think to change this is to make an upgrade to in the utility slot that unlocks the weapon like the javalin forcing players to choose weather they can cloak or have a weapon
  2. Skraggz

    Am I the only one that doesnt mind cloakers?
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  3. ObiVanuKenobi

    Sounds like you were killed by a c4 Flash.
    A simple cloak flash has no chance against an MBT driver with more than 2 brain cells.
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  4. Scroffel5

    I agree about the Stalkers part. There is no way of finding out a Stalker is in the area without dying to them already or having prior experience of how they work. I know a Stalker is in the base when there is nobody on the point and it is being capped, or there is no one in the hex except me and one enemy. I know they are there if I hear a cloak, but no decloak. Still nothing you can do about it without a darklight, and if it is a revolver infiltrator, that is just baiting them to shoot you first. It should not be removed, though. I already made a post about this, just check it out.

    As for Wraith Flashes, no. They can kill a tank, but only if they are stupid. Otherwise, I get one shotted. Even if you have a Deci-Fury combo, you are going to get murdered if you don't do it right. ONE. SHOTTED. If you run composite, it'll take 2 Halberd shots, but you may still get one shotted off your exposed right. Also, the Javelin is trash. The Javelin needs a buff. The Flash doesn't need to be reduced to Javelin status.
  5. homedepot51

    i say the flash needs a nerf because of the cheapness of it compared to the damage it can do to other vehicles
  6. AlcyoneSerene

    PlanetSide2 is designed to have an abundance of different game aspects all thrown together in order to have various tools to deal with different scenarios - soft counters if you will.

    It's a sandbox game, no MMR, so that aspect along with the chaos are necessary balancing aspects to retain players and attract new ones.

    DBG did make a simplified version of the game that removed most of that - planetside arena. It failed. I liked it, but nowhere near as much as PlanetSide2.

    So I get what OP means, it is annoying dying from things that can appear from anywhere like A2G, invisible grenades that have no markers, heavy units like tanks or maxes or ambush shotguns that don't render their sound effects because bugs and crappy audio processing - but think of the opposite, a completely "fair" environment where you're up against either noobs or elite players, over and over again. Such a game won't last long because it'll be no challenge and no fun.
  7. OneShadowWarrior

    Flashlights do help.

    I admit they are annoying, but they aren’t inclusive, I can pull a Stalker to.
  8. Scroffel5

    We could boost the price to 75, so that way you have to be alive for 2 minutes to get the nanite deposit. I admit, I just spam Flashes as people after it takes them forever to kill me cuz I am running Jockey and Nanoweave, but at the same time, you are exposed. Take the Buzzard for instance. In an AV role, it is pretty good for the Flash, as you can dump your 3 round mag and escape. Its nice, but you can't take down anything but a Flash in one mag. That means in the 2.5 seconds it takes you to reload, you are probably dead. A Harasser will destroy you because it goes faster than you and has a top gun, the ANT and Sunderer will ram you or just switch to their gun, ESF or Libs or Gals or Valks will follow you and murder you and you can't get away, and MBTs will one hit you.

    If you are dying to a Flash, they are probably using the Fury Grenade Launcher. The thing is, a Harasser running Stealth will shoot you in the exact same way, tank your shots, and get away. My point is, a Wraith Flash uses its cloak and gets up to you, but then what? It uncloaks, and then the cloak is useless until it needs to get away. Even when it does try to get away, the cloak is only transparent. It isn't invisible, so you are able to see them trying to get away, and the maneuverability of the Flash is limited, so you can shoot them off their Flash pretty easily. In that case, just nerf the Fury.
  9. Nubm_again

    AV capabilities of the WRATH, not the Flash should be toned down. Infils cannot carry C4 for a reason. Also road kills (especially max units) should damage the flash, and not reveal but disturb the cloak for a brief moment.
    Also i'm not a fan of the one hit knife on stalkers, but w/e. I file it under another troll attempt by the devs and have no further complaints about infils other than the stuff mentioned above. Stalkers have become quite strong though but it was too easy to hunt them down when it first came out.

    Another thing, don't compare flash vs MBT, because if a flash approaches an undamaged MBT it deserves to die. Its very powerful to finish or damage and force to retreat tanks. And road kill the repair crew.
    Thank god its kinda underused, because there is a lot of uses that are rarely exploited.
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  10. Scroffel5

    Your arguments are all about the weapons. It isn't about the Wraith cloak, which is what you guys don't understand. What can a Heavy Assault do if it had a Flash with Stealth and Turbo? If it can flank the tank, it can AV grenade it and C4 it and get away, or it can use the AV grenade, dump its Flash's mag, use a single Decimator rocket, and drive away. They can rely on the class, and if things go bad, they can turbo away.

    What can the LA do if it has a Flash. IF it can flank the tank, you can C4 it and rocklet it to death. Or you can place the C4 on the back, get back on your Flash, and shoot the C4.

    What can the Engineer do? IF it can flank the tank, it can place tank mines and shoot them or it can C4 it to death or use the Flash's weapon.

    What can the Medic do? IF it can flank the tank, it can C4 it and use the Flash's weapon?

    Now, what can the Infiltrator do? It WILL flank the tank, but then it can only rely on its weapon. The Infiltrator has no AV other than the Flash, so if you need to bail from the Flash, you just lost your AV. If your Flash gets blown up, you just lost your AV. When you flank the tank, you solely rely on your Flash's weaponry and your driving skills to do anything to destroy that tank. The Wraith only helps you flank. It will not help you live and if you are in the situation where you need to get away, you have to wait for your Wraith cloak's delay to go away and you have to DRIVE away. You can't turbo away and be a hard to hit target. An Infiltrator is a hard to hit target when they are cloaked, because you can't see them and they move erratically. A Wraith Flash isn't because it is limited in movement and a bigger target.

    If you are dying to a Wraith Flash, it is probably your fault. You probably ignore chunk damage and are too focused on getting a single kill to turn around. You are suffering from tunnel vision.
  11. Hegeteus

    Buddy, if your faction can't push past one stalker cloaker then the fault lies entirely on you and your peers
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  12. Scroffel5

    Thats not what he is saying.