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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Feb 21, 2013.


    Since the patch this game has become unplayable for me. Whenever i shoot the target jumps to another location. I toyed with settings and framerate is realy ok, my connection is 120meg, yet this target lag is persistent. What happend to this former superfluent game?
  2. Aztecoatl

    I am very happy with the perfomance of the game by far . i5 2320 with a GTX 560 2Gigs , Everything is set to 0 except Graph.Q. to 5 in User.ini and I have a stable 30 + FPS in huge fights . Ofcourse the more the better but still , great job so far ;)
  3. BenYeeHua

    Yup, how many game you can fight with so many people and get 30FPS, and free.;)
  4. TomaHawk

  5. Chowley

    Performance has gone down for me. But it seems to mainly happen in tech plants and amp stations. Even if there is nothing going on (just my platoon left there) it seems be at best 18fps anything over that is just a jump.
  6. Kroom

    Days after the patch I was experiencing horrible hitching when I tried to aim at a target in a large battles, it was unplayable. I was able to resolve the issue by rebuilding a new user option file and updating my nvidia driver (314.07), even though it was “Crysis 3 specific”. My performance has returned to normal.
  7. turtlestation

    I can confirm that my machine has seen some pretty heavy drops, especially in facilities. About a 10-15 drop in FPS in those areas compared to before.

    i5 2500k @ 3.5 GHz
    HD6850 1 GB
    8 GB DDR3

    I have shadows turned off and my rendering quality is at 85%. Lowering my settings doesn't seem to help like it did before.
  8. Hydragarium

    Performance - Still unplayable. On high end intel machine.

    How much can we bribe you guys to roll back some of the mandatory shaders? :p
  9. Rogue1138

    First off thanks for taking the time to post this codeForge.

    My question is when will we see something to address the low GPU usage problem I run 2 7970s in Xfire and rarely see anything about 50% usage from them. Even with everything on ultra with RenderQuality 1.40000.
  10. BenYeeHua

    Yes, set the CF setting, I think the CAPs for PlanetSide2 don't come out yet.
  11. StayingFrosty

    My FPS are better in check now but still a bit twitchy, mostly staying around 50 fps.
    Nowhere near as bad as it was just after GU02 when it was single digit fps near anything big at times.
    Still can "feel" the stuttering when approaching big fights, as if the engine loads stuff and lags a bit.

    i5-3570k @ stock atm
    16GB ram
    HD 7850 /w 2GB
    running the game of a fast SSD drive

    Just out of curiosity, with all the tweaking it takes in trying to get the graphics performance "perfect".
    Are you guys doing all the stuff inhouse or using some dedicated middleware like Umbra 3 to help with occlusion culling, visibility and other render optimization stuff?
  12. iller

    No they aren't using Umbra, you can tell instantly if you ever get a Texture Mem-leak that allows you to see through walls.