Cloak useless ?

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  1. CHDT65

    These days, it looks that everybody and my grand-mother can see me when running cloaked ?
    Has the "cloaking" being stealthy nerfed recently ?
  2. Plunutsud pls

    Maybe you just ran into a bunch of kids who got new computers for summer and finally moved up from low graphics?
  3. Vixxing

    Dont Run cloakd Crouch!
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  4. DHT#

    If you aren't crouched and not moving it's pretty easy to see you on anything over low quality graphics.

    Honestly cloak is one of those things that really needs some looking at, graphics quality shouldn't give such a huge advantage. I can always tell when people are playing on ultra with my cloaker - there is no hiding from them.
  5. ThePropain

    This, hahaha.

    Anyway, what makes you visible while you are running?
    It's the shimmers from the light bending around you.
    What is the primary source of light?
    The sun.

    I've noticed right away that infiltrators are much harder to see at night, even when they are running. Try only doing your infiltrator operations at night.
    After all, you don't see ninjas from those movies running around during the day, right?

    But keep in mind, it's not totally useless at day either, so also remember that cloaking removes your arrow and protects your from radar. (but not recon tools)
  6. Kirbs

    If you are struggling playing as a cloaker I recommend switching from hunter to stalker cloak and getting a decent hand gun. I've sat in the middle of an open tundra with the entire TR 48+ force running around me. It gives you a whole new appreciation of stealth. Also just because you can cloak doesn't mean you shouldn't use cover and shrubbery. Your cloak is much harder to detect if your partially covered by something. Also remember that just because you are crouched doesn't mean movement won't give you away, just turning your direction means that the shimmer effect will be more pronounced and draw attention.

    Damn I need to start making some cloaker videos. I've had some great moments over the last couple of weeks since putting those certs into stalker..
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  7. Copasetic

    I don't play infiltrator but the one thing that always gives them away are the cloaking sounds, soon as I hear that I know roughly which direction they're in and how far away. Once you have those two pieces of information finding the telltale shimmering isn't so hard. And these days I always equip a flashlight on my sidearm, so even if they do manage to hide I can often find them by scanning the obvious places with the flashlight beam (on top of boxes, behind cover, in bushes, that kind of thing).

    I think a big part of the infiltrator class is managing your cloak. If people don't hear your cloak turn on and off they probably won't be looking for you and are more likely to miss the shimmering effect.
  8. DrPapaPenguin

    The cloak won't hide you if someone is looking for you. Instead use it to flank distracted targets who already have stuff to deal with.
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  9. M4gn1

    Crouch and stay still, don't move your camera people will walk through you all the time. Move only a bit and everyone unleashes hell on you. Cloak needs a little bit of love, especial when people are looking through scopes. For some reasons you will show up on a scope more easily, I have been sniped by some guy 100+ meters running while cloaked(stalker so I was never visible)
    I myself use the night vision scope to track infiltrators, you can see the cloak around them when they run.
  10. FateJH

    Running Infiltrators are easily visible. Infiltrators being shot are much more visible than if they were just running. Thus, a running Infiltrator taking damage is lit up like I were using Darklight.

    I don't get why people keep thinking they're completely invisible. The Predator cloak was to allow the audience to see the monster better. Although installments of that franchise do show that other characters can see the Predator while cloaked on occasion, it's apparently not as pronounced as what the audience sees.
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  11. Nurath

    I heard advice from someone that tells you to hammer it into yourself that the cloak is more like camouflage and to play accordingly.

    Even on higher settings you are pretty much invisible when stationary and crouched.

    So move from cover to cover, pick your moments and act as if you're not invisible but just well-hidden, and that running out into the open is effectively giving yourself away.
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  12. Kirbs

    Thats what is great about stalker cloak, once activated you never ave to come out of cloak until you are ready to kill someone, as long as you have some patience.
  13. hdup71

    I play medic a lot, so i'm constantly in overwatch mode and taking care of my pets. That means usually i'm the one who spots spies and dispatches them first.

