Cloaked valkyrie

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Villanuk, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. CorporationUSA

    Making the valk the ultimate ESF ramming platform doesn't sound too great to me.
  2. Nogrim313

    that is something i had not really thought of. though is it really that big of a concern? if they added stealth i could see plenty of justification for raising the nanite cost for the valk
  3. CorporationUSA

    It's a concern for people who don't want to be rammed by cloaked valkyries. It's already hard enough to avoid being rammed by libs we know are coming while trying to get anything done.
  4. Imp C Bravo

    A lot of people have suggested this. A lot of people have agreed it would be fine.

    I am one of the latter. Cloaked Valks works for me.
  5. Voross

    I'd enjoy the support options I'd get with a cloaked val but I can see the abuse potential/problems with it. I'm sure there would be ways to make it work/fair.
  6. TheMish

    Nah, the Valkyrie is designed with being a sort of battle helicopter in mind.

    The solution is simple, make it immune to small fire, add 2 or even 4 gun mounts on the sides, and there you go.

    Maybe the same guns, that are used on engineer turrets. With differences, maybe a little grenade launcher, or a minigun, or a heavy gun like that pecks at enemy armor.

    Just don't put a stabilizer, that way you balance them, since they'll be very inaccurate unless the pilot stays dead still, or doesn't budge while flying forward.