[Suggestion] Choose: C4 or Rocklet. Bad design as is.

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  1. OgreMarkX

    Please don't repeat the mistakes of years past, where inaction let ZOE MAX and OP harrassers go for 9 months.

    C4 + Rocklets is too much for a single class.

    It's been said before, but merits a say here as past foot dragging on poor design reduced player base.
  2. Masyaka

    They can kill sunderers alone.
  3. Fusionxj

    Ya, because we can only have one good Assault class right? For how long has the HA been downright gamebreaking? We finally get a little diversity going because LA is now just as much of a threat as HA and out come the tears.
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  4. Valenz

    Can we really say Light Assault was THAT bad if they were (and still are) a lot more C4 happy than the Heavy Assault ever was?
  5. Silkensmooth

    We need every tool we can get to stop the vehicle farming that is nonstop.

    I still see massive numbers of players sitting in their super armor ohk-ing every infantry who pops his head out.

    Thats the real problem. Constant vehicle spam.
  6. OldMaster80

    I know many players disagree but I feel the same.
    Things used to be different when the game came out: we had other problems of course but vehicles were more precious.
    Today they are spammable and therefore a counter is needed.
    Yesterday a BR120 with a Reaver with A2G weapons tried to destroy my Skyguard and I killed him (he took away 95% of my hp). Less than 30 seconds later he was back seeking for revenge and I made him explode again. Once again immediately he was back... resources were regenerating faster than I could destroy his farming tool.

    Those who die to c4 should simply equip scout radar and open their eyes.

    And I'm sad that with kind of problems all mr Wrel can think of is creating polls on reddit about friendly fire reduction.
  7. CutieG

    Hey, at least C4 + rocklet contributes to the team.

    If anything, you should take a look at sniping. It's both essentially a form of griefing (You walk around and are suddenly dead and cannot retaliate if you aren't a competent sniper yourself, because getting to the sniper is rarely possible or worthwhile, especially as they are, ironically, also the class with an early warning system) and completely tactically useless, to the point of even being a detriment to the side with the sniper if the sniper isn't in the top 25%. (Because the team will have one less player who could be doing more than just playing NAVY SEAL SIMULATOR 2003 and killing an already damaged dude every fifteen minutes, as well driving enemies into cover and making them even harder to hit thanks to badly placed shots. Hell, I would be happy if they just started actually placing recon tools)
    Sometimes I wonder if lesser Infiltrators are ************ while sniping. It would explain why they apparently cannot find the WASD keys if a tank opens fire on them. They instead tap F and keep sitting. Maybe they mapped cloak to a mouse button, so that they don't need their other hand at all.

    Also, I don't see much of a difference between tank fister Engies and C4 Rocklet Fairies. As an engineer I love to randomly drop onto a Sundy, place my mines and send out a grenade, then kill the survivors. The LA just has moderately better attack angles, but it also easier to shoot down on approach due to the C4's massive delay.
    The Rocklet barely even factors in, due to its massively lower damage output. It's only useful to finish the Sundy off.

    Anyway, Light Assaults finally feel fun to play after being the redheaded stepchild of classes for ages. I really do not want them to lose any of their current capabilities.
  8. Littleman

    Once the medic gets a grenade launcher as a potential AV option, and the infiltrator can actually hack vehicles, C4 can be dipped back to needing actual deployment akin to old-code ammo boxes back in the day. I wouldn't say to nerf C4's damage because then it'd be useless. Forcing planned deployment instead of simple chucking would still make it somewhat usable, if more as a trap than a tank buster.

    And once each class has a viable answer to armor, THEN armor can be made a little more durable. Right now it has to be somewhat squishy because the vast majority of players play as infantry, and right now not all of them will have an answer to vehicles at all times. That's the key - it's not enough to have them run back to a hut and pick out the LA or HA, ALL infantry classes should have access to non-C4 AV before Daybreak can really make vehicles tougher than rolling cardboard boxes and give drivers the confidence to actually press into enemy territory.
  9. Scr1nRusher

    Vehicles/Aircraft actually have NEVER been spammed. Its a common misconception.

    Pull rates Pre & Post RR have never increases or decreased.
  10. FateJH

    Well, if you want to be precise, the numbers we've been using for those metrics are about a year old now. Probably couldn't hurt to poke PromptCritical to run some numbers and make a pretty graph for us again.
  11. Campagne

    Anyone that has played this game for any length of time longer than five consecutive minutes at any point in this game's lifetime knows that this statement is just flat wrong.

    I've even been in fights where the enemy has had more players in vehicles than actual infantry players. While the true definition of what "spam" entails could be argued, its practice in the game cannot.
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  12. OldMaster80

    I was there during beta and I've never quit playing and I can tell you the difference between before and after resourceschanges was pretty evident.

    Just for the simple reason there were acquisition cooldown players couldn't spawn as many tanks as they wanted.
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  13. FateJH

    The same way that Infantry can pour out of a spawn room to fight enemy Infantry, Vehicles should be able to roll off a spawn pad and fight enemy Vehicles. And Infantry out of a spawn room to fight enemy Vehicles and Vehicles off of a spawn apd to fight enem Infantry. That's parity to me.

