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  1. Derikoz

    Hello, in game name is Derikoza.

    My name is Yossi, 19 years old, i usually play Combat Medic, the occasional MAX, and some Engineer but i'm yet to get a gun i like on that class so i avoid playing there till i get a better gun.

    BR is 16 i think, pretty new to the game but i already bought membership (Yes i like the game that much).
    I can't fly planes in this game, at all, I am practicing here and there when i am not in the battlefield ;).
    I do play ground vechiles but not that much, Prefer the infantry rule but i am aiming to upgrade my tanks and eventually play them as well.
    I have TS3,Skype and mumble.

    I hope to hear from you soon and will try to get in touch with you in the game! :D
  2. Alfafel

    Hey there I'm interested in joining.

    Ingame name is Alfafel
  3. Vhainn


    Former WG outfit, seeking new opportunities.

    RL name: Thomas, Denmark and 44 years old. IRL Scientist, Electronic Musician and family maker.
    I am a serious casual teamplayer. usually infiltrator, Always on TS or Mumble, Loyal, always following the leaders plan but rarely online before 10 pm CET due to work / education / family.

    Ingame name is Vhainn. See you around !
  4. Malacovics

    Is it possible to apply while I'm high ranked as NC but relatively low ranked on my TR character?
    I'm a good player, follows orders, and can lead a squad.
    I have mic, speak English and I have TS3 (obviously).
    Or only full time TRs are accepted?
  5. Ynwe

    BR doesn'T mean crap, it depends what you can bring to the team. Do you fit in, can you have a laugh with the guys and enjoy your time? And when things get serious, can you follow orders and help where needed? That's what counts

    About activity... well thats up to you to decide. You will see though that you will want to be online quite a biti to be able to get the full experience of the outfit.

    Just add Gimpsy or Matlockk or ViperMkIIto your friendslist and give em a shout that you would like to join or try out the squad

    They are usually online atleast once a day, mostly towards the evening around 7 -11 pm GMT +2
  6. kortadrac

    Been looking for an outfit after the one I was in before became a ghost town.

    Ingame name is Kortadr .
  7. KidSpoiler

    ---Long Description---
    Would like to add my body to the human shield of this outfit.
    I'm specialized as engineer and medic, never where the best type of person for frontal combat in the manner heavy assault armors or light assaults do. I like to form the the so called "2nd line" of the frontal line of combat, Reviving squaddies or repairing the max's or other vehicles. I occasionally pull on the infiltrator to harass various places, equipped with an SMG and my trusty cloak.

    One thing tho': I can't fly for ****! So please don't ask me to... I fly just as good as a thrown rock... I can manage to go up and turn a bit and for dumb reasons i always end up making myself in to a fireworks display of guts, parts and the occasional dashboard part ;)
    However, put me as a gunner in a ship/tank with mortar like guns and watch both the ground and the air burn and smell of burnt flesh and dashboard... the m60-a/g Bulldog, or what ever their names, i can make hit's on fast moving targets often. I find it easy... So need a gunner, i'll gladly let the shells fly...

    I were once a part of an outfit called "Zetta" but it seems to either have died or vanished... so i left... But now i seek to join an active outfit.

    Also, does this outfit occasionally do "Zerg rush" attack too? those are so epic to be part of !

    Oh and I'm unemployed and got most of the day/night to focus on this game ^^

    (As of this message, I'm a BR 17, in case any of you wish to know...)

    ---Short description---
    I'm specialized Medic and Engineer, and can moderately infiltrate bases for harassment purposes mostly.
    Can't fly for ****! But have (imo) become really good with the m60-a bulldog turret/cannon.
    I enjoy on-foot rush attacks, even if it was a doomed attempt to start out with.
    I got loads of time on my hands for the time being, so just show "paint" the target.
    I'm a Loyal Team player. I suck on my own.
    Which brings me to my Motto i made in Zetta: "Strength on your own, Power in Unity, Domination through battle!"

    OH and a Fair warning: I'm a crazy and (very?) silly Danish guy, don't say you haven't been warned...

