Cloak and other ****

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  1. MaKiro2

    Im so pissed right now so i make this thread. I know that there are some other threads about the same but ur fault SOE. My favorite Class is Stalker... and first of all this F****** cloak dont cloak u only makes u harder to see. Today i got so often killed by People while sitting completly still and from 50m away cause u can see this **** from this distance... I only have a Pistol and the moment of suprise... I dont want to play to much other classes because i like this game cause of the Infil. And the Other stuff is the Ping/Hitdetection... I got 2 times killed by a Rank 8 today cause i couldnt hit him with the stupid Executioner because the bad hitdetection and its worse then other Pistols... This is so frustrating... And the Boosts dont work too but thats not so a big Problem...
    Today Drathamus made a Vid about Planetside 2 and he quit it cause its dying... I love this Game but if they dont fix these things i will quit too and others will follow...
    So PLS SOE fix this ****... U have enough money!!
    A pissed MaKiro2
  2. Septus

    Wow, that is quite the rage. But I understand. I rarely play cloaker and when I do it is sniper not stalker so doesn't affect me much. But since the update I just feel sorry for stalkers now. They try to run from me and get around a corner like they used to, but I can still see them. I just go shoot or stab them. It's sad. I got killed by them occasionally before the update without being able to see them at all, not a big deal, I got a darklight flashlight on my pistol. Now I don't even need it. It was better before.
  3. _itg

    Yeah, now that the cloak is normalized across all settings, it's time to recognize that the darklight flashlight is no longer necessary, particularly on secondaries. There are enough ways to find stalkers without resorting to this hard counter. It's pretty galling that the ONLY way this class can survive is to stay invisible, but that advantage gets taken away from us the moment someone decides they don't want to deal with us anymore.