Chimera Battle Tank

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  1. Mithril Community Relations

    The Chimera will be dispatched to provide a heavily armored ground combat platform for the Nanite Systems Operatives faction when the NSOverhaul releases.


    A pilot-operated main cannon and forward-mounted secondary turret are complemented by four rumble seat passengers. The Chimera operates as a main battle tank and troop transport hybrid that functions best when all seats are filled, similar to the Colossus Heavy Tank.


    Both the main cannon and forward-mounted turret will have three weapon options available upon release.

    The standard-issue main cannon is the CT-135, a balanced weapons platform with versatility in anti-infantry and anti-vehicle roles. The CT-150 Cyclops fires a high-velocity sabot payload designed to penetrate heavily armored targets at cost to explosive yield. The CT-102 Satyr uses a twin-barrel design capable of firing six times before reloading, it's like a more grown-up version of the Lightning's C-75 Viper.

    Forward turrets are mounted just beneath and ahead of the main cannon, and is operated by a secondary gunner. The default turret is the CT2-20 HCG, a heavy chaingun firing photonically propelled tungsten slugs that are capable of defending against an array of targets. For anti-air purposes, the Chimera can mount the CT2-8M Siren, which fires micro-missiles with a smart, proximity-tracking system that prioritizes enemy aircraft. Lastly, the CT2-XP is an experimental particle projection weapon that fires a dense photon blast capable of shredding heavy armor.

    The four outward-facing rumble seats located toward the back of the vehicle allows for additional fire support from allied soldiers as they are ferried from base to base.


    The 6-wheeled Chimera uses an independent suspension system unlike any vehicle before it. The forward half of the vehicle can swivel left and right to provide enhanced maneuvering, and the independent suspension allows for easy off-road navigation. Unlike vehicles with lower clearance, the Chimera's chassis was designed to overcome obstacles with ease, and is at comparatively low risk of tipping over as the vehicle crawls along the battlefield. Its speed is similar to main battle tanks of other empires, and while its overall agility may be higher than a Vanguard or Prowler, it is incapable of turning while completely stationary.

    Leave your feedback as a reply below, we love hearing your thoughts!
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  2. TruenoCraft

    Finally we can invade Mars!! :cool:
  3. Mokymok

    Is it a typo of "Satyr" or is it named Saytr intentionally?

    Either way, this tank looks dope!
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  4. Chinchy

    So like... Why would I travel from base to base with this thing when the current meta is redeploy side? Are we getting some proper spawn changes? I would love to see some longer cap timers with restrictive spawns.
  5. Mithril Community Relations

    Good catch on the typo, thanks!
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  6. Blue_Lion

    To arrive before or with spawns. To be part of the first force to hit a base when you just captured a base and move to the next. That is really when transports are typically used. Once the attack is under way then you use spawns.
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  7. Srazor

    I haven't seen it in person yet, but I like the art style from the pics shown.
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  8. CptDrakus

    I would love it if you swapped control of the guns over. Have the driver take the forward facing gun and the gunner take the main turret. Bring it in line with how the dervish has a dedicated turret gunner and how NSO vehicles function significantly better if teammates help crew positions. Don’t know how possible it is though. Might offset the balance. But it’s what I would love to see.
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  9. Colinljx

    You don't. Those rumble seats are for strikers, pocket engies, and phoenix.
  10. Myxomorph

    This looks really cool and I cant wait to drive it.
    Will Engineers be able to repair from the rumble seats? I imagine 4 engineers repairing a MBT at the same time would make it really tough to destroy in a tank-tank fight.
  11. CMDRBanditism

    i do like this, i play nso as my main faction on miller, the only problem i can see is the overuse of nso's, i love nso because of the rarity of us and its always fun to see another nso but if this update goes through i am frightened at the sheer scale of nso's going to come, i love the rumble seats but i beg of you to allow defectors to hang out on them with shields up, would make for very funny business
  12. Ignofon

    I do really like the aesthetic that is presented with this . . thing, not sure if i would really call it a tank or a mars rover with gun tho. As a tank (Vanguard) main i have been eagerly awaiting my (hopefully) turreted hover tank before you released this. To be honest I'm really bummed it's not a hover because I'm really envious of the magrider but can't aim it for ****. Honestly tho sense the NS have their hoverbike you can't blame me for expecting a tank in the same vain.

