Chimera Battle Tank

Discussion in 'Official News Feedback' started by Mithril, Jun 22, 2021.

  1. MichaelMoen

    Four rumble seats?

    Ugh...a ground version of a Striker Valk. How wonderful.
  2. Facts

    six wheels and it still won't climb a 20% grade...
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  3. VV4LL3

    Will MAXes be able to sit in the pax slots? If not, please change to enable NSO Defector's w/ Shields part of the tank strat.
  4. JohnMcCreedy

    You say its speed is comparable to the other Empire's MBTs but the Vanguard is substantially slower than either the Magrider or the Prowler with like-for-like set ups. So where does this fall? Towards the Vanu/TR side or the atrociously slow NC side? And speaking of the Vanguard, all this is well and fine for my NSO character but when are you going to buff the Vanguard for my NC ones? It suffers from the slowest speed and shortest range which is nothing short of perverse. I appreciate the NSO love but there are a lot more NC players than NSO ones.
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  5. TruenoCraft

    " when are you going to buff the Vanguard for my NC ones? It suffers from the slowest speed "
    I think vanguard only need to upgrade some speed skill and u get a very speedy little friendly vanguard :D, ( not need some buff, just spend some certs)
  6. Daniel Parker

    The tank looks cool and fun, but if it's going to rely on rumble seats, they need to stabilize the players' view vertically while in jump seats. Preferable also in the Flash, Harasser, Valerie and Javelin as well.
  7. skyrawrz

    That's not a tank its more like a tank destroyer i suggest a re design.
  8. VV4LL3

    It looks like a mini-Colossus, that many players enjoy due to the high number of squad slots. Unfortunately, the colossus is fairly easy to kill, so I'm very interested in what will balance the cost of this vehicle with survivability? Rumble slot repair team? Defectors in the rumble slots, maybe able to use their shield for once while mounted? All ideas.
  9. Ignofon

    Hey Mithril buddy, you mind hopping in sometime to answer some questions on these fancy new vehicles you decided to make a forum to talk about? I mean it's all wall and good that we're getting new stuff, and having a place to give our feedback is nice and all, but it feels like we're taking to a WALL HERE!!! Isn't talking to the community part of your job description, or am i mistaken here and your only purpose is to keep make sure there are no bad words in the forums you make and abandon to theory-crafting?
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  10. VV4LL3

    I was astounded at how poorly it performed on low grade hills with maximum certifications too. Hope it's increased.
  11. VV4LL3

    Now that some time has passed. The Chimera is extremely weak. A normal main battle tank 1:1 can easily out damage it toe to toe. Wasn't expecting a NC tank to head on smoke me when all rounds landed from both my partner and I and it didn't die, yet we did. Pretty sure something needs to be done about that. Decrease nanite cost, or add cert to increase life pool.

    Also, we were being out-ranged with the cyclops. TR tanks were able to hit us, but the cyclops main cannon beam would disappear before hitting them. Graphic settings on highest they can get -- spoke to the other tank and they said it just disappeared before hitting them.

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  12. LiquidSleep

    Yuuup, totally agree. I absolutely love tanking and used to roll around a lot in the vanguard when I played NC. I'd say I'm a pretty good player and could beat lots of fight alone in the vanguard, and would steamroll enemies with a gunner. The shield made me feel powerful and I could take a couple hits in a fight and make it out alive. The AP rounds felt like they wreaked havoc to enemy vehicles' health. Just super fun stuff.
    Tanking with the chimera is dreadful. You get steamrolled, gunner or not, by main battle tanks and even lightings. Getting hit by a rocket or a tank shot deals so much damage to your total health, every time you get hit by anything you immediately have to retreat and repair. Not to mention this tank is huge and super easy to hit in combat. You die so so fast in fights. There have been a couple times where I've landed all my hits, used fire suppression, and still lost to single lightings with ap rounds. bruh.
    "But you have 4 rumble seats!". I can barely find a gunner sometimes, I can't imagine someone who'd wanna miss out on certs and sit on my tank ready to repair or use a launcher. You can't even repair from the seats... Sitting on one of those seats in combat is a death sentence.
    The cyclops shot texture is also huge and I can't tell what it's going to hit or not and how fast it's going. Just doesn't have the same hmph I felt with the vanguard AP rounds.
    Last, the tank doesn't have an ability like the rest of the factions that give them advantages in certain situations.
    I'm not the type of person to usually complain about balancing but DAMN this thing sucks to use. Still using it cause I love tanking but I feel like I'm at a disadvantage compared to other factions' MBTs.
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  13. VV4LL3

    It's so weird that MAXs can't mount the rumble seats, yet they can literally stand on them. Unprotected rumble seats on the outside have literally NO benefit or advantage, why was it advertised as such? Can't repair from them either... which doesn't matter since you can just dismount and run along -- but that's besides the point.

    Operation Meat Shield, errrr... I mean... Chimera rumble seats, is a failure too.

    Overall, I'm still severely unimpressed with the NSO vehicles and MAX... The infantry weapons aren't that bad though. Did you know they severely nerfed the Defector's melee? You can swing only once every 2 seconds, and it's no longer a weapon slot option. Now you have to slam your melee key, watch an atrocious slow animation with an even slower reset. Can you say "sitting duck."

    Imagine a Burster Max having the same low amount of survivability and utility -- people should be giving it up in a heart beat.