Cloak not working. At all.

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  1. Lazaruz

    I actually had this happen two times this morning. Both times I was in a full health cloaked flash, moving full speed, and had been traveling like that for a a decent while before getting killed.

    First time was a 1-shot from an Engy with a AV turret from 200+ meters (estimated after talking to him). Second time was from a Basilisk Sundy (no idea of the range, but there was nothing close by that's for sure).
  2. lothbrook

    Its definitely changed, not that it really matters, theres no way you're reliably hitting them with how they stutter and theres 0 animation for them, lol.
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  3. patrykK1028

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  4. iller

    Finally someone who gets it.
  5. Dualice

    Something I've noticed with the cloak recently is the erratic nature of the charge bar. Sometimes after de-cloaking it instantly fills a big portion of the bar, about a third maybe. Also when the cloak depletes fully, it takes about a second for it to actually deactivate and for the bar to start charging again.

    This could well be more of a latency issue though. I've been noticing big spikes of it this week (Cobalt).
  6. BloodyPuma

    Yep, have this issue too. Its latency... but...
    Sometimes I press "f" to cloak and the game says "nope". Literally nothing happens. Usually with buggy latency I would cloak with a delay. But now I need to press "f" again to cloak. Like somekind of input loss for a sec.
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