Checker Pattern On Water Surfaces. (Pictures Included!)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Foxirus, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. Foxirus

    I recently updated my entire computer. One of the most notable changes was the upgrade to an Nvidia GTX 970. However, With that update I started to see these odd checker patterns over any bit of water, Mostly on Hossin.

    Anyone else know what the problem is? I have searched many forums and most people are pointing at bad drivers from Nvidia. I contacted Nvidia with no success, Apparently this glitch has been around a long time and they don't even recognize it as a known issue. From what I can tell, None of the other people on the other forums were able to locate a fix. That being said, Most of the forums were several months out of date and seemed to have died out.

    So far I have tried rolling back to multiple driver settings with no success in fixing it. Is anyone else having a problem like this? If so, Have you managed to fix it?


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  2. user101

    Yes I get this too with my 970... water on Hossin looks like this every where I go. I think this is a DX9 problem with the 970 running DX11

    But Smed is determined to loose more players by not upgrading to DX11...!
  3. user101

    Ok - I researched this on the net. When you use 2D water in 3D (DX11) you get pixals like in the first post.
    The fix to this for the game you need to code the water for ( A SWITCH) to DX9 not run it in DX11 mode. This will fix the pixels.
  4. Foxirus

    Updating to Windows 10 seems to have fixed this issue. I no longer see the square patterns in the water.
  5. Lord_Mogul

    There are even some places on Hossin where you can look from below the water and see weired stuff going on.