Cloak is not useless

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  1. Ztiller

    Exactly. Almost. But that is to be expected when something actually takes skill. There are a few here who think it is great. I would rather listen to someone who actually knows how to play, than someone who don't and claim that it doesn't work.

    I can base it on my experiences, which are far more numerous than the few ones i show in my videos. That you lack these experiences is quite obvious.

    Defense turrets don't show up as red dots on the minimap. Also, i know you like to overestimate your skills, but i can tell you that if you had been in one of those prowlers, you would have died just as much as these guys.

    But it would seem that SOE agrees with me about how the cloak is, seeing as how they don't change anything about it. If you can't handle it as it is, then maybe you should L2P?

    Horrible design to you. Incredible fun, and an awesome challenge to me.

    I know you don't think so. But i use them in competitive play. So it would seem that you are wrong.

    Nah, this community is mightily entertaining. And it's always fun to find someone like me who actually have bothered to learn the class, instead of crying about it here.

    Yes. Once the turret is down we have to wait for someone to repair it. And once a Light Assault have used his C4, he will have to go back and resupply in order to kill another tank. The light Assault can fly. We can use Recon darts and cloak. In terms of usefulness, the Light Assault is much less useful than the Infiltrator.
  2. Skeith

    @ztiller going solo killing 3 random guys aint competitive play just sayn
  3. Ztiller

    No, but leading a squad in a highly organized assault against Peris Amp station is. And so is wiping out half an armored platoon in engagement with my squad.

    Just because you can't do it, or can't figure out how to do it, doesn't mean i can't.
  4. Skeith

    ...........can someone explain to this guy what competitive play is?
  5. Ztiller

    No, please. You do it. You apparently knows something that i don't.
  6. Dr. Euthanasia

    1. I can't just let his lunacy go unopposed, and nobody has proven to be more effective at undermining his credibility than myself.
    2. I find it amusing. Every other post from the guy contains a quote which either defeats his own argument, is humorous when taken out of context, or both. I think he's just trying too hard to sound cool.
    3. Like I said above, I don't need to convince him of anything. I still get to make the argument either way, and a lot more people than just him will see it. You can tell from the fact that he omits significant parts of my posts that he doesn't actually have an answer to what I'm saying, but this doesn't bother me because I'm not writing them just for him anyways.
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  7. OldMaster80

    Sorry but I agree with Ztiller. The Hunter Suite works exactly as it should: it's excellent for sniping because you can shoot, then cloak and relocate so that the enemy got a hard time at spotting you. And it's quite effective for fast kill-runs through the enemy lines, possibly with an upgrated SMG. It works well as long as people realize that the cloaking device is not invisibility. And if you move slowly with the Infiltrator you're doing it wrong: you must cloak and run as fast as hell, then flank your enemies, use our special grenades, place landmines, cloak again and keep running.

    Because the highest truth about the Infiltrator is that it's the hardest class to play in the game for a simple reason: if you want to kill your enemies you have to take them by surprise, and the Hunter can help at doing this only if you switch your brain on and put a lot of strategy in this. No doubt, compared to the others, Infiltrators are bloody hard to master, and still get less xp than everyone else. If you can't take your enemies by surprise and they spot you then you can say bye bye because you're likely to die fast.
    But as long as people think the Infiltrator should be able to run in the face of the enemy during daytime, or fight 1vs1 against a Heavy Assault and possibly win, someone will always say the cloaking device sucks.

    You want improved invisibility? Ask devs to finalize and introduce the freaking Stalker Cloaking Device that was there in beta: almost completely invisibile while crouched, capacitor recharging if not moving, but no primary weapons.
  8. Dr. Euthanasia

    Sorry, but "almost invisible" isn't good enough. Stalker Camouflage would be the cloak you use to get indoors, and in case you hadn't noticed, Hunter Stealth's lowest visibility setting is still blatantly obvious there. People would see through it all the time, especially given how the whole point of it would be to let you hide among any number of enemy players, for as long as you wanted.

    And if you think that's unfair, just make flashlight attachments reveal cloaked Infiltrators.
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  9. Vaphell

    like that means anything. Was there any patch that didn't eff up something about the infiltrator?
    - invisible for low
    - highly visible for low
    - hacking occupied turrets
    there were 3 gamebreaking bugs in 3 months, peeps maining other more used classes would flood the main forum with screams of 'bloody murder' in an instant. SOE don't bother with infiltrator enough to check before pushing the patch if they don't break anything about the class.

    Yeah, in case there is a turret conveniently placed towards the enemy, which doesn't happen on 95% of the map. Most organized teams don't lug infiltrators around so they can shine 5% of the time, maybe. It's simply more reliable, even if not as 'epic', to have a team of HA tubers or AV turret engineers to deal with mech and bring your own sunderers than to rely on hacking one out.
    What do you do with sunderers, arguably the most important vehicle of all which you see 24/7, as an infiltrator? if they are smart enough not to park it in front of your favorite turret you can do exactly nothing, on the other hand LAs can carpet bomb it. They are also 10x better at assaulting towers where floor jumping and cqc are king.

    I am pretty confident the people are painfully aware of that fact already.
    For sniping the hunter cloak is ok, nobody said otherwise. If you are far away you don't have to run like an idiot from cover to cover and nobody hears your farting cloak every 10 seconds.

    that's the problem - many people think that you shouldn't be forced to run in the first place. If the cloak punishes fast movement, why would you want to run with it on? Inf should be about patience and control of his surroundings, not legging it from crate to crate and hoping for the best. You are squishy, you can't leave things to chance.

