Class Playtime By Server and BR

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  1. FieldMarshall

    Medic is not only a powerful class with self heals and ARs, but is also a great cert machine.
    The only explanation i can think of about the lack of medics is that people always hate and complain to medics.

    Even when you play perfectly, that one guy 3 floors above looks at his minimap and goes
    "F**k you medic, you are right next to me! Die."

    Or when there are 70 friendlies around you and 20 of them are dead scattered all over in a 100m radius.
    You go around rezzing despite the cluttered hud while listening to this over voice the whole time:
    "..medic...medic...medic...medic... why dont you revive me... medic...medic.. F**k you"

    Or when someone dies in the middle of a bunch of enemies, and you slowly try to fight your way there.
    While having to listen to someone telling you how much of a useless noob you are over voice for "not doing anything"

    Or how about the MAXes who use V-2 when they need repairs.
    You instinctively pull out your med tool and turn only to find a MAX derping around.
    So you have 2 options. Either remember who the MAX was for the next time he eventually yells for a medic,
    or ignore all calls for medic for the remainder of the battle.
    Either way, its annoying.

    TLDR: Playing medic is really really annoying most of the time.
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  2. Jubikus

    there's definitely less heavys than alot of people probably expected but i like to just look at the br100 bracket as they are the most experienced and those basically tell me that even tho theres 5 classes and then some maxes every once in a while a third of people are still playing heavy assult primarily which i find interesting as alot of the high br people in my outfit seeming to have 50+% on medic and myself having 66% on infitrator we dont have really anyone that has over 50% on heavy assult and even 1 br100 who has 6 hours which is so insignificant it says 0% for heavy assult.
  3. Corezer

    yeah I forgot about that, plus when you are on the opposite side getting spawn camped someone is bound to pull engy to repair all the maxes that run home crying.
  4. Jubikus

    Another thing i would be interested in is theese same numbers but by faction.
  5. y3ivan

    Your point?

    IRL Platoon/squad composition are not suppose to be balance between classes

  6. Devrailis

    I don't get that feeling when I play medic. People who whine in proxy are both a minority, and easily filtered/ignored and should not be a deterrent to playing a class. Engies face the same issue with plenty of bads failing to drop ammo to provide repairs.

    I think the lack of medic playtime is simply the result of most people still thinking of medic as a traditional support class in a game that is sadly very strictly focussed on shooting mans. It is no secret that most players in the game are completely unaware of just how strong assault rifles are and how strong medics are as a combat class in relation to the others.
  7. Alchemist44

    An IRL comparison to a videogame is almost never a good idea.
  8. Jubikus

    Second that in a world where i have advanced suit that gives me over shield med kits that instantly repair all damage to body yet the "Jets" are much slower than actual ones and i can only throw a grenade as far as a 10 year old, real life isnt balanced games based on player vs player tend to try and be as balanced as they can without making everything the same and boring.
  9. prodo123

    Wanna get dunked by my scatmax?

    Also, dat Briggs Infil population :p
  10. Hosp

    I seriously dislike the high numbers of infils. I knew it was high, so it's not shocking. But as many close support infils as there may be, still way to many in the hills thinking they're helping.
  11. Jubikus

    If they are like me when im up in the hills i know im not helping very much i do it because im not in a squad and feel like having a nice chill time as a sniper its what i do some people just do what they enjoy. Directives are probibly also a factor people that wouldnt normally ever snipe doing so just because they want to do infil directive or force recon or the sniper rifle one.. A good infiltrator in the hills is more usefull than alot of people give credit for but thats probibly because they are very few and far between.

