Client Hotfix - January 17th, 2014

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Raxxyl, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Davidliao623

    Holy crap I was complaining about the Sunderer yesterday and you guys fixed it today, good job, give it to ya this time!
  2. DerekAUS

    Briggs just dropped most of the server with no warning with 5 minutes left on an alert...
  3. hittman619

    Yep, infuriating. Logging in screen has been hanging all night as well.
  4. StigsVanuCousin

  5. layton

    when i go to planet side 2 it just say error sony path is that normal patch in progeress or is it something else
  6. SniperShot187

    I cant even get past the launchpad. I click the green play and it exits the pad and sends me to the website please help.
  7. antiheld84

    Since the update server downtime i got strange clipping errors:


  8. Stranger9

    The lock on sound glitch is back and flares are only countering a portion of the time. Didn't know if this was brought up yet and wanted to put it out there. Ty for the hard work and thanks for the double xp weekend
  9. Theghostwad

    This is really pissing me off SOE.
    1) I can't get any god damn repair ribbons or heal ribbons
    2) My Passive certs are treating me like a non-premium player
    3) Half way through an alert: My god damn ammo packages won't deploy
    4) I couldn't access 1/2 of my accounts for 2 days

    6) I'm going f2p.
  10. Alex31313

    Way to go SOE. My biggest problem is that normally i get 40-50 fps, and i am now getting 20 fps.
  11. Kurdain

    I was unable to log in for 2 days, and today I logged in just now.
    I had 12 certs awarded.
    I should have had a minimum of 48, I get 48 a day.... :(
  12. MrJoske

    The cert gain is broken, but they are aware of it:
    Source: click

    Besides that the game is hitching again ever once a while which is pretty dam annoying...
  13. SharpeShooter

    what about ADS+Jump??
  14. YamiNoTenshi

    Jumping has been removed and you can only ADS while you're below sea level.
  15. Springjack

    I am having trouble logging in as well. On Connery, website says it is up and I can see the population, when I click to log in it goes black and exits to desktop.
  16. Overblended

    I was a member for a year. This crap happens all the time. Had a six core when I started and got 110 fps second once on the site and within 30 minutes it dropped to 20/40 fps. They had no fix. Jumped up to an 8 core and can't get over 45 fps. Can't play the game most of the time more than 30 minutes without having to close the game and restart. That is if it doesn't crash or freeze first. Have no problems playing "ANY" of the other games online. I am no longer a member and will "NEVER" give them another F****** dime. This is a great game to play but it will not support the CPU's with higher number of cores. So this game just plain sucks!
  17. SharpeShooter

    bellow sea level lolz <3 yami
  18. Goops

    Game crashes when I try to log in on a character on Connery :/
  19. 0ZeDoctorK0

    many of the servers are lagging so hard. I had HUGE hopes for this game. At least they're working hard to fix this.
  20. sibercat

    So i just bought myself a nose trimmer.