[Suggestion] Cloak is Pathetic

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by QuantumSerpent, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. GaveYouHermes

    Are you sure that they're crouching? While I'd like it to be less obvious than that because I don't like dying, we're also talking about having the game balanced. Some of my best kill streaks have been as a stalker infiltrator with a crossbow just taking out any loners who were distracted with the battle. That's the thing, you have to be sure they're distracted enough and play it smart.
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  2. PeggleFrank

    This post is pretty old, but I do have to ask:

    When aiming down sights (with the default VS pistol, anyway), I don't seem to have an animation in first-person. If there isn't a third-person animation, either, then that could make aiming down sights extremely useful for remaining hidden, but I can't really see myself in third person, so I don't know. If anyone knows the answer to this, it would be helpful, because if this really works, stalker cloak might be able to work in conditions where it otherwise wouldn't.

    If an inf is in deep cloak and isn't moving whatsoever, the absolute only way to see them is to either notice the small distortion in the objects behind them (impossible for most players) or move around and look for distortions.
  3. Jawarisin

    I never actually noticed, but as a general rule, I don't think you should worry about it. If you're aiming, you're about to shoot anyways.

    Cloak still pathetic :/
  4. Krit3rium

    Cloak is fun :)

  5. Jawarisin

    Nope, It's a suicide button.
  6. PeggleFrank

    It's been awhile, but I can definitely tell the difference. I've had BR 100's run right past me without noticing, even though I'm out in the open.

    It's not so useful while moving, but while stationary, aiming down sights is extremely helpful. When you're ready to strike, you can just uncloak after the enemy has run past you and shoot them. Of course, if you move your mouse at all you'll be visible, but otherwise it's nigh-impossible to tell.
  7. TheKhopesh

    This is still happening, and it's utter BS.
    Ever since the "equalization" across graphics settings, the deep cloak has more than quadrupled in visibility.
    To the point where I have spotted deep cloak infils at +15m, and they weren't even turning their heads around.

    It's ridiculous.
    You should have to be less than 2m away looking right at (No, at that range, you'd be looking through) them to spot a deep cloak infil without a darklight.
  8. Cz4rMike

    Well, they weren't deep cloaked then ;)...
  9. TheKhopesh

    Trust me, they were sitting crouched.
    They were in deep cloak, the graphics just make it far too easy to see them.
  10. Cz4rMike

    They maybe were sitting crouched, but it had to be after they moved. OR they were having a bad background behind them. To spot a deep cloak inf 15+ m you need to actively look for him and get lucky.

    Would be better if you posted a video. I don't remember the last time I was spotted in deep cloak. Well I don't think I ever was.
  11. TheKhopesh

    This video is from approximately between the 16th and 22nd of this month.

    I couldn't find the video I was searching for, but in this one I spot a stationary deep cloak infil at about 10-12m.
    I swap to my detector instead of my pistol by accident (I was distracted at the time, as I was playing while trying to tilt back an opened bag of skittles I'd knocked over on my desk without the majority of the candy rushing across the desk :oops:).

    Anyway, normally I'd have been quicker about swapping to the pistol after this mistake, but rest assured I did spot him at that range.

    And sorry about the quality, even though I uploaded a 720p video, youtube hates me and won't accept the 240p, 480p, or 720p tag commands and I have no idea what they've changed to make this happen.
    Youtube is always changing something that screws over amateur uploaders like myself. :mad:

    But even with the horrendous quality my upload turned out to be, when I get closer (at about 6 to 6.5 seconds into the video) the considerable distortion effect of the cloak, even in deep cloak, is apparent.

    Got the different video quality settings to work. Apparently the preset vid quality settings are slow to kick in, even after the upload is complete you've still gotta wait for them to "kick in" so to speak.
  12. Cz4rMike

    NP with quality, thx for the vid...


    it was a glitch. You can see that some pieces of his equipment rendered weirdly. While his body was almost invisible. Secondly, you practically ran into him. Which is bad "hiding" on his part.

    So I see nothing wrong with this situation. No matter the bug, you're supposed to see cloaked infils right in front of you.
  13. Jawarisin

    Right now, the cloak is a gimmick. I don't remember EVER cloak giving me problem since the equalization. I mean, I also saturate areas with darts; but even so, it's SO easy to see.
  14. Cz4rMike

    It's easy to see when running. However I was speaking about deep cloak. Gotta agree, I'd buff moving cloak invisibility.

    Tho I get great killstreaks while using it. Maybe I've learnt to use it even with its flaws.
  15. Jawarisin

    I can get a killstreak with any class/weapon. Because I'm better than my opponent or they are simply bad doesn't make something balanced.
  16. Cz4rMike

    Well II don't only go on killstreaks, I use the cloak ability to survive longer <3 and it works, unless I trying running right before my enemy's face.