Cheats, proof that this game is infested...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ObiVanuKenobi, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. ObiVanuKenobi

    ...with people who think everyone runs them.

    As you can see i'm not even a great player.
  2. VeryCoolMiller

    thank you to confirm that infiltrator is actually a cheat
  3. Campagne

    The existence of accusations does indicate the existence of actual cheaters.

    I get loads of accusations too, everyone does. But there are a lot of ways to cheat in this game from exploits to hitbox manipulation to full-blown aimbots and everything in between. There are a lot of cheaters out there and most of them aren't overly obvious.
  4. Drakortha

    how did you survive the fall at 9:38? looks like you cut a few frames out there.
  5. iller

    Intentionally misleading title... not even acceptable as "Ironic" posting
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  6. TRspy007

    Not quite sure what you're pointing out here apart for the buggy hs effects. Those players are simply experienced enough to quickly react and burst hs to eliminate other players, and in many situations this isn't hard as the other dude is stationary. Other times some shots are simply luckier than others, and as stats prove that the number of cheaters in this game is minimal, and at an all time low.
  7. ObiVanuKenobi

    Safe fall implant
  8. Zizoubaba

  9. 0fly0

    at least the part when you potato that guy at the 8 min mark was funny, i have the same issue with ns15m atm auraxium my second one but sensitivity on low and the hipfire on this is just meh
  10. Skraggz

    Op's post doesn't disprove cheats, nor would I assume that was their intent. I think he was getting more at people like to throw accusations WAY to fast, especially a few on the forum, even in this thread..... without even PROOF of it running amass.
  11. ObiVanuKenobi

    Exactly. There's already a guy who thinks i cut out frames to hide something.

    I apologize for the unacceptable title.
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  12. T.A.94

    I am pleased to know that my good friend Zebling is hunting those cheaters ;)
  13. Capnode

    Currently on indar, there was a huge base built next to that bridge. I forget the name. As much as I'd love to believe that what happened there was a bug, I am assuming it was a hack. Me and another guy came across the base, we're placing turrets down. Then we suddenly died, we had a message that there was an orbital strike. There was no orbital nearby. We got killed by nobody. The kills screen was empty with a br 0. And no building was damaged. This happened just as the tr crossed the bridge. I sent a report in, but there was no information on my side. The other guy asked about, so it wasn't a client bug. There was no other base attacking us. If this was not a bug or that mysterious camera people talk about, then yes. They are out there and they just found a new way to play.
  14. FateJH

    What's more amazing than the event is that you elevate it to the malicious work of a cheat without any corroborating evidence.
  15. I'm so dead

    I stop watching within a few seconds when I saw 3rd party software for crosshairs. I don't take the person seriously if I see players using it.
  16. Gibber

    Clearly cheating; Multiple times he redeployed and was allowed to respawn at the nearest spawnpoint
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  17. ObiVanuKenobi

    Devs have confirmed they're allowed, custom crosshairs should be a part of the game.
  18. vonRichtschuetz

    Today I pulled a Valkyrie for an OS. I dropped out under fire and placed the OS. After respawning at my base 800m away I noticed that exact Valkyrie standing with half HP just outside the base. Should I report the Valkyrie for teleport hacking?
  19. Towie

    Agreed on this point - many gaming monitors have optional crosshairs that cannot be defeated or even detected by the game so although they do give an advantage, it should be available to all players.
  20. JibbaJabba

    You'll NEVER see it in my videos.

    ...I bought a monitor that has built in crosshairs.. :p

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