Cloaking changes on PTS?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Sharkasaur, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Sharkasaur

    Anyone had a chance to try? Thoughts?

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  2. giltwist

    Hallelujah! Stalker is going to become viable again! Maybe I won't switch to engineer after all. If they can do a pass on the volume, CQC Hunter would really be good too.
  3. MarkAntony

  4. Steza

    If crouch walking is practically invisible I'm going to go full predator with the knives again! :rolleyes:
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  5. Iridar51

    I'm glad you guys are finally getting some attention. Cloaking is really underpowered currently, and reducing visibility is a good change. I'd prefer an increase in upsides than reduction in downsides.
  6. CuteBeaver

    As long as the darklight bug fix remains scheduled for next patch I will be a happy lady. This is just unexpectedly awesome.
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  7. AlterEgo

    Ey, I can play Infiltrator again! But I also am curious regarding the darklight bug... how is it a bug?
  8. IronMouse

    Good news.
  9. breeje

    finely, so they still care about the infils
    hell will freeze over tonight


    now only the loud sound and the easy to see flash
    and maybe less visibility when moving in shadows and nights
  10. CuteBeaver

    This has been broken since April, and has made indoor stalker work nearly an impossible guessing game as to who has a dark-light equipped. After running some testing I discovered the issue was any light pulled out / weapon equiped beyond 5 meters from the infil caused their clients not to render the flashlight beam. You'd basically have no idea when you were painted until checking the deathscreen enemy loadout.
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  11. Migs

    This will increase ghost caps.. which is annoying, but then again infils are extremely easy to see atm and needed a little help
  12. Ximaster

    Finally stalkers can be useful :D
  13. TekFish

    Forget my thread about buffing the FA Scout Rifles, it doesn't really matter if this is gonna be on live.
  14. ElvishSlayer

    If they don't want to remove or lower the sound of cloaking they can atleast make it non-faction specific so that people can't know if it was enemy or ally infiltraitor that cloaked.
  15. Skeith

    as a guy that made 513513 threads on reddit and on the forums about this change my heart is literally ******* cryng right now

    2 years and half and their finally changing the cloak
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  16. AlterEgo

    I get it. It's like the old fights in the Crown, when stuff also didn't render. But it also randomly occured to me; what if turning off your darklight has the same potential as turning off your laser sight? As in, you'll still be able to see people, but the light is disabled. That would still be broken, but it never occured to me that that could be the case.
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  17. Steza

    Sounds like the Darklight is pretending to be the laser sight. Currently when the laser sight is equipped you can press "X" by default to turn it off but the effects stay the same. The laser sight also will be seen first time by a enemy who wasn't around when you turned it off not sure the range.

    Maybe the Darklight is taking from that and the effect stays on even when the light is disabled. Either that or the client didn't think the light was a priority to load and shoved it on the back burner. While the light was on the entire time for the guy who shot you due to his client saying it's a priority.
  18. Ximaster

    Im intrigued of how works in battlefield this cloak modes...waiting for this notice that gonna be official.
  19. Chryvrius

    I could cry tears of joy right now.
  20. Colonelveers12

    But.... hasn't it always been like that? When the hell did they change it back?