    Isn't that the very definition of UP?

    as said earlier, you shouldn't run in the first place and most wouldn't if the could, but the game forces you to with schizophrenic mechanics.
    cloak won't help you with 1v1 vs HA, that's for sure - after all you can't shoot.
  10. Ztiller

    Maybe not for you.
  11. OldMaster80

    Hunter Suite gives us no options: we got no choice but running as the devices runs out of battery every 10-12 seconds. I'd love to be able to take my time, crouch in a corner, check lines of fire, shoot the detection dart, etc. but this is not possible. I say they should introduce the Stalker for slower-paced infiltration gameplay. But considered we can't rely on the Hunter "invisibility" at close range I belive running is the only way of using this tool. I'm less visible if I run behind covers than if I stand in front of my enemies crossing fingers they don't see me.
  12. Vaphell

    ... hence the complaints about it. Hunter cloak mechanics are the definition of catch-22. Don't run because you are visible, run because your battery runs out fast. Farting sound in 100m radius doesn't make it easier either.

    2 of 3 class specific skills/abilities (cloak, hack, beep-beep radar) betray the presence of the infiltrator (cloak, beep-beep radar), does any other class suffer from that? In fact i find this inconsistence in inf traits very disturbing, we should make it fair and hacking tool should be audible in 50m radius too ;)
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  13. Ztiller

    The Heavy Assault shield makes him highly visible, even through smoke and mist. Medics ability makes him and all nearby teammates much easier to spot. Light assault severely reduces accuracy.
  14. Aimeryan

    Not just him.
  15. Aimeryan

    You know how I feel about this - I would love to have that playstyle available. In Planetside 1 found it extremely enjoyable.

    Personally I would love to just get a dev response on whether they are thinking of putting such a system in, and preferably what sort of timeline we are looking at if they do. Then, yes or no, I can stop checking in every now and again and just wait for the patch, or forget Planetside 2 altogether.
  16. Dr. Euthanasia

    Want to show me some unedited footage of you trying to use Hunter Stealth indoors, or is this claim as empty as the rest?

    I'm getting used to free-to-play shooters doing this. At this point I'm thinking that I might check back on the ones I've formerly abandoned to see if they've made any meaningful improvements rather than just adding new, unnecessary toys to the mix. If they have, maybe I can build up a rotation of sorts - go back to one game, get bored and/or frustrated with it, move on to a different one now that it's had a few more months of development...

    Still, I'm too busy to play this game often enough for boredom to set in, and I'm a very tolerant person besides. I'll be here for a while yet.
  17. Vaphell

    If HA and CM use their abilities it usually means they are shot at a lot either way and i think they don't mind that relatively minor inconvenience given the increased survivability in harsh circumstances, also disadvantage kicks in only when they are looked at. If they are 2m from you behind the wall, you would never know. LA has ruined aim during *silent flight* but can still fire if he wishes so?! Oh noes, that so UP we have to stop the presses!!!!

    What do you really gain with cloak and probe sounds which make sure everybody with ears in place knows you are in the neighborhood? They actively discourage use of abilities in 50+radius from the point of interest, which coincidentally is the exact same place you need them the most.
  18. nubery

    The shotgun whining was actually a bug that allowed you to shoot while stealthed. This happened when shotguns were first released in beta.

    The ignorant misconstrued the bug and the fact infils had shotguns and the complaint became melded into one. Infil weren't OP with shotguns, but shotguns firing while stealthed was very overpowered.

    Never the less the damage has long since been done, and it's permanent. Ignorance is to blame.

    Saturday I snuck into regent rock garrison, right over the TR tank Zerg parked slightly west of it just barely out of the vehicle bay. I flanked hard south and climbed the tower sprinting and using jump pads to create confusion it anyone saw me. I created a deception by shooting a few guys on the east side then went back to the west side where the tank Zerg was waiting for me. I hacked the empty base turret after watching an engy repair it. With the Zerg of tanks facing their ***** to me I started my farm. It takes two shots to put a prowler into fire state to the rear from a base turret. Three to kill. I single handedly killed 7 tanks and put three others in burning state before my turret was shot and I bailed.

    Roughly 1800 exp a tank from bonus weekend, membership, and alpha squad 50% boost. Not even counting 400 exp per crew member and bonus exp for shut downs and kill streaks. Just counting those 7 tanks I killed that's 12,600 experience in about a minute.

    That said, other than farming confused players and creating minor mayhem I have nothing else to do but keep doing that. Most of my sneaking and diversion was relying on fast movement and misplacing my location with map red spots. Stealth got me in but knowing the tower layout and how to misdirect is what keeps you alive. Light assaults do the same thing without stealth.
  19. Ztiller

    You really should have learned by now...

    Most fights are not 1v1. A HA turning on his shield is like a beacon for every enemy within range to start shooting at him.
    Yep, but he is also perfectly visible to everyone who would like to shoot him down when he is practically defenseless. He can shoot, but he'll probably only hit with one bullet.
    The cloak gets drowned out by pretty much any battle sound, unless the infiltrator is within 10 meters. And even then, he is unlikely to be noticed.
    No, they don't discourage it. They simply encourage the use of your brain. Just like you should know when to put on your HA shield, you should know when to cloak and decloak.
  20. OldMaster80

    One things these guys got right is about the cloaking sound. Light Assault got recuded accuracy, agreed, but they don't need accuracy to drop C4 and mines frome the sky. And they got a super-silent jetpack that allows to get behind the enemy and insta-kill with shotguns.
    This is so freaking stupid and unfair: our cloaking device is as noisy as an atom bomb but their jetpack makes no sound?! :mad:

    We have to agree it doesn't make any sense.
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