    Sometimes when engaged in a firefight i can seen them in the corner of my eye, but do not act on it because i just don't bother about those sneaky litte chickens. Let someone else deal with it.
  14. p10k56

    Nothing is easier than getting kill as infiltrator.
    I play it sometimes and never had problem with cloak. It works great on 20+m.

    This is most OP class in game and yes shame on you full time infiltrator you are close to Lib farmers on my jerkometer.
    Stop constant whining:mad:

    How great this game could be without infiltrators.
  15. patrykK1028

    Since I switched to medium settings I can see every infiltrator even if I dont expect them. You get really invisible only when crouching and not moving at all.
  16. Rikkit

    take a closer look to the minimap. is there a motion spotter nearby?
    But be aware, a max certed spotter has a radius of 50m but will only show up on your map, when you're within 35m.
    The cloak still works well for me, but when there are motion spotters arround, it's far to easy, to hunt a cloaker down.

    PS: I play on medium settings. And Cloakers are easy to see, They are far from invisible, they are just harder to see.
  17. TheReaperKing82

    I don't know what you are talking about. The cloak is not useless at all. I use stalker cloak to get around the enemies to get on the capture point and try to turn it. This of course draws a bunch of people from the front lines which allows the rest of my platoon to move in closer. You have to find a decent spot to hide with it and make sure you are crouched because the cloak will be more complete. Also I recommend hiding near solid objects, this will prevent you from being found by someone who physically runs into you because he will just assume it is whatever object you are next to
  18. KnightCole

    Really? It is nighttime I always had the easiest time seeing moving infils. I have, no joke, seen running infils from half way across Amp stations. Once I was at the spawn room balcony and saw an infil running out by the tower in the middle of the courtyard. Another time i saw him run in front of a door way by the spawn room while i was standing near the ammo tower.

    As for cloak, is it useless? No, its just not an OP, all encompassing tool of doom like it is in Ghost Recon Phantoms. THAT game is a prime example of cloak being absolutely OP as ****. And the firing from cloak, they have that just serves to make recon that much more rage inducingly OP...they can just walk straight up the middle of the board, walk up behind you, shoot and poof....and repeat. Plus they get wall hack.....actualy its a radar, but it is essentially a wallhack mechanic...which is also ******** yeah. I really hope SoE and PS2 infils never become more then what they are now. PS2 infils are annoying, GRP recon are just ********..

    Cloak is meant as a tool to help you bypass enemy soldiers. When they are distracted, when they might not be paying attention. If your cloaking around, crouching and moving slow, you are far more difficult to see. BUt if your running across open ground...yeah, your fairly easy to see...its people QQ thinking cloak is MMO level invis...its not, its cloak.....its an aide, not an end all be all....

    If there was any changes id make to cloak it would be to make it like Crysis. You crouch and dont move, it drains 200% slower and if you dont move and crouch, it regens 50% faster. If your crouched moving while cloaked, it drains 100% slower. Meanwhile, if moving crouched you get normal regen rate. kinda to promote Infils to be more sneaky, methodical and slow as they should be, not rambo style...Heavy Assault is the Rambo class...Infiltrators are the Ninja class....kill and gone...they make the enemy feel as if they are always being watched, kinda giving them an uneasy feeling, as if they might die at any moment.
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  19. daytripperz

    Also don't sit there cloaked and spot people. Your voice will give you away. I've killed plenty of infiltrators who think they are being smart by sitting there spotting everything just by following their voice.
  20. Pacster3

    A lot of infiltrators think that they just need to stand still once they see an enemy and then they are invisible. That's not have to crouch...and you have to do that BEFORE you see the enemy(cause once you can see him, he can see you too, brainiac). I played some funny games with infiltrators that have been sitting in some corner thinking I can't see them. They have been right, I couldn't see them anymore...but I saw them when they I knew where they are. ;-)