Class Combo:LEngineer+Equipment moves!

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  1. Corezer

    So I wanted to run an idea I've had... well basically since the beginning of the game (no confidence in SoE to make such a drastic change tho) in front of the most critical and negative group I can think of as a matter of trial by fire.

    Give engineers jetpacks: From a thematic standpoint, jetpacks are complex devices that suit the class, and having 2 powerful devices also suits the class. The jetpacks would simply be there, always available as a passive and upgradable with a passive tree, your true ability would still be the turrets.

    Remove C4 from LEngineer: This would be more of a balance change than a thematic one. With greater ability to quickly deploy AV turrets and mines in a wider variety of locations, and greater numbers from both communities unifying, the flying C4 class can much more safely eliminated without turning the game into a wasteland where millions of players are defenseless against so much as a golf cart with nos. mines+bullets or sticky can still eliminate facerolling vehicle campers, but AAA vehicle players (and by AAA I simply mean awake, alert, aware)

    Move the Archer to the Infiltrator: A simple change that would allow for better precision countering to any deployable shenanigans that may arise from the merge, it also gives the Infiltrator some access to AV tech and helps further to mitigate the removal of the traditional C4 fairy.

    Move Hardlight Barrier to Heavy: Heavies could use a teamplay element, and entrenching into position fits with the class designed to hold points. The LEngineer is also for entrenchment, but as an engineer at heart you use much more complex deployables than even the shield bubble and dildar. I have no idea why some little chunk of highway divider was given to the class when its simplicity lended itself far better to the grunts of auraxis. The Hardlight Barrier would also lend itself less to a class that can be so many places at will.

    Remove free auto-repair: This buff was given specifically to allow the engineer to be the clear choice in arial combat. It is no longer needed and this change, while still making LEngineer the better choice for pulling air with, doesn't potentially invalidate other classes with greater potential health

    Remove free ASC: This buff was also given to help engineer compete with LA, this time in infantry combat, and is no longer needed. As much as I would like to see a direct buff to hit and move play, finally be with the hit and move class, things like spitfires to supplement the carbine's low DPM and the ability to put down an AI turret when you sneak up on that group running over the bridges towards crescent building, are a greater boon.

    Move Rocklet Rifle to the ability slot: The choice between rocklet rifle or turret is much less detrimental to the overall game-state than giving an option to remove the repair tool, even if I would actually prefer to have that option during infantry fights where there are few to no friendly vehicles or I am slingshotting to eliminate a distant tank etc.

    Remove flash grenades: They suck currently, they were too much originally, and due to their binary nature (you're either blind or you're not) they are almost impossible to balance, much like another item LA uses extensively. The CoF effect of the full flash is pretty cool but it would be smarter to roll that into the Concussion grenade rather than the "trolly" movement effects, but that's a heavy change and not relevant to the topic at hand.

    I guess the new LEngineer can get smoke, but with the long fuse and the indiscriminate effect it has on supporting allies and enemies, it really is a crap grenade and UBSL is infinitely better for when you need to push out of spawn or whatever...

    This would take the engineer, which many even still do not consider a real class in infantry combat, and give it some real combat prowess with the full mobility of the light assault, and the light assault, would actually have the utility needed to justify its position in a group, and the firepower to actually do something with that mobility besides spam bricks, while also spreading some love to the other classes in a way that keeps the game fresh and eliminates a lot of the clutter associated with combining classes.
  2. rsonny

    Oh yeah. Fly inginer with Assault rifle and shotgun. I want this now :eek:
  3. FateJH

    The first part of the post seems to indicate we'd be just tacking Light Assault-themes onto the Engineer class, but then this line:
    ... suggests we might be eliminating the Light Assault altogether in the merge of classes into your LEngeineer chimera. The discussion of removing C-4 from the formal Light Assault class is never actually discussed anywhere in the content and, instead, only the LEngineer gets its access to the explosive revoked.

    Much much later, however, you write this:
    So Light Assault stays as-is and the only changes are to give the Engineer class the aforementioned Light Assault highlights? You've actually written nothing that makes the Light Assault a competitive choice against the LEngineer class, let alone the default Engineer class, especially if we're actually taking things away from it but not giving it anything in return. As mentioned, it does not even seem the proposal has anything explicitly defined for what the Light Assault post-class would become and merely implies either inferiority or retirement.

    I also disagree with your assumption about the Engineer class not being considered a real class in terms of Infantry combat. You may have worded it in regards to someone elses' opinions; but, that still means you should be able to reconstruct a facsimile to their argument against the class. I would be happy to discuss that.
  4. Xebov

    As a full time engineer i can tell you that this would not add benefits for the role. In addition the Engineer has access to weapons (Battle Rifles, with ASP LMG/Assault Rifle) that are not available for LA for obvious reasons.

    Explosives expert is a tag on the Engineer, we are the only class with access to all explosives and suits that let us carry +2.

    Im not against giving them access, but moving them feels pointless.

    With ASP they have access to Reserve Hardlight Barrier. I dont see the point in moving it over. So far a part of the Engineers role is to fortify positions.

    Arguable. I would simply extend it to all vehicle types.

    The "free" ASC is rank 1...

    Whats the point with this?

    One of the few tactical grenades and you want to remove them ebcause you dont like them?

    I guess the new LEngineer can get smoke, but with the long fuse and the indiscriminate effect it has on supporting allies and enemies, it really is a crap grenade and UBSL is infinitely better for when you need to push out of spawn or whatever...

    I think it wont take long until players tell you otehrwise. You simply mixing up 2 classes removing things others find usefull (and that tehy use alot during gameplay) and you forgot half of the stuff available. Especially with ASP Engineers have alot of stuff available. The trurets and cover can help the etam alot. Sure you are not the ehad on class, but Engineers supporting their team are still a force.