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  1. Matlock0

    Sry for being so late on answering your posts. I will add you to my friends list first thing tomorrow when I log in to PS2.
  2. ARR4KIS

    Hey there, I'm only BR17 at the moment but I'm looking for a decent bunch of people to play with.
    I pretty much play Medic all the time, just short of level 6 medical tool. I'd be happy to branch out in to another class if needed though.

    Looking forward to hearing from you :)
  3. Ynwe

    Hey, ViperMkII will add you ingame, and he will invite you to play with us, to see if we are what you are looking for. If he doesn't, justt add Gimpsy or Matlockk to your ingame friends and say you posted on the forum and that you are thinking about joining our outfit.

    BR doesn't matter to us. And you will find a lot of people willing to help you get better, when you have quesitons (what weapons are the good ones, how to play certain classes etc.)

    Here is a list though what does matter:

    1) TS. We use TS all the time when running a squad. You want to join, you WILL need TS. A Headset to communicate is strongly recommended
    2) LISTEN TO ORDERS! When the squad leader says redeploy to warpgate and hop into the galaxy, then this has to be done within a VERY short time period. You cant go chasing that one dude you have been stalking for 5 minutes. When the order for redeploy comes in, you press delete.
    3) Active. We have a few members that are online only sporadic, but for known reasons. The majority is active and this will be expected from you too. If for some reason you can't be online (ie vacation) just tell someone quickly. It's no biggie, most of us are 20+ so we know RL can sometimes stop one from playing Planetside. Just communicate this
  4. ARR4KIS

    Okay great! :)

    I'm 27 myself and have a full time job so it's going to be mostly week nights and weekends for me. I've got TS and a mic so that's covered. Looking forward to some organised team play instead of running around like a headless chicken :p
  5. oOCptBlackOo

    Hi guys looking to join an organised outfit. Played since release on and off with a group of friends who no longer play and would appreciate joining a larger organised group. I love playing engineer but have reasonable setups on most classes and also have TS and a mic setup.

    I'm 35 from the UK and have most week nights and weekends to eradicate Vanu and NC scumbags.
  6. Gimpsy

    Hey Boys,

    just add gimpsy Matlockk or ViperMKII to friendlist ingame. We gonna give you the details in teamspeak / ingame.

    You will see how we play and you have to learn quick to stand with us on the battlefield. We always act very fast and switch the locations.

    see ya ingame
  7. Overbeck

    Hey Chimera Guys. The name is beck, Overbeck and I'm not German, not that that is a bad thing. I'm from zee the UK. Soo heres the story. I used to play with TRG on Us West server, anyways time difference just got out of controll and i fell out with PS2, Well im back and i want to play some more. Ive not been on a EU server and there;s a big 7gig patch to download atm. Ill let you know what my game name is. when thats done. Look forward to a responce
  8. Ynwe

    Hey Overbeck, just add Matlockk or ViperMKII ingame. You will than recieve the information needed to join the TS channel. Don't worry about not being German. You Brits make up the biggest group anyways than its us Germans followed by the Scandanavians ;)
  9. D4vE

    More Austrians than Germans in the meantime =P
  10. Loredan

    Hi. My name in game is Loredan47. I'm 21 y/o. I play as a combat medic and I've got teamspeak.
  11. Ynwe

    Hey Loredan, just add Matlockk or ViperMKII ingame and ask for an invite to the squad. You will get the info about the TS channel and then you can see if this outfit fits you
  12. Urusagi

  13. Ynwe

    hey, just add Matlockk ingame and ask for an invite to the squad. You will get the info about the TS channel and then you can see if this outfit fits you
  14. RazvanLA

  15. rod2o

  16. Korfax124


    I'd be happy to join this outfit, and put my skills to the test in any battle you can dump me into.

    I have an excellent overall performance with all classes and most vehicles (still trying to master the art of flight...), furthermore I have TS3 and a reasonable mic.

    My in-game name is Xynthia (TR character), who is BR 22 (at the moment). My real life age is 18 (soon 19), and I live in Denmark (small country just north of Germany if you didn't know ;)), I am currently in what the englishspeaking call college. I usually play when I can, but often I am the lone wolf...

    Looking forward to hear from you and kick some *** with other people :D
  17. Gimpsy

    Are you a girl ? :p cuz of ur ingame name

    anyway add matlockk gimpsy or vipermkii to your friendlist and send someone of us a message ingame.

  18. geekrider

    Well my brother is online right now..he asked me to post this while playing..his IGN is Zer076...his BR is 23 and he plays Heavy Assault
  19. Nenarch

    Hope you get some more decent inf players. One of the few inf using outfits what makes me actually swap continents to come and shoot at you guys as you got some talented inf players.
  20. Matlock0

    In the past few days We've got tons of new excellent players from other outfits that seem to be slowly fading away or being disbanded and incorporated into us so expect even tougher fights ahead :).