    Priority list
    1.Enemy infiltrators dont let them snipe you.
    2.Engineer on turrets or repairing them
    3.Anyone sitting in cover that you have an angle on
    4.Deployables tank mines beacons you have a shot on ect...
    5.Taking pot shots on moving targets this either slows them from getting to the point or kills them all together or makes them easier to kill for your team.
    And last but not least keep your dart down near the poiint and check for light assults working their way to you

    Not as usefull as an smg infiltrator on the point but not useless people tend to not relise that if you have a sniper in the hills with 2 people actively trying to kill him thats 2 people you dont have to deal with on the point
  12. FocusLight

    I love the percentage of HA here - it's low enough to prove my past arguments about HA being a universally useful all-purpose class that is not played exclusively as so many whiners claim, but high enough for them to claim they are right because it's universally the most used class.

    I also love the Medic class use - wow, Connery shows no love for the medic at all - Cobalt is decent, but still low, so that makes for more medic score for me. :D

    Also, Engi is not nearly that high outside of vehicles. The only way that stat would not be so inflated would be if DBG made an operator class that was the only one able to drive or fly anything, excluding Flash and Sunderer. With that the Engi numbers might drop a little.
  13. HadesR

    Forget to post it in the OP

  14. gnometheft

    Reposting a top comment from reddit from nikye_VS from connery.

    "I like how as BR increases, more players abandon their class for HA.
    And I can't blame them... after playing nothing but Infiltrator for 40BR, I tried Engi, worked well, then tried HA and felt like a god. The increase in killing power was insane. If I didn't love hacking/repairing turrets so much it would easily be the go-to class."

    I feel like this post and the data really sums up my gripe with HA and the leveling player's experience.

    Newer players really want their class to be viable in infantry combat, but as they gain more experience in planet side, they realize HA is just so much more powerful in ranges too close for snipers. They see a situation where they are simply going to lose the fight unless they fight fire with fire. By BR100, HA is roughly twice as played as any other class, because they have learned that is the only way to reliably fight back.

  15. y3ivan

    i do play on briggs, due to the extremely low pop, its a infiltrator playground with sensor dart/wallhack spam.
  16. Liberty

    I like how 3 out of 5 servers, HA never reaches 30% playtime across any BR despite being the base / essential frontline unit.

    That number should be between 40 - 50% if we are talking about decent squad / platoon comp.
  17. JohnGalt36

    Connery Engineers!
  18. ThuddenBlunder

    I am primarily an infantry player who enjoys support classes. I almost always play Engineer, 85+% on all my alts (almost all on foot, I do gun occasionally. But I'm a crappy driver). I do switch to other classes as needed, AA, terminal hacking; and occasional farming forays to boost my self esteem after a bunch of idiotic deaths.

    When I do switch to Medic, there are immediately more white helmets and green beams flying around than a Stormtrooper disco. ...and every person in the base has chosen that exact moment to run out of ammo and every MAX in the area has 10% health. The other 3 engies in the area have become one with their turrets.

    It's probably just me. :confused:
  19. FocusLight

    Aaaah, the "Can't be all classes at once" syndrome.

    I know how you feel. I put my Medic tools down, everyone is dying or bleeding out and I'm like DAMN IT I JUST WANTED TO.... then if I do play Medic everyone needs ammo and NO-ONE ever fix the gens, or turrets, or anything... then if I go get that, the enemy air shows up and I grab my lock-on or the Burster MAX... then the air either buggers off or dies. Then what?

    It would usally not be a problem for me to trust in others to handle what I'm not dealing with, but every time I do it seems like I'm surrounded by by the mentally challenged or the egocentric. How many times have I not seen Medics walk right past dead allies who are in safe revive spots, when I'm not medic... boggles the mind.
  20. Littleman

    I'm just building off of this post because it offers good discussion points.

    Long story short - either HA needs to have a slightly weaker shield, or all classes need at least slightly longer life spans. It might even make more sense to give the HA 1000 health and some built in nano-weave (like 10%) At least then if someone goes down fighting an HA, it won't be as depressing as seeing they didn't even get through the non-heavy shield and they'll feel like they actually have at least made the HA easier for the next guy to kill.
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