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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TNSxMichael, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. TNSxMichael

    So now after the new update (13.2.2014) my game crashes whenever I log in (I was playing perfectly fine befor that)
    I log in and my game crashes after like 5-10secounds , already tried like 10 times and did a file
    help me please ;)
  2. RomanovGG

    Pretty much the same case here... Before the patch I was playing with no problems. Now it crashes 10 seconds after logging in. Tried file check and to lower the quality to minimum and nothing changed.
  3. TNSxMichael

    and not talking about the 5mins loading screen
  4. non7top

    Yeah, same here. Crashes without any notification windows.
  5. halfchaos

    I found a tip by searching the forums. You can apparently have PS2 create a crash log by going to your PS2 directory and adding this to your UserOptions.ini file:
    I don't know where the log is created since I haven't used this yet but I assume it's created in the same directory.
  6. TNSxMichael

    how comes that after every update they **** something up
  7. halfchaos

    Well I tried the crash log tip and it didn't create any log files. So I guess you can ignore my "tip" I found earlier. :oops:
  8. Duban

    Same. I'm crashing constantly after today's patch. I crashed 3 times before I finally managed to get more than 10 seconds after loading. Now I just crashed 10-20 minutes into playing. This isn't even playable...
  9. halfchaos

    Yeah, same here. :(
  10. Morlind

    Same problem here. Log in, load screen, 5-10 seconds and crash to desktop without any notifications.

    For logging try this in UserOptions.ini:


    Logs will be in Logs directory in game installation.
  11. halfchaos

    I tried getting tech support from Sony about this but they were as unhelpful as always.
  12. ShavedGuy

    I think it crashes when the UI loads before it loads it runs well even if i go in the menu and it runed well before the patch the game ran with no crashes.
  13. TNSxMichael

    btw guys are you using windows 8 ?
  14. halfchaos

    nope and I never will.
  15. RomanovGG

    My game stopped crashing after I downloaded it from the site without Steam. I guess there is something wrong with Steam... Now I played for like 1hour without any problems.
    BTW there is one strange thing with that game... Every time I press Ctrl+Space the game freezes... Kinda annoying when playing LA.
  16. non7top

    Okey, I tried reinstalling Win7 on my pc but that made no difference, game still crashes after a couple of minutes of gameplay. This means the problem is with the buggy game itself. Which is of no bug surprise though.
    Surprising is the fact that SOE stuff does not acknowledge the problem, not to mention fixing it. It's been 5 days since the patch but no response so far, as if they are blind.

    BTW test server client exhibits the same behaviour.