Cloaked valkyrie

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  1. Villanuk

    Now we have a sunny which cloaks, we have a flash that cloaks what are you thoughts on having a Valkyrie that fly's cloaked ( limited time cloaking like the flash ) BUT with out a gun, so its only for transport purposes only or only extend it for infiltrators?

    Cool or crap?
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  2. Nogrim313

    i think it is a great idea, however none of the other items would be anywhere near comparable so i see that as an issue.

    set it to rank like the sunderer stealth, but function like the wraith
    so rank 5 unlocks the visual stealth, but the pilot must be an infil and it has a limited duration and a recharge system.
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  3. Villanuk

    yes thats very much my thinking. If you shoot you uncloak, level 5 to get full cloak, i think or i would like just one cert option for it, rather than pouring thousands of certs into it for this option and i think it will make the Valk more viable and more interesting?
  4. then00b

    No, the cloak mechanic breaks any lockons, basically it's a free instant flare that you can spam. Flak is kind of barely useful as is.
  5. FateJH

    Despite what a few other people would claim about the Valkyrie's weapon systems, the truly dangerous aspect of the Vehicle are how the occupants of its rumble seats interact with the outside world.
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  6. OldMaster80

    I don't think we need another cloakable vehicle.

    It's instead worth investigating why the Valkyrie is so unpopular. The reasons mostly well known and devs should have done something months ago.
  7. CMDante

    This would be true if firing from a Valk wasn't such a massive pain in the ***.
  8. WeRelic

    I'd say this could be a useful thing. It would have to look the same as sprinting cloak though.
    You don't fly very often do you?
    Simple solution to that:
    Once you activate cloak, it is active until you fire (which would drain the cloak completely) or run out of energy, and you can't activate until full again.
    That would prevent it from being spammed, at the cost of utility, preventing your lock-on issue as well as being able to cloak instantly at any time.
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  9. Krinsee

    I suggested in another valk thread that make it like the phantasm from ps1
    The way I would do it is provide the vehicle with a stalker cloak system (on or off)
    The cloak module uses up the active slot but disables the troop spawn defensive option,
    so it cannot hover over a target and spawn troops.
    The cloak also disables the vehicles weapon system and locks passenger weapons.
    Vehicle visibility is dependant on how fast it is moving and if you keep it to a crawl you all but invisible.

    The would make a place for the valk to become a stealth drop ship and a dependable forward scout unit.

    I would love to see this.. But this is a game where they clearly stated at the beginning that they couldn't get the engine to make working water like rivers and oceans. (the reason for instant death and world borders before water.)
  10. Spazmatism

    I suggested this a couple days ago, to make it like a Phantasm in PS1, the problem with it is, if it has weapons. If there ever is a cloak, it should disable weapons. It would be nice for sneaking a bunch of people/squads onto scarred mesa skydock without having to deal with AA or something, although it probably would need a lot of people that have it certed...
  11. Ronin Oni

    Yeah, have cloaking module take the weapon slot.

    Only problem would be Strikers I think xD

    Really a cloaked air vehicle would probably need to be a dedicated transport for balance purposes.

    I like the idea, but I have a feeling it wouldn't go over well
  12. Villanuk

    Oh i agree mate, its only for dedicated transport only, nothing else, for covert operations, just to add a little spice into the game because its the one area we dont have any cloak and i thought, "what if" ?
  13. Krinsee

    Yeah just like the phan from PS1 with no weapons and unlmited or at least long duration cloak. Would bring back special ops or at least well cordinated play back a bit.
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  14. JojoTheSlayer

    The PS1 Phantasm was fun, but it was mostly used for anti BRF tactics as far as I remember...
    My only worry for something similar in PS2 is if the cloak is effective enough to pull it of. The PS1 cloak was 100% invisible when stationary and more like deep cloak when moving. Not sure you would be able to sneak a PS2 "AMS like" cloaked Valkyrie anywhere without it being spotted.