    After the bellyaching of it's not what i was hoping for i see some issues with it. The secondary gun not having the entire rear ark concerns me greatly because in the case you have to flee you are ether defenseless or going to run into a wall. The transition of giving the main gun to the second person would be an ideal way to remedy this issue however and was mentioned by a previous post.

    Changing out tracks for wheels also does not strike me as adding any advantages without additional speed and without any kind of in-place turning leaving it in a special place where it's agility would appear to be lower than any other "tank" (sad hover noises). You say it "may" have more agility than Vanguard/prowler but i can't see where that will come from with no extra speed, strafing, or in place turning. The center articulation turning is also suspect but i won't touch that until i see it. As a side topic I'm concerned about those shields of the front tires, do they articulate when you get close to objects or so they prevent you from driving over anything much higher than ground level. If they are fixed that will hinder it's ability to "overcome obstacles", some extra info on this would be nice.

    Finally the biggest glaring issue with the design i see is the rumble seats, they are going to be a nightmare to balance and will most likely leave the "tank" ether over powered if filled or under powered if empty. Both options are bad for game play and even though i love the idea of having extra transport for fun i don't think it's worth having an under powered tank as i will rarely ever have them filled. I would much rather replace them with mounted spitfires. Auto turrets are more reliable, would not be killed, and could be balanced more easily/effectively. So please ether give this a special equipment slot for me to change out, throw it in as a utility item, or disable weapons for riders, i really don't want to be left in the wind with an underpwoered tank.

    In essence, i would love for this to be redesigned as a magrider with driver operated gimbaled forward guns and a gunner operated main cannon, considering the javelin it would not be not out of place. Sense i doubt that will happen please consider some of the other suggestions here and give ME some feed back on anything that you find helpful.
  13. TheEmancipator

    I look forward to pulling this 6 person vehicle on my lone wolf NSO since we wont be able to join outfits without paying to have friends to play with. Another vehicle that is meant for team play on a faction being pushed toward lone wolf style. Super!
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  14. Boomer83

    The design doesn't necessarily appeal to me, as I simply like conventional tank chains better.
    Well, maybe I'll like the Chimera when I see it in action and use it.

    I would also have liked to see more focus on single-seat aircraft and vehicles.
  15. Hagloping

    Did someone disable friend function? Also if you are already paying, nothing changes for you at all.
  16. Scirca

    So from what I understand. The Chimera is like a Colossus combined with a Sunderer, with the mobility similar to a Harasser. Very interesting.
  17. Pryceton

    Since tanks take more damage from underneath, I wonder if a cloaked C4-Flash can easily kill a Chimera by driving below it from behind? Design-wise it has a pretty big gap there. And the secondary gunner won't be able to prevent it, like they can on other MBTs.

    And, yeah, I really hope Engineers on Rumble Seats won't be able to throw repair grenades, like in the Valkyrie...

    Oh, and if all four Rumble Seat passengers use the Jockey 5 implant, will it stack three times on each on them for total of 110% additional Shield Health?
  18. Freyzez

    Daybreak fix anvil abuse on colossus tank and steel rain bug before release of this patch please! imagine if you can just anvil the new chimera battle tank.. that would be very sad.
  19. brucethemoose

    Amazing! As someone who's been driving/flying since beta, it's been a looong time since I've been this excited about an update, hence I've bought a membership just for it.

    Little details like the rumble seat field of view, slot options and so on are going to make or break this tank... any word on when we can start poking it in PTS? "Soon" or "Very Soon" would be enough for me.

    EDIT: Also, I disagree with some of the above posters. Dedicated Chimera crews will be a thing as they are with NSO valkers now, and I run into infantry that could use a ride to the next base in MBTs all the time.
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  20. Drgnx

    dervish feels like a flying mbt
    Chimera feels like a ground Valkyrie with an extra gun
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