Cloak not working. At all.

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  1. patrykK1028

    Ive been just sniped by Vanguard from 400 meters, by MANA AI turret from the same distance, Zepher and some infantry primaries. All when I was cloaked and enemy couldnt know where I am. Looks like cloak doesnt work completely now
  2. FieldMarshall

    Seems to work for me.

    Enemies are cloaked like normal, and im not instantly spotted while cloaked myself.
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  3. BlueSkies

    Are you sure they were shooting at you? I've lost count of the number of times I've fired a rocket, AV turret, etc at a MAX or whatever and some cloaker dies instead.
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  4. \m/SLAYER\m/

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  5. MotionBlured

    Unless something has changed, infantry render up to 300m, max.

    I would bet money that OP is one of those infils that think cloaking means we've forgetton where he used to be. I've killed many an infil who cloaked and stayed still.
  6. Get2dachoppa

    Stalker cloak certainly doesn't work, that's for sure. Just rage logged (again) after being in deep cloak for over a minute when a heavy assault ran up, stopped, swiveled around, then just full auto sprayed me. At night time even. Darklight flashlights are pretty much obsolete now. Don't even need them to spot infiltrators in deep cloak.
  7. DunningKruger

    I always thought you were supposed to be 100% invisible when stationary when cloaked.
    The other day I was walking around and I clearly saw a cloaked infiltrator and he was not moving at all. He had his secondary weapon out so I assume this was stalkers cloak. It was at close range but it felt as thought he was much easier to spot him than he should have been. I don't believe dark light flashlight had any influence here although I did have a secondary weapon (wasn't currently equipped) in my loadout that had darklight flashlight on it.

    I play on the lowest settings also if that info is of any help.
  8. radrussian2

    are you sitting in the same place cloaking and decloaking? if you are you aint that hard to spot bruh.
  9. steverogers

    - cries about being ''sniped'' from 400 meters as infantry
    - infantry render distance is 300 meters
    - lul
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  10. SpruceMoose

    with the way SOE is handling implants
    I wouldn't be surprised if a cloak implant "fixes" this in the near future

    then a heavy assault nerf
    gotta wait for the shield to charge up
    whats that? don't like it? grab this new shield implant
    no activation delay
    only $$$$$$

    whoa whoa whoa
    people repairing too much
    repairing now costs resources
    don't like it? got this handy little implant that bypasses your problems

    we here at SOE feel the medic is over preforming
    reviving now costs resources
    unless you're using the new necromancer implants

    light assaults are too good with c4
    c4 now costs

    nvm, light assault sucks
    you dirty f2pers can keep him
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  11. iller

    I've been saying this for a while.
    Cloak is a Joke.

    gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8
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  12. Vaphell

    i think the hard 300m threshold is no more and there is some adaptive threshold instead if not many people are in the area. Few days ago i fired few sniper rifle rounds from the the Howling Pass tower at people using mech terminal at the Sorry Excuse of a Base in the Middle of Nowhere, which is roughly 500m away, and actually landed few hits. There was zero animation and they slid around with their hands to the sides (default modeling pose)
  13. Sze wee

    I'm pretty sure render range of infantry is beyond 300m.I believe 1/6 of my total sniper kills are beyond 300m,some even reaching 400m.(completed sniper directive)

    However in this thread i believe i know whats the cause. If you're in stalker cloak that is.

    Well i've had this happened to me once when i was on the on one of the landing pads of a biolab in stalker cloak just chilling out and watching the scenery. Then this NC ESF just flew in towards me from about 300-400m range before swopping in and lol-podded me. I've send him a tell and he said i was not cloak when he was further out then only cloaked moments after. However i was in stalker deep cloak for about 5 mins hence we both agree that the only possibility is that the server only manages to register my presence but failed to register at the same time that i'm in deep cloaked from his pespective.

    This is a possibility that happened to me and might be the same for you.
  14. Rikkit

  15. BloodyPuma

    Since last patch we have new render distance for infantry. My ingame distance is locked at 1000 meters, but im able to see troops up to 900+ meters, maybe people with higher limit then 1000 meters can see further.

    Already did 700+ and ?900? meters kills (2 x ohk).

    And YES - Cloak works up to old render range for AV turret - crica 450 meters. After that you render uncloaked even if you are cloaked. No matter if you stand or crouch - you will render as standing in the "A" pose.
    Game gets buggy when somebody dies at such long range. Often I see 30+ people which are already dead - but ingame "garbage collector" dont delete them for 0.5-1 minute. That may be the reason of performance loss for many players.

    TL;DR 450+ meters - no matter what - you are "A" shape without cloak and always standing. Even if you are dead.
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  16. AlterEgo

    I have killed many infiltrators in deep cloak as a HA. Thing I noticed is this:
    The Infiltrator MOVES while cloaked, as if it is breathing. If the devs remove this animation and make cloaks less visible, then all is good; I want to be able to fight them, not automatically detect them.
  17. patrykK1028

    It has been extended. Some people say now it is even 600 meters.
    And I can agree with that because I killed some guys from 300+ meters.
  18. MarkAntony

    Can someone confirm that with pics or something?
  19. Nitrobudyn

    I believe it got fixed. Remember some time ago, when if You decloaked Your hud might have not been drawn at all? In the Video You can see, that the character is rendered the whole time, whether the cloak is on or off. I'm almost sure that now either cloaked or uncloaked form is rendered.
  20. NinjaTurtle

    This happened to me the other night.

    I was unsure whether I wasn't cloaked even though my screen showed I was or whether they were hacking in some way. I messaged the player to ask if I was cloaked and got no response.

    Seemed very odd but you can't tell anymore the difference between dodgy play and a bug

    Why would it be increased?

    If anything it would be shortened for performance reasons. That said it seems to be 300m on my end..... some of the time.