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  1. Vyla

    Elite soldiers of the Terran Republic

    Chimera started on the evening of launch and has grown steadily since. Our members hail from a variety of countries across Europe and beyond so our troops are active from around 1600-0000 GMT. We recruit those who display common sense and an ability to adapt to a changing battlefield.

    However, we are not a strict and serious mil-sim style outfit, occasionally we will employ crazy tactics to overcome the enemy and enjoy a laugh and a joke during down time (sunderer/galaxy rides etc).

    Most of our members are 21+ and employed, as such we are fully aware that reality comes first. We don't make demands on your time and won't kick you out for not being online (though we do ask that you let us know, if you know you're going to be out for a while). We have our own Teamspeak server, a mic is not mandatory but it is preferred.

    To join, please post in this thread. Alternatively, contact us in game:
    Gimpsy - Leader
    VipermkII - Officer
    Matlockk - Officer


    Please note that we have now closed our Enjin community page. All communication etc. should take place through the official Chimera Reddit, found here.

    Please do not try to contact me regarding signing up, sadly I am no longer playing an active role in Chimera.
  2. suicide500

    Hoi, you guys have a HP one can visit or only ingame and TS3?
  3. Vyla

    Although you've already signed up (welcome, by the way!), I'll answer that for anyone else wondering the same. We're TS3 and ingame only for now, as our member base expands I'll look into adding a website with forums etc. of our own.
  4. Sawers

    I'm interested in joining. where do i sign?
  5. Vyla

    Contact myself or Gimpsy ingame, or message me your ingame name here. We'll be in touch.
  6. Foamy89

    Hi I've got a few questions: How is it that Astron is an officer even though he sucks at I spy? Do you enter danger zones often? Whats a brother got to do to get some respect round here? What happens if two Germans, two Englishmen and whatever Astron is enters a bar? Whats your healthcare like? What would you do for a Klondike bar? And most importantly how many galaxies would a gimpsy crash if a gimpsy could crash galaxies?
  7. Vyla

    Here are the answers that you seek:

    1. Proficiency at I Spy is not a pre-requisite for becoming an officer.
    2. All the time, though our theme music singer (typer) seems to be AWOL...
    3. Solo Hvar.
    4. They form an awesome outfit.
    5. So good that we've defeated Death itself (With the aid of a small device).
    6. ???
    7. All of the Galaxies, even the ones sent home for being drunk.
    Get your *** back online!
  8. Foamy89

    Yes Mr. Vyla anything you say Mr. Vyla just don't get Mr. **** to punish me Mr. Vyla

    (Remember Mr. Vyla you could always signal me to come to your aid using that steam system that you use so very often and I will be there Mr. Vyla unless I am predisposed doing important business which I am sure you understand Mr. Vyla)

    (In all seriousness I promised Gimpsy that I would be on over the weekend so I will be online then.)
  9. Alexzzz303

    Vyla i have couple of questions
    First of all im 17 and if its ok so you can keep reading ,
    Im correctly in Lithcorp server lvl 17. But from what iv'e seen so far the TR faction in this server is kind of unorganized .
    My question is - Can i join the outfit if im lvl 1 ? Im a pretty good Mosquito pilot and a decent medic , good with the infiltrator tho .
    Hope you consider it :)
  10. Foamy89

    Hi Alex Im not Vyla obviously but im one of the most senior members of the group (if not the most) following Vyla himself and can confirm that it doesn't matter what level you are or how good you are at something (As long as you aren't an dick and follow orders), you are welcome to join.
  11. Makku2

    Hello! I am currently looking for a nice outfit, and I think I would make a decent heavy assault for yours! What do I need to do to get in? My in-game name is Makku2 too.
  12. Thunderwrath


    I'm from England, currently BR 23, have a mic and TS3. Can play any class quite happily, have AA/AI/AV MAX loadouts. Grab me if you need me.
  13. Vyla

    Hi guys, I'll add you both to my friends list and get in touch when I see you online. You can also whisper Gimpsy if he is online and I'm not.
  14. ChrisDowntaker

    Hi Vyla, my name is Carl and I'm a medic. I really wanna get into outfit playing but haven't gotten around to applying unitl now. I'm not very goot with a liberator but I can heal like a champ. I've got some experience but ofcourse I can always learn more. I sent you a friend request in-game (my ingame name is ChrisDowntaker). Hope I can join you kicking some Vanu ***.
  15. suicide500

  16. Makku2

    I won't be online for at least a week, because my computer broke yesterday.. :/ but anyways, see you in planetside!
  17. dddasdasd

    Hi, my in game name is Noxinecro, i'm 22, from england and i'm a competent pilot, and usually play medic or engineer. I have TS3 and am getting a new mic soon. Have played squad-based FPS's like ArmA II for quite a while and I have previous clan experience from ArmA II that I feel would translate well over to PS2. Hope to see you all online soon :D
  18. Noxinecrotic

    Strange, I appear to have two forum accounts , I'll use this one to avoid confusion , hehe.
  19. Byakkoo

    Hey there, I am looking to join your outfit since after playing solo for a while i wanted to give an outfit a try. My name is Byakkoo, i am 20 years old and i play as an heavy assault. flying never worked out for me but riding a tank is no problem for me. My experience in shooters comes mostly from battlefield and some shooters I did play for a little while. my playtimes are irregular because of college and homework. I hope to see you soon ingame.
  20. Vyla

    Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in joining, please direct your enquiries to Gimpsy in game for the time being as my PC decided Boxing Day was a good day to die! New parts are on their way, but i'll be out for a few days.

    Makku2, it seems we suffered a similar fate, so welcome on board for when you return. Noxinecro, Thunderwrath and Byakkoo, I will pass your names on to the outfit and hopefully someone can catch and invite you soon.