Clan Draconus Lupus, The DragonWolves

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  1. THrONeBeaST

    Come join us for some fun open squad nights :)
  2. Hamma

  3. Graniterok

    We may be a smaller outfit by we are effective. Check us out if you're looking for a TR outfit where you're a peer, not a number.
  4. Graniterok

    Open Squad Night tonight! 9pm EST. Run with the DragonWolves! We'll see what we get ourselves into and cause a little mayhem to our VS and NC enemies!
  5. FrothyMug

    Last night's ops showed how we, a tactical outfit, can oppose and hold back a multi-platoon assault. Jaeger's crossing was a huge battle and took a large TR force to overwhelm the NC defenses, but we were there. We were able to help wrest Eisa away from NC control, even after losing our spawn capabilities both inside of the base and at the satellites. We also met a Vanu assault spearheaded by Xen of Onslaught and ground it to a halt for an extended period of time. It was a good night against great opponents who were determined to destroy us, but we weren't going to roll over as easily as they'd hoped. ;)

    CDL needs new recruits to help keep us at optimal strength. We are a smaller outfit that relies on teamwork, rather than pure numbers, to accomplish our objectives. While we are actively recruiting, we will probably never grow to a size larger than that of a single platoon; this would go against our current philosophy. We need players of all levels of experience, skill, and roles. Flyers are more than welcome, tank drivers are always needed, and ground-pounders fill the majority of our forces.

    As HAMR battalion CO, I would like to invite players who prefer roles in either armor or infantry to check us out on Friday nights. We always work well as a team and communication is a necessity for our success. Once you get a preview of how well we work together, you'll definitely consider joining up with us. Our application process has recently been updated, so don't hesitate to apply.

    See you on the battlefield!
  6. Sentrosi

    The past 7 days has seen a lot of activity within our ranks. We've promoted three recruits to full Dragonwolf rank.
    SgtHack - a long time follower of Jennyboo's stream on TwitchTV. And a very capable soldier as well.
    Forbeaux - a great medic. You need a quick revive, he's there. You need someone to help you defend a point, he's there.
    Bungero - even if he didn't know it, he lived and breathed the Dragon Wolf Code of Conduct.

    I'm happy to add these three to our roster. Think you have what it takes to be a Dragon Wolf?
    Got questions about the Dragon Wolves?
    Hope to see you on the battlefield!
  7. Blackweb

    Ok, lets not turn a good small outfit into a good big outfit. Don't join CDL! :eek:

    *salute* CDL
  8. DaddyVinoBambini

    I played for a bit with you guys on Friday night and enjoyed myself quite a bit. I'd love to run with you guys whenever you have need for a Heavy/Light Assault and/or MAX.

    Not looking to join another outfit at the moment though. My current outfit consists of 5 friends who are rarely able to play at the same time, but I like to have the option when everyone is available.

    When they aren't on, I prefer to find well coordinated 1-2 squad groups to work with rather than the big public platoons.
  9. Graniterok

    Always a pleasure fighting you guys in Phoenix Battalion.
  10. Graniterok

    Thanks for rolling with us DVB! Certainly was a great evening. Most of our nights are like that in some way or another. Look for us in the squad listings as we normally run open squads on non operations nights.

    Or better!... Convince your friends to join us along with yourself! We roll a half dozen or so, sometimes more, during Eastern primetime on non Operations nights. Ops nights, Mondays and Thursdays, usually two and sometimes three squads. We'd be glad to see you!

    You're never completely alone when you're a member of the [CDL] Dragon Wolves!
  11. Sentrosi

    Tonight's Op is right up your alley. If you or your friends are interested in suiting up with us tonight, let us know and we can slot them and you in tonight. The more the merrier.
  12. Sentrosi

    Some new recruits have shown us that there are still soldiers of the Republic out there listening for the victorious cry of a Dragon Wolf. The call is a very loud one stretching across universes (servers). So even if you play TR on a different server or play a different faction and want to taste what it is to fight with us, drop by our forums and give us a shot.
  13. Sentrosi

    Our ops training night was ruined by a NC incursion into Amerish last night. But we quickly fought back the NC and hit back twice as hard. Was a good night all around for the Dragon Wolves on Amerish. Using Sunderers we were able to spread our platoon and be at most hot spots to wrest them back to the proper control of the TR.

    As always, we're actively recruiting any TR soldier that wants in. If you're interested click the link in my signature at the bottom and fill out an application.
  14. DeltaGun

    Puh! All Dragons care about is hoarding treasures and sleeping. Everyone knows that!
  15. Graniterok

    We're always recruiting! If you're TR and looking for a smaller organized outfit, we're the one to check out! While we play in a tactical sense, we don't lose sight of playing to have fun. Check us out, you'll be glad you did!
  16. Sentrosi

    You thought you'd be able to hide from me, didn't you? Hiding all the way back on page 3. Well I found you. And I'm raising you up to page 1. Yes, I know I know. You have to get dressed up for making an appearance on page 1. I know you hate doing it. But you are our portal into new TR Recruits coming into the game along with players who have grown tired of their outfits and are looking for a fresh perspective. You have to show them that the Dragon Wolves is a great outfit. No, I won't hear about how 'hard it is to recruit in this game'. I'm not going to hear any of it. Now, go get your Dress Red's on and show the entire world how well you represent the Dragon Wolves here on the Official Forums while I do the talking, ok?


    Next Monday night one of our first recruits we ever got for Planetside 2 has decided to try his hand at being an Operations Commander. He has been well versed in the Art of Warfare on Auraxis, been tested by both trial by fire and trial by #2 lead pencil (Yes, we make sure all our officers are in tip top shape by giving them a written exam with the good old #2 pencil. Why? BECAUSE THAT'S HOW DADDY DID IT, AND HOW GRANDPA DID IT, AND IT'S HOW YOU'RE GONNA DO IT SOLDIER! BECAUE IT WORKS!)

    Damnit, did I go off on a tangent or what?

    Anyway, UnclearAsh is going to be making his OpsComm debut to the team. I just wanted to come in here and make that announcement here because, well, it's the Official Forums and all that. So, this really wasn't a recruitment thread after all. More of an announcement thread. Hmmm, bugger me.

    We should really talk about hats. Oh and if you're interested in joining us, well here is a link you can click to your enjoyment.

    That's it. Click that link. Go ahead. It won't bite.
    Click the link and you get a free iPod*.
    By not clicking the link, thousands of kitties in Turkmenistan will be forced into the Burning Crater there. Think of the kitties, please.

    *free iPod not included with membership
  17. Hamma

    I have updated the OP with our streamlined recruitment process! Want to play with the DragonWolves? Let us know in game so we can get the ball rolling!
  18. Haterade

    These guys are money. Love playing with them.
  19. r3su

    The Dragon Wolves were the first outfit to show us just how dedicated one can be to the Planetside 2 community, and rapidly gained respect from all members in NCSO. From Sunderer Football tournaments to hard fought base captures the Dragon Wolves always prove themselves capable and honourable to boot. If you're looking for an outfit that time and time again disproves the notion of "bigger is better", not to mention genuinely cares about the Waterson community, the Dragon Wolves might be right for you.
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  20. DeceptiveAlarm

    I have been with these guys for about 8mnths. Great group of guys. Come check us out!