    IGN: KidSpoiler
  8. Yukikazze

    No just NO not the right outfit mate.
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  9. Ynwe

    We redeploy very often to where we are needed. You need to be ready to press delete (latest) within 5-10 seconds of that command

    We also fight along in big fights. But we never zerg. With this outfit you won't ghost cap a point 48+ vs 1-12 enemies. With this outfit you will be fighting against larger forces most of the time. And you will see our effectiveness against opponents even when outnumbered 2:1

    If you enjoy the zerg fights that are kinda lazy and slow and want to do that, then this outfit is definetly not yours. If you are ready to be on TS when playing with this outfit and following orders when given, then maybe you should give us a try
  10. Grishnare

    Hey Guys, i would like to join with maybe 2-3 Mates (all adult). We have already played in greater platoons and know how the game works at all. We have TS3 and we're ready to join immediately. We hope to get an invite soon. Our ingame names are:
  11. Gimpsy

  12. thekiller2002us

    I've never complimented any other outfits I've fought against.

    We (the Jesters) fight Chimera almost daily now and its the most fun I ever have. These guys know their ****, they know how to fight and they know good tactics. When we fight them its like playing a chess game to figure out what is the best way to counter them, and they often counter us perfectly.

    No other TR outfits are a scratch on them.

  13. BlackbookPS

    I play Vanu.

    CHI are definitely an outfit that I love to hate.

    They are very memorable opponents.

    See you on the Battlefield.

    Try not to kill me with your drop pod spam though!!! LOL!

    I would recommend these guys.

    Anyway free bump for you!

    I also love to hate the Jesters!
  14. t3rman3

  15. Enverex

    Just to clarify here, the first post says:

    But reading the posts on the Reddit page gives me the complete opposite impression. Has the clam become this since the thread started or am I just getting the wrong impression from the Reddit posts?
  16. Ynwe

    During ops, when a leader shouts an order, you follow. Period.

    During casual squads or whenever we are not really serious, we also like to joke around a lot and talk about random things. Even in ops there will be time to join have stupid funny moments. We are not semi military or anything, we just are focused when the battles start getting tough since we want to win
  17. quik90


    Over 25, previous mil xp. Been playing two weeks and reaching the stage that I'm going to be of use. Raised my session K/D average to 1.5-2 with HA + AMR-66 (role squad marksman + AT) - Now keen to join a team.

    Intend to cert anti-air launcher and Sundy for squad respawn. Experienced teamplayer: Team Fortress 1 and Eve-online. You guys tick all the boxes for me - good rep, dedicated voice comms and active tactical discussion on Reddit. Get me into the fight!
    IGN: quik90
  18. Bindlestiff

    From a VS perspective, CHI are organised, heavy hitting and effective. Free bump for you guys.
  19. Ynwe

    Hey there! Just message Matlockk ingame that you want to have a trial membership and he will tell you the TS details. Tell him, if he asks, that you posted on the forums and Ynwe sent you.

    This is our sub-reddit forum, join in for a chat, ask questions or give any advice you have! Also on the right side you will see all the information you need to read to understand Chimera.

    btw: Trial Membership. Its exactly that what it sounds like. Due to a very high amount of people wanting to join us (and a lot of them not really showing any commitment) the bar for permanent entry has been set a bit higher. Sounds scarier than it is tbh. Just follow orders during ops and prove yourself to be a useful member, than everything is fine. Any player with decent commitment towards teamwork and communication can make it.
  20. Nodeirus


    BR47 here, age 19. Been playing PS2 since Beta, got no PS1 experience trough. Was on hiatus about 2 times (both times due to outfit's teamspeak turning into ghost town). I am used to playing in a larger groups, and I have microphone discipline, meaning I won't flood the TS with uneaccessary information.

    My main class is Engineer, weapon of choice is NS-11C with default pistol. I have the AV turret and Tank Mines aswell as maxed out Repair tool. Secondary classes include HA with TMG-50(I love my sniper machinegun)/Chaingun(ext.mag) and Striker, aswell as MAX with dual Mercies (no extended mags, unfortunately). Most of the time I go around repairing everything I can and manning the base turrets (I'm quite proficient with them I have to say), or grabbing HA and trying to flank to enemy to inflict the most damage as possible instead of following the main flow (read: cannon fodder).

    My most used vehicle is Sunderer, it's equipped with dual Furies with thermals for quick dispatch of anyone trying to flank us, aswell as giving it a pseudo-assault role. I used to bring Radar Flash, but ever since it got nerfed I focus on my Sundy now. I also used to be a Lib pilot with Zepher and Walker, but my flying skills are, well, a bit rusty.

    My active hours are 1500 to about 2100 GMT( I live in GMT+3 zone, the time here is 1800-2400, respectively )

    I hope to be a productive member of the Chimera outfit, aswell to have some serious fun!

    Loyalty until death!