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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SirDagon, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. SirDagon

    One of the most loved Planetside2 players latest Youtube video shows his account was banned!!!. I would like for the community to get behind the huge supporter and promoter of the game that we all know as the mighty CHUCKBALLER. I would also ask that the devs review this ban as it is clearly an error of some sort and reverse it as soon as possible plz.
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  2. Liewec123

    thats WarpaintGamer right? i agree it must be a mistake because he is TERRIBLE and clearly not cheating. (0.61kdr)
    (don't get me wrong, its good that he's terrible! its what makes his videos entertaining XD)

    so yep! i'd like DBG to doublecheck this because if anyone is clearly not cheating, its Chuck! XD
  3. OgreMarkX

    Of course we don't know anything, but I have to assume this is a bug, not a <cough> feature. Then again, DBG's revamped spawn system appears to be a giant bug but is actually a designed feature...

    I give DBG a lot of crap for how they've managed Planetside as a franchise (from top level on down--and I do have sympathy for the down part, as that is the world I live in too) and I don't believe people there care much about my views (they shouldn't but a deaf ear to criticism usually suggests a bigger problem). But banning The Baller just looks bad given all the previous missteps by the company.

    I'd like to know more, and DBG can't and shouldn't tell us anything. It would be unprofessional and dangerous for them to discuss a customer relationship with others, epecially over the internet--the home of civility and rational thinking ;)

    I've played with Chuck for years, love the guy, so I would enter any debate biased.

    Meanwhile in Planetside..."hey gais, hitbox hax, har har har"
  4. MrMagicGuns

    I vote for unban.
  5. Daigons

    I'm glad someone created this post here because it's absolutely bonkers that the Warpaint Gamer was banned. This customers has done nothing but support Planetside 2 by purchasing cosmetics, implants and volunteered the time to create hundreds of hours of PS2 gameplay. He always seemed to be a good sport and a once proud member of the PS2 community.

    Warpaint Gamer'ss Farewell Video
  6. Terrince

    Not Chuck!! D:
    I Love Chuck, his so fun to fight along side, It's crushing to see this happen.
    I agree they need to review this ASAP
  7. Daigons

    It looks like DBG unbanned his account. Chuck posted another video were he suspects his account might have been accidentally banned when DBG refunded some purchases that he made for Planetside Arena once it closed. He's still waiting for an official response from DBG for their actions.

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