Clarification on a few things please.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Evilnox, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Evilnox

    First the Membership. Lets say I get the 6 months membership and as it says, I can earn 50% more passive certs. After looking in a wiki it mentions that a passive cert is earned about 1 per hour.

    Does this mean that over the course of 2 hours I just earn 3 passive certs(1.5/hour)?
    Does it mean that every time you gain ANY cert points that it's increased by 50%..such as Capturing a facility worth say 4 cert points then actually getting 6 because of the extra 50%?

    If it only effects the passive amount I don't feel that it is worth the membership seeing as that I don't really care about the XP gain. If anyone has some information on any of that I would appreciate it.

    When buying cosmetic gear, such as Helmets and Armor. Can a medic class use one of the other classes cosmetic armor add-ons? I play as the combat medic mostly but I really like the look of the "light assault" helmet. Can my Combat medic use it or is that ONLY for the class it mentions in it's name?

    Thank you.
  2. Evilnox

    OK there anyone with a 6 month membership that could tell me how it works for gaining extra certs?
  3. flyingmoose

    First off - I don't think you instantly get the 50% boost. from the way its described, even if you buy the 6 month subscription out-right. you wont get to 50% bonus until the 6th actual month into the subscription.

    I've been wondering some other things about this too. I earned 15 Certs over ~20 hours without logging in, with what should be a 25% boost. Can we get an official word on certs gained/hour? I'm either gaining them 25% slower, or some other math is used then the 1/hour I've seen mentioned on some wikis.
  4. Greenbaumberg

    It affects all the XP you earn and it starts with 50% if you purchase a 6 month membership
  5. Evilnox

    IT says you do get the full boost if you purchase the 6 months if you look down at the bottom of the disclaimer stuff. If you get 3 months, you start out at the rate that it would be at 3 months, and if you get 6 months, you start out at that rate as well.
  6. Sturmhardt

    You get the 50% instantly if you purchase 6 months. The boost affects ALL gained certs, meaning passive AND active cert gain. Still it's quite expensive for what you get.
  7. Evilnox

    OOOOOOOOooooo so since you earn 50% more xp it's like you're earning 50% more CERTS too then right? since you get like 1 cert per 250 points or whatever and with 50% more Xp, you will earn 50% more CERTS for kills and caps and ....well anything that earns xp correct?

    Then I guess where it says the passive certs I guess it does mean just the passive certs that you gain per hour.

    Ok I think that sounds legit then to have a membership.

    Not 100% sure I would be playing this for 6 months though.
  8. Greenbaumberg

    That is correct. it also adds up with alpha squad bonus and defending bonus

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