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    A bit about us and where we came from:

    Here at =CKS= Gaming we strive to provide a fun, fair and friendly environment for our online multi-gaming community to play on and enjoy. We play a wide variety of FPS, RTS & MMORPG games. And have various servers, links to will be at the bottom. The original clan 'Combat Killerz' was formed in 2004 back in the days of BHD, over the years we have played mainly FPS based games and in 2009 we evolved into a large multi-gaming community. Our current community leader has been with us since before CoD WaW and has been the community leader for just over 2 years, in this period we have evolved into an ever expanding community with at least a 100 members (Judging this from the attendance of the last community meeting)
    And we have members all across the North-en hemisphere, India, Canada, the States and where the majority of us are from, various countries in Europe.

    Know your wondering were a person such as yourself would sign up, unfortunately at the time of posting this the application layout for PS2 has not been fully fixed. However you can always pop onto our TS and one of the admins will gladly help you try and get in touch with the people you need to, myself or Mr2Negative.

    Our Rules are simple, be active, be mature, be a fun person to play with, listen to the admins and all will be fine

    Our TS Info
    Password: Wibbles

    Our Severs:

    Dayz Private Hive (Add this to your fav's using Dayz Commander) -

    We also have a few other servers so the next time i update this i'll add them in if possible.
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    Forgot to say that we also play LoL, SWTOR, WoW, MoHW and some people play the CoD series quite a bit.
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    Application on our website is working now, come and join us or fight against us and perish!
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    hey guys... bump!
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    Glad to see your alive and well!
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    Recruiting all space muricans!
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    im kind of taken with this game since i disappeared in July/August.... cant rely play anything else :D :D :D
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    And yet another bump.
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    suprise suprise, we have another bump.