    There is nothing wrong with having large armor battles and having large air battles and having large infantry battles or having large battles where two or more of these elements participate at once, or different elements get introduced or retired at different parts of the battle. When people say "spam," it generally encompasses a tactic that they don't want to have to change-up what they are currently doing to deal with or, due to poor foresight, never planned to deal with.

    Also called an armor column.
    In the Beta and post-Beta years, when armor columns were finally undone, they never renewed until an enclave of players, many from an Outfit hoisting their numbers from randoms in a platoon, and accompanied by regulars not in either the Outfit or the Platoon, started "forming up" at the warp gate and setting out in one mass of tanks and rarely ever enough Sunderers. They'd pulverize as many fights as they could until encounter with an equally-sized enemy force would eventually result in one of the two sides being devastated and dispersing. Restart the cycle sooner or later, after having lost a lot of territory (again). The bulk armor pull used to only happen at the start of fights, and there was minor recovery by individuals who wanted to regain a vehicle that they might have lost after certain parts of the rush; but, once crushed, the whole didn't return until some other group did it. Now armor is pulled fluidly, as fights move from base to base. Renewal during base captures is iffy and depends on thje base and on the group.
    If your position is that "there is vehicle spam," I believe you'll want to rephrase this sentence. The way you've stated it is that "claims about the existence of vehicle spam in this game are wrong."
    Individually, I'm certain we can all attest to some point in our PlanetSide career where the vehicle timer was a consideration in our choice at the moment. In a large part, though, I believe no analysis was ever conducted to determine whether vehicle timers actually had an over-arcing influence on large scale intercontinental combat. Factions were typically more burned by the terrible resource mechanics where losing bases also meant you would would wind up starved for resources and had limited ability to fight back against the people who won bases and thus replenished their resources quicker.
  14. Masyaka

    Sunderer is not a war machine, its most used as a spawn point scince last nerfs.

    Nanites are used to get advantage vs enemy infantry, as example MAX, HE lightings. They're also used to destroy enemy vehicles more easier and faster than without using nanites (shootin your useless rocket launcher at those unkillable mosqutos, dont you?)
    If you dont use your nanites or run out of them you need to teamwork or hardwork to kill nanites (they have advantage over you, deal with it) Probably nanites per minute should be 40... Sometimes infantry clashes go into vehicle walls, i hate it too.
  15. Problem Officer

    Find various posts explaining elevation angles and radar range compared to drifting C4 range or use brain.
  16. FateJH

    Proximity radar.
  17. OgreMarkX

    The main problem I am addressing is deployed Sunderers. We have a good selection of armor types to choose from. The addition of rocklets nullified the 60% C4 resistance armor type, and largely nullified deploy shield.

    Up C4 resistance to 80% on the armored version of the sunderer.

    Or just give a random class a button on their HUD that says "Destroy Sunderer".
  18. Snootch

    I don't see anything wrong with LA having C4 and Rocklets, just sounds like more cry babies to me. The moment they add something new and interesting to give the class a little more life out come the whiners.

    If you are getting killed in your suped up tank, stop showing your back to enemies or be more aware of your surroundings. LA's have to literally be on top of you to drop C4, and the Rocklets only do real damage to your rear. I have the Typhoon Rocklets and it honestly doesn't seem to do much against a Shield Sundy or an armored one. Sure it does 'some' damage, but not enough so you can't actually get away with the Rocklet having a terrible arc to begin with. Not to mention the reload speed on the Rocklet Rifle is something that can easily get the LA killed.

    So no, it's not unbalanced, you were just too bad to get away from some LA's and trying to drive around like your Rambo or some ****. All the complainers I see are people who just simply die to their own stupidity and not thinking strategically when rolling around in their tanks.

    Edit: Also, if your deployed sundy is getting shredded, you probably chose a **** location and should rethink where you deploy next time. You don't have to be on top of the base where they will easily find it, sure people will want that but that's just how you get your sundy blown the **** up.
  19. EViLMinD

    I can live with things how they currently are... but there's a fair argument to say the LA + C4 + RR is OP. So, what if the LA class got an alternative to C4? A weaker yet still effective explosive. Something that does 1/2 or 2/3rds the damage of a C4 brick. This would slow the TTK down a little. Let the max capacity be 3 bricks instead of 2.
  20. Campagne

    Now in most cases I'd say "tomato, tomauto," but in PS2 there are only "fair" fights and zergs.

    Eh, I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree with your summary of events. Players pull vehicles because they are powerful; they're force-multipliers. And, without directing this at anyone in particular, PS2's general player base is made up of the kind of cheesy cowards & MLG Pro tryhards that would rather never play at all if it meant they wouldn't lose.

    In the world of infantryside, they are the bulk of the high-level HAs and infils. In the vehicle aspect, well, I can't say much without triggering an open conflict on these forums. :p Needless to say though, if one wishes to stop other players without fear of retaliation they pull one of the many farmin' platforms and join a group of like-minded players shelling a base somewhere.

    To put a rather long-winded thought to virtual paper, players will spam the ever-loving hell out of anything and everything that can give them a definitive advantage.

    "While the true definition of what 'spam' entails could be argued, its practice in the game cannot" *be argued. Doesn't sound as good when read that way. :p
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