Choosing a Vanu SMG

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by HorizonNom, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. HorizonNom

    I want to get an SMG for CQC, but I don't really know which one is better. My playstyle for infil is primarily "get in and cause as much damage as possible. "
  2. Rogueghost

    Get the smg with the higher ammo count, I'm not sure what the vanu one is called, but it's tr counter part is one of my favorite weapons in the game.
  3. Munf

    Get the Sirius.
  4. Dr. Euthanasia

    It's a pretty simple choice. The Sirius has a 50 round magazine and the Eridani has 25. The Eridani can get an attachment to increase that to 35, but in the same slot, the Sirius can equip an advanced laser sight. This means that it has more ammo and is more accurate, and based on stats, the time to kill is only insignificantly longer even though it requires more bullets.

    Also, the Sirius has a higher bullet velocity, and you'll really learn to appreciate that against moving targets with soft-point ammo and a suppressor.
  5. Ztiller

    I would wait until the next Update. The SMGs are not really balanced into sidegrades yet, and i have a feeling the New SMG will be nerfed, or the old buffed shortly.
  6. Singed

    SOE's been getting a lot of flack for the whole SMG thing. I definitely wouldn't discount an Eridani buff.
  7. FleshIcon

    I want one as well and saving my certs for the Infiltrator. Just need that 2for1 or 3for1 cert multiplayer sale SoE has from time to time.

    Had my eye on the Sirius as well. I figured more ammo is better and as an Infiltrator you should get the first attack on the enemy anyway.
  8. VKhaun

    Sirius SX12
    Higher ammo count one.
  9. Purple Pooka

    As others have already stated, the Sirius is the much better bet. While it does slightly less damage per bullet, it also shoots slightly faster. The end result is that you might have to use an extra bullet or two for the kill, but you kill in practically the same time frame.

    On the one hand, you've got the Sirius with 50 ammo magazines and Advanced Laser Sight (which is the Rank 2 laser) for insanely accurate hip firing. Or you've got an Eridani which normally has a 25 ammo magazine, which has forced you to skip the laser upgrade in order to take the Extended Magazine (for an adjusted 35 ammo magazine). As if this difference isn't bad enough, people are reporting that the new Sirius has less recoil. All things considered, it would be very foolish to buy an Eridani at this point.

    (Now in terms of actual performance, those of us who already have an upgraded Eridani aren't that much worse than people who didn't initially buy the SMG. We can mostly limp by with the already excellent hip firing potential of the original SMG. However the Sirius is still the clearly better weapon and I will be forced to buy that weapon as well in the near future.)
  10. Dalzaar¤

    I use Sirius when I'm not sniping and I love it compared to say the scoutrifle Artemis this one does less damage per shot but has over twice the clip size. And an added bonus it has those odd pistons on the side that move when you shoot,kinda cool looking thing.
  11. Rhinzual

    Best idea is to wait until a couple patches go through.
  12. Aquilae

    As it stands, Sirius hands down.

    I suppose they might buff the eridani or nerf the sirius, but somehow i doubt it. i think most people would **** themselves with rage at a DOUBLE bait and switch.
  13. Atlien77

    here's a vid of the eridani:

    seems to be 1 kill per clip.
    but also seems to tear through people

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