Class Playtime By Server and BR

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  1. HadesR

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  2. Alchemist44

    I guess I should play more as a medic.
  3. CipherNine

    So this disproves HA whiners that HA is played almost exclusively.
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  4. Alchemist44

    No, you dont understand how it works. They will get encouraged because its the most played class.
  5. Mythologicus

    Dat Connery Medic percentage.
  6. Lord_Avatar

    Why the CM is the least played class is beyond baffling for me.
  7. Haquim

    Well it might be because people think running when they notice they get healed, or that nobody seems to have the common sense to cover a medic who is busy reviving somebody, which makes doing so a deathsentence more often than not.
    That some people shoot you for not reviving them earlier in the middle of a deathzone doesn't help either.
    If being engineer wasn't so convenient when manning a vehicle it would be played a lot less too I bet.
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  8. Plastikfrosch

    and when it comes to engy you should not forget about all those 24/7 tankdrivers and pilots that are not realy engy to be engy and be supportive but to be able to keep the own vehicle alive.
    And when it comes to infiltrators i would be really interested in the amount of snipers, smg-hunters and stalkers because those 3 are extreme different playstyles.
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  9. FateJH

    Something else I was thinking about. The numbers are mostly consistent across most servers, within a few percentage points across the same BR levels, suggesting people across all servers tend to make the same choices regarding composition. Ignoring common bias against the Heavy Assault, and such nonsense, would that suggest the class system is extremely static or that the occurrence of encounter and retaliation is extremely static?
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  10. Eternaloptimist

    Kind of blows the frequently quoted myth that 80% of people play HA. But also confirms that Medic is the least played class despite the nano heal cert generator and the superb assault rifle. It is interesting too, that a high percentage of BR0-9 play LA...the same or very near to the percentage of HA......but LA numbers drop off after that whereas Engi start lower and grow with increasing BR. Infils don't seem to have a lot of attraction at any BR despite the wide variety of play style choices.

    So, conclusions from these really very interesting stats (opinions really):
    1. HA is about where it should be - a stable core component of the battle force without swamping other classes
    2. LA needs something to stop people walking away from it as a class
    3. People would rather kill than heal despite the current Medic perks
    4. Engineers grow on you (maybe a bit difficult to understand the full scope of what they offer to start with)
    5. Infiltrators are a special interest group
    And who cares about Maxes? (about 6 out of every 100 players by the look of it..pffft)
  11. hostilechild

    Hmm, i guess that explains why on Connery getting a rez is about as likely as hitting the lottery
  12. Jubikus

    i find it interesting that the higher level people get the more tend to go Heavy assult i wonder why so many different reasons it could be. like is it OP or maby its because lower level players need certs so they play medic then switch is it because they have a really diverse kit or just because they get bored of the other classes niche little thing they do and just want to kill people as just about anyone can just set down a motion spotter run around revive throw ammo on the floor and repair the max. Or maby its the most likely scenario of a combination of alot of things and not just the class being op.

    P.S buff infiltrators only class that has less effective health than the others and i dont know why. I mean come on nobody else pays a tax for their abilitys isnt like i can shoot while cloaked or that the thing doesnt has a loud sharp sound when used or the fact that its extremely easy to spot within 20meters. Come on just give me 500 shield and 500 health LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.
  13. Jubikus

    I would also like to know what the stats are if you exclude maxes as they are so different from the rest and i believe they should basically be treated as vehicles in the statistic.
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  14. Devrailis

    These are some (very) important distinctions that the data as presented cannot answer. 24/7 Vehicle engineers are a class unto themselves. I'd wager there is also a not-insignificant portion of vehicle infils running nanite-autorepair as well, just as there are plenty of LA NAR pilots.
  15. Jubikus

    Does anyone know of the statistics of class representation in server smash it would be very interesting to see what is used in a competitive setting instead of live where people are likely playing something because they are by themselves like sniping and not really doing too much for a battle or doing something they dont really like because they are trying to do a directive. Also a comparison to the % now and before directives were added to the game to see if there is any correlation between people doing directives and the distribution of class usage especially curious of the br80-99 and 100 bracket in this matter.
  16. Plastikfrosch

    i care about my maxes the moment i need AA or AV but they always feel so boring.
  17. Corezer

    people play LA 1-19 more cause of how they split the data up. if they did every 5 BR per server, LA would dominate 1-5 and drop off immediately after that. The game starts you as LA.

    Engineers don't so much grow on you as infantry players get the spare certs for some mines, then you see more engineer play as players rock it for a few minutes to throw some mines down and run back to spawn to switch back to their preferred class, gives a few extra % here and there, also infantry purists get bored and start dabbling in tanks later on.
  18. eldarfalcongravtank

    kinda funny that my own playstyle contradicts these statistics so well: one of my most played classes is Medic (27% of all playtime) while Heavy is one of my least played classes (13%). i usually just pull it for AT/AA duty anyway, LMGs are boring as hell to me
  19. Jubikus

    I think your on the right track with the engineers but not quite. The mines are something but when your in a cluster **** battle people will go engineer for a short period of time to dump certs not so much with mines but grenade belt sticky grenade spam till they have used some certs and gotten alot of easy kills.
  20. BrbImAFK

    I'd be much more interested to see how kills are getting split up across classes... I don't think there are nearly as many more HA's as people think there are... but I can't help but wonder whether they're getting significantly more kills than other classes (i.e. people get killed by mostly HA, so they seem more common).

    From personal experience, my KPH and K/D tend to drop drastically when I play engy/medic because I tend to play those in support roles, so I've got less shooty-shooty time. Most of my LA time is spent dropping beacons. Again, low KPH.
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