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  1. Nanite Systems

    Hello! Today we are going to explain how to properly utilize your Cloaking AMS! Unfortunately, We have seen a large amount of losses to Cloaked Sunderers due to improper deployment of the AMS system. Nanite Systems assumes no liability for any casualties caused by improper use and deployment of the Cloaking AMS.

    The Cloaking AMS will prevent all forms of auto detection radar from revealing the Cloaked Sunderer on all enemy Radar/Map systems. The Cloaking AMS will also prevent the Sunderer from being located via sight outside of a set distance (Estimated to be about 80 meters). We have called the area within this set distance the "Sight Kill Zone". Within this zone, The cloaking field generated by the AMS becomes more visible and easier to see by the naked eye.

    The Sight Kill Zone is around 80 meters. Any threat within 80 meters of the cloaked Sunderer will be able to see the distortion caused by the generated cloaking field. Below we will list proper parking techniques to minimize the detection of your Cloaking AMS.

    1. Avoid Parking near high traffic areas. Parking near high traffic areas such as roads, Spawn areas, Or places enemies are likely to pass will increases the chances of the parked AMS being accidentally discovered. Remember: The closer your enemy gets, The easier they can see your Cloaked AMS distortion field. Please refer to figure 1.2.

    2. Avoid using any deployables within the Sunderers 10m cloaking field. Deployables are not affected by the cloaking system, and can be seen easily.

    3. Any activation of the Sunderers weapons will cause the cloak to deactivate for a short period of time. For this reason, It is recommended that the Sunderer be locked (or set to squad/platoon) to prevent inexperienced soldiers you do not know from accidentally disabling the AMS Cloak.

    4. When parking, Try to park your Sunderer with it against a structure. The closer you are to the structure, The easier it is for the Cloaking AMS to blend the vehicle in with its background. Sunderers parked on open fields where distance objects can seen through the Cloaking Field will appear more distorted than objects that are closer to the Sunderer. Please refer to figure 1.1.

    5. If time and location allows, Select a location near large, Low hanging trees. The swaying motion of the leaves will help prevent the visible distortion effect from being spotted as easily should enemies get within the Sight Kill Zone.

    6. Upon exit of the cloaking field, Any ally that is cloaked will be uncloaked with an audible sound. While very rare, Enemy soldiers more tuned to listening to their surroundings could use this to locate the Cloaked AMS. It is recommended that the Cloaking AMS be deployed a minimum of 100 Meters from the nearest known enemy movement.

    7. Gate Shield Diffusers systems will still function while cloaked. Activating these devices will cause the Sunderer to have a colored glow that reflects your empires coloring. Take caution not to accidentally activate the GSD system while cloaked. This also accounts for utilizing Smoke Flares.

    8. If you decide to engage an enemy of any type and your Cloaking AMS has not been located, It is highly recommended that you avoid engaging combat within 80 meters of your Sunderers deployment location. Doing so may allow the enemy to trail you to its location.

    9. Lastly, Any weapon that is capable of damaging the Sunderers armor will cause the Cloak Module to be temporarily disabled. We at Nanite Systems recommend that you avoid taking damage at all costs. This includes friendly.



    Nanite Systems wishes you the best of luck using your new Cloaking AMS. We thank you for your purchase and look forward to serving your future combat needs.

    Special Thanks AiPappy for allowing the use of his Sunderer for our pictures.

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  2. Iridar51

    That's how I imagined you while reading through your (very nice) guide:
  3. Kcalehc

    I'd add:

    10. Don't park in one of the 'usual' spots for a Sunderer at a base. Enemies will expect you to be there and if they are looking for Sunderers will likely look there first, and look closely enough to see you. A deploy shield, or armored Sunderer is better at these locations.

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