Cheating is now at epidemic proportions

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Towie, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Towie

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  2. Naskoni

    Top tip - absolutely NOBODY from DBG reads these forums anymore. Not after Roxxlyy left DBG.
  3. 0fly0

    You mean like this one:!/5428876355920747857/

    Don't worry it's always the same **** " hitbox files modification " , that's the new cobalt population, even the br 100 are all new, i can count the old players i see in this game.
    Well to be fair a few of the old one also get their account ban or character delete so...


    accuracy and headshot ratio just slightly above average... CHEATS HACKS CALL THE POLICE!!!
  6. ObiVanuKenobi

    I don't see why you think they're "blatant" cheaters.
    Amazing stats, sure but nothing that indicates guaranteed hax.

    First guy is obviously an alt character - purchased MSW-R, Adrenaline shield and his name includes "TR".
    If they were using modded hitboxes they wouldn't have 53% and 28% hsr.
    The guy you linked also has only 37% accuracy with 44% hsr.
  7. Towie

    Cheats tend to mix it up a bit to try to disguise their antics - but there's usually something that gives them away.

    So let's do an analysis of one of his kill streaks:


    First we have 3 kills in 3 seconds (all headshots) - short gap then another 3 kills in 2 seconds (2 headshots).

    If you think that run is remotely possible without cheating then frankly I want some of what you are smoking.
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    It is possible to play like this, check YT users: Boss farmology, D3S, x0niq, elusive1.
    Pay attention on crosshair placement, peaker advantage abuse, zig-zag movements, medkid dance trick and most importantly adrenaline shield control.

    I am not telling what there is no cheaters in this game, but you don't have enough evidence on this one, let me give you another example -!/5428845181524393601

    He is clearly been banned after i reported him, if you look closer there is almost 100\100 headshots in his killboard, but most importantly he have incredible headshot ratio on MAX Burster, which is impossible to achieve, so this is 100% prove what he is enlarged head collision and thats why he became so accurate even with weapon what have pellet spread all over the screen.

    At the same time look at his overall KDR - 1.5 which is pathetic, so high KDR doesn't nessesary mean what some one is a hacker aswell as low kdr doesn't mean what some one is crystal pure angel.

    Your suspicions are only based on high KDR and awesome killstreaks, but this is totally achievable level of play. As i said check these four youtube channels.
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  9. 0fly0

    First, even at realease i never seen any hacker with more than 50%
    You can change the hitbox to the size you want, stop for a sec, no one wanting to play more than a week will use a max size hitbox, get real...
    Also players score are shared with alt, so the guy i link is not just an alt but an alt with a new account... (make sense when you get banned or don't want to risk your main account)

    No one can be unable to see the obvious, like why so many br 100 just get ban all of the sudden (just watch my top death list by empire), or why we see players having all their weapons between 10 13% acc but one msw r with 38% acc (like really if you have 12% acc on the bull but 38% on msw r i say you have parkinson syndrom time perfectly with the msw r recoil and you're a lucky man)
    I could go over in detail about the dx11 update and how all "skill" players make fools of themselves but i think i troll the like of you enought at that time...
  10. JibbaJabba

    Pay closer attention. The same guy in there is killed twice. What you've captured in this short burst of mayhem is someone with pre-placed crosshairs carving down a group of people that are coming up from a RES GRENADE.

    This is absolutely possible without cheating, in fact I would posit that it's common.

    This isn't someone "mixing it up" to avoid detection. You've got a good player here that had the stars align just right and they took advantage in a way a lesser player could not.
  11. 0fly0

    i wouldn't call what must be 3/4 of a server population pathetic, i don't know if you're new but even vets with good experience in this game and engage in gameplay must have around 3 k/d, the upper one are players that never capture or defend point that are important during the alert and rather enjoy farming on lower pop bases with clear advantage...
  12. Towie

    elusive1 came in for a bit of a rinsing when he posted some videos here a while back - people disbelieving that he didn't have some form of background assistance (whether auto-shoot or something like that).

    But worthwhile pointing out that despite his undeniably excellent results, however he achieves them, they aren't even close to what our 'friend' is achieving. Oh and our friend appears to have NC and VS alts created this year (with even better stats).

    Still - well done for spotting Zwiar - that looks VERY much like a head hitbox mod. But would you believe that even though he appears to be banned, his character (and therefore stats) are still online and so go