Client Hotfix - January 17th, 2014

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Raxxyl, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Raxxyl Ryan "Raxxyl" Wells

    Now Live!

    Log out and back in to get the client fix.

    ·Fix for tanks being unable to rotate in place
    ·Fix for many vehicle attachments that were displaying the wrong faction
    ·Fix for issues preventing Sunderer and Prowlers from undeploying
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    Thank God.
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  3. RyanGUK

    That is one HOT fix. Thanks!
  4. xXDarksiideXx

    Hmmm, try to login my character on Connery. Crash to desk top. Seems to be happening to others on Connery as well. Anyway, thanks for the hardwork.
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  5. Zero M0nster

    xXDarksideXx got the same thing as you just restarted and it worked, though I am getting MASSIVE server lag on connery if anyone else is?
  6. ACDC

    Relax, I have had the same issues all day, they are working hard to resolve it. We are all in the same boat. So START by not trying to log in every 2 seconds. :)
  7. VaIhall

    this ''hotfix'' made it so i crash everytime I try to login. Didn't have this problem before this ''hotfix''
  8. NCwolf84

    crashing trying to log in after hotfix
  9. Syrathin

    And here I thought I had gotten stuck on a rock or an odd bit of terrain.
  10. TheChippewa

    hotfix causes client to crash on load.
  11. Sir_Kermitton

    I'm crashing whenever I try to log in to Connery as well. Hope another hotfix will come out soon.
  12. Kurdain

    Log-in and get to character select screen.
    Click Connery.
    Screen flashes white.
    Back to desktop without any errors.
    Patcher remains up in the background for a moment then closes.
    No errors.
  13. Guavaman

    I must join in the chorus and add more of the same. Crash on login to Connery. Seems the server downtime for Connery is still ongoing.
  14. Ridho P

    Many thanks! Hope I can now play without crashes :D
  15. task_master

    I am crashing as well on login to connery.
  16. silentwisher

    Ever sense patch/getting in, I have terrible lag spikes/FPS spikes. :(
  17. NoLifeGamer

    Is anyone else having a really bad problem with FPS? I usually get 50-80 FPS in really big battles now I'm getting less then 30 FPS when flying around for fun.
  18. Ridho P

    Oh no. It keeps crashing when I tried to log in to server. Tried Connery, Briggs, and Waterson
  19. aefi

    nothing about not getting ribbons for support actions?(repair/healing/ressing)
  20. chayne

    Servers are full that is why you are crashing to desktop