[Cheating or Lag?] "Dive to the ground" killers...

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by NightmareSR, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. NightmareSR

    Hi everyone,
    Before unleashing Flame of any kind, or go for a person who complains about every single thing, I would ask for clarification about something that happened to me more than once on my own skin.
    "The fact of being killed by an enemy who is thrown to the ground and kills me in a sort of" ground-diving motion "but continuing in this movement for a long time (even through an entire indoor area), it is considered cheating or a lag issue?
    To be honest, this makes me very nervous, because, though in no way consider myself a beginner, I would to understand once and for all what should I do the next time I find myself in a situation like these.

    Perhaps it is an unnecessary detail, but I noticed that in addition to this, the speed of the enemy seems to be at least doubled and continues firing constantly even if it is in that state...Waiting for a final clarification on the matter,Regards and see you in-game ; )

    P.S: sorry for my bad English...
  2. Soporific

    I've seen dead players getting dragged along the ground for a ways, but it didn't look like anything but a glitch to me. Never had one of those things kill me either.

  3. Total_Overkill

    If you are talking about Players corpses moving around, laying down, and still shooting/killing people? Then its a revive bug.
    If you are talking about Players that submerge half their body into the ground/floor, thats a noclip hack.
  4. NightmareSR

    It's definitely the first, thanks for clearing that up ;)
  5. Paulus

    You should still report them, if they are exploiting the bug (because obviously you can't kill them whilst they are more than able to kill you) then SOE will ban them.
  6. Reaper

    Actually the person may be unaware of what is going and and most certainly wont get banned for having a bugged revive. It takes exploitation of such things to get banned and it seems he didn't complain about that
  7. Deschain

    I saw a dead TR max the otherday, but upon running past the " what looked like a dead Max unit" proceeded to instagib me with Mercys. It's an annoying animation bug or a hack that needs sorting out asap, I didn't report the player as it's been seen a thousand times for months.
  8. Nasher

    The one where you see a corpse sliding around for a bit (not killing anyone) is because they have been killed but their client hasn't caught up I think. Usually people with heavy lag or their PC is so slow it can't keep up :p