claymore needs new design

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Shaymes, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Shaymes

    the anti personal mines from vanu "proximity mine" and the nc version "bouncing betty" are both flat but the TR version not you can see it from far away the nc and vs is hard to see so we need a new claymore design
  2. Ganjis

    The funny thing is, when I spot TR mines, I instinctively stop and retreat and get caught in the blast. NC one I run over blissfully unaware until they explode behind me.
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  3. Binkus

    tried something like in PS1 when you can shoot mines etc and they dissapear in a little puff of smoke

    first time i tried this last night on C4 blew up 4 or 5 guys on my team at a capture point

    opps V8 v8 v8 was pressed alot

    love the claymores but agree they are too visible
  4. InducedApathy

    I've put claymores on top of the pads at the base towers. You can easily sit there and catch all the la infs that hop around a abse using these jumps. They can't react so they die :p.
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  5. Bubblewrap2

    ^^this so much.

    The delay that causes players sprinting past to avoid setting off an AI mine is often negated by players stopping to look at/approach a claymore (which like all AI mines actually has quite a large detection radius for static players).

    So, while on paper, I totally agree with the OP about visual design differences, in practice I think you will find that in most scenarios you will either catch enemies by excellent placement (e.g. around corners) OR they cannot avoid the explosion because they do not sprint past so therefore as TR you are just as effective at mining. Yes, I have been both the victim and user of Claymores (especially damn good Infiltrators).
  6. Patooie

    This seems obvious now but huge props to you you on this tip. Thank you! I expect my claymore effectiveness to increase on this placement idea.
  7. InducedApathy

    The other sweet spot will always be a generator room. Most of them are tight or have those wall blades or whatever you can use. People always run up to it quickly to hold E. The other spot I prefer is the up and down pads or near them. Placing one at either is free xp as well.
  8. Fafnir

    Claymores should work like they are supposed to - they should be triggered by passing through the lasers. Right now they are triggered like any other AP mines - by walking over them.
  9. ajappat

    Wow, they don't? Glas I didn't put my certs on those then :p
  10. Sworaven

    Damnit, certed into that today.
  11. Mafarett

    I problem I had them before beta ended (haven't gotten to use them since), was that they would randomly spin around as I placed them so they would just face any old direction, not that it really matter which way the lasers were facing.
  12. Sassanos

    I see what you mean, and it's fixed. But you're right, the lasers don't matter to trigger the mine. It's just a cosmetic effect.

    Walking over them isn't a requirement. Like Ganjis said, you can be killed by a mine although you spotted it at one or two meters away of you.
  13. Sworaven

    I really wish they removed those green lasers. It's like huge warning: 'WATCH OUT! CLAYMORE HERE!'
  14. InducedApathy

    Yea the green lasers at night are a giveaway.
  15. flipmoomonkey

    Supposedly the green lasers don't show up for VS/NC, can't say for certain as I only play TR hopefully someone can confirm this. As to the model of the claymore itself sticking out like a sore thumb I think it would be fine if they made one simple change:

    When deploying the claymore have it deploy FACING the engineer, with a deployment 'ghost' like the ammo pack/turret.

    This would allow us to place it flush against walls/crates/generators, negating the issue of the model 'standing up' and sticking out like a sore thumb while still having a different faction flavour.
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  16. flipmoomonkey

    I am an extremely sad monkey right now. After the restart I logged on had a quick shufty at the new weapons, had a run around trying them out and then dropped an AT mine onto the ground only this time it had a deploying ghost image like the ammo crate. Absurdly overexcited I ran to the nearest class station and switched to my claymores fully expecting a moment of pure placement bliss....

    Nope, you still plop them down any old way like a discarded kebab box.

  17. blzbug

    If the cereal box was just a dark color instead of white with a big TR logo, it would be better. Super easy change for the PS2 art department...
  18. Rigsta

    If it makes you feel any better, VS infiltrators have glow-in-the-dark helmets. Genius.
  19. Takoita

    When my TR teammates place them, I don't see any green lasers, only the mine itself and the hud icon above it.
  20. Sworaven

    Actually, I'm starting to think VS and NC can't see those green lasers coming out of the claymore.

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