    Also, if introduced I agree. If one has that mod installed. Weapons should be disabled, decloaked or cloaked.
    However, the flip side is that I think the 5 ranked cloaking mod or whatever should go from time based until the last level. Where the cloak time would be unlimited, but become disabled for a few seconds if the Valkyrie took damage etc, just like the current AMS. This because it would be very unpractical otherwise. Specially without weapons.
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  15. CazadorDeLaBruja

    Actually for the valk that mechanic would greatly benefit it and bring its use up by a whole lot. Unlike an ESF, its super loud... cant boost to escape or dodge incoming fire, can barely fight back when shot at from 500 meters away by an ESF and its made of paper. Additionally the Valk provides more utility then the ESF as a squad support system...She also carries more responsibility then ESF and Libs where she is tending to vital ground support and troop transport. The Galaxy has massive defences... the little Valk is very gimped when trying to the job she was meant for. ESFs are only for infantry farming with Op weapon mechanics. yeah the Valk deserves this system for how helpful she is compared to the Rockstar ESF. Also note that its unlikely payers in the rumble seats could fire weapons while its cloaked. Additionally if it were possible to make the cloak take the place of squad spawn and safe-drop and only be able to function when above safe drop altitude... that would make it fare aganst surprise attacks on infantry and vehicles. while giving it some means to at least run from an ESF. Sense it will spend more time close to the ground then an ESF... dumb-fires would be more effective then lock-ons anyways.

    More customization is never a bad thing when MMOs are concerned. this adds another useful option then just radar or squad spawn.
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  16. Krinsee

    I like the rank system for timer until maxed. Also as I think or at least meant to state that the valks spawn in capability would be removed as well, to prevent being an invisible spawn point hovering at flight ceiling and constantly dropping troops for a squad.

    I think an addition like this would open up a unique role for the valk without adding another over/under powered weapon or screwing with existing mechanics.
  17. Ronin Oni

    well the problem with the valk is even if it removes the weapon mount, it still has rumble seats.

    That's why it'd need to be a dedicated vehicle. No weapon mounts, no rumble seats, weakened armor, dies on any vehicle impact (save flash), slower speeds (well, valk isn't all that fast :p Prolly valk speeds but with less v-thrust but then build in hover.)

    That way every aspect of the vehicle can be custom balanced.

    And you'd still have problems with people using them to stealth deploy bail assaults over armor columns. In fact, I expect that'd be their primary use
  18. Scr1nRusher

    They should build in Squad Logistics.

    Then use the "item" the former squad logistics had & turn it into a cloak module.
  19. PWGuy93

    Agreed with the logistics part, actually I would go one more step and say it could be just like a sunderer and anyone, not just a squad can deploy to it, but... only if there's open seats and perhaps limit how often new deployments could happen.

    Don't much care for invisible Valks even with nanites being in the game.

    I along with many others just find the valk has too niche a role and needs something (keep those ideas coming) that makes it more worthy of pulling during a fight. It's great that Wrel has found a comfort zone flying it and has ample videos showing how it can be fun, but that's flying for those with good latency, mechanical keyboards (less lag) and how amazing hand-eye coordination. I'm not among those players have suffered severe lag since three weeks after the OMFG performance update and my keyboard doesn't even have the letter S showing from extreme use over time. Call me a grunt, or a jarhead (pick a branch) I just want vehicles that work for the masses and the sunderer is kind of worn like my letter S.
  20. Nogrim313

    i think there is two roads to go with stealth.

    the infinite always invisible except when hit, but with no weapons.


    the short duration active ability like the flash, but gets to keep the gun which not be fired while in stealth.

    one to work like the AMS or as a good scout, the second to work as a good stealth insertion, and evasion style aircraft for CAS
    both would be fun and it might be cool to see these simply added to the stealth slot.

    both of these would make valks more appealing to use and a lot more useful to platoons.