Cloaking changes on PTS?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Sharkasaur, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. MarkAntony

    Well i'd like to add reduction of the cloak sound and a removal of the cloak IFF (what idiot made that choice?) but let's not get too greedy...
  2. Chryvrius

    Infiltrators are like starving Ugandan children, except instead of food, its buffs. Sure we might not be getting a full course meal but these bread crumbs are ******* delicious.
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  3. Akashar

    Anything that can distracts noobs from running around with smg sounds good to me.
  4. AlterEgo

    Online post of the Decade? Stay tuned to Forumside for more!
  5. IronMouse

    I might start playing a CQC Infiltrator on my TR after this goes live. Need a change from LA. :)
  6. YusufHas123

    Praise the vanu gods!!!
  7. Sharkasaur

  8. Ximaster

    Im playing HA since some time ago,but im going to enjoy my stalker infiltrator again after Wednesday :D
  9. CuteBeaver

    I'm pretty sure the darklight bug fix will be included with the improvements to crouch walking. As for the visual improvements themselves they are pretty significant when viewed by another person.

    As requested I am going to test the laser sights rendering with my second account. Even if it were broken the laser sights would be far less damaging to us then the darklight bug was. However its worth investigating regardless.
  10. CuteBeaver

    Yep the laser sights broken in the exact same way the Darklight was and wont render beyond 5m. It seems to be a priority / sync issue with the clients. Frankly, in this case we can probably just live with this bug as a feature. I doubt its going to make or break many encounters.

    The second half of the video shows me using the new crouch cloak walking in varied paces. It really seems to have potential when used intermittently but not in a pattern someone could expect to look for. Full out crouch walking probably won't work unless your in the peripheral vision of your enemy and they are unaware of your presence. Prolonged movements also seem to be a bit risky. Pretty much nothing we didn't expect but I am happy with the results. They are not as terribly obvious as I was anticipating and I could see some times when using this would be helpful.
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  11. Navron

    Are you running lower settings because you're running two clients in the video or is that how you normally play? I had to rewatch the crouch walk section because it took my eyes a bit to figure out which direction you were coming from. I'm not sure it would be that easy with higher settings. Refraction is a killer.
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  12. CuteBeaver

    Large screen is maxed settings, tiny one is lowest settings. Also this ones blowing my mind, but i don't see the laser sight on my beamer (1st person, small screen ) on the recorded playback... Although it was visible in game... Could this be a bug within a bug? :eek:
  13. CuteBeaver

    Nevermind the laser sight is just stupidly faint (snow). Was trying to show it warps slightly as it passes over a cloaked player.
  14. Aeswind

    First of all let me thank you for all the hard work you've put into this section of the forum.
    I would like to ask you how much more visible is crouch walking against the angular patterns like the ones you find inside buildings, especially the walls? (can you be picked out with the peripheral vision or your opponent has to be actively looking for you ?), because in your video the background (dirt on the floor) is perhaps the best case scenario.
    Also if you tested it on pts, are there any differences in visibility between hunter and stalker cloak after the buff ?
  15. CorporationUSA

    I'm so stoked for this. I love stalker, but the cloak isn't good enough to justify not having a primary weapon. It's pretty good, but it's not quite there yet.
  16. Navron

    I think CuteBeaver has some videos that would disagree with you.
  17. CorporationUSA

    Show me the best one.
  18. CuteBeaver

    Hmm... thats hard to pick. Im torn probably between these ones.

    I think in terms of cloak being used in combat maybe Candy Store...

    As far as raw killing goes I still have a soft spot for [DOG]s... Although apparently they still hate me.

    My biggest problem as a stalker is actually running out of ammo. -_- I hate having to redeploy back for more. Really if they ever updated stalker specific directives stealing enemy ammo should be included. lol

    I would not trust it, since even stationary deep cloak can be picked out when standing against specific patterns. Visibility is the same between all 3 types of cloak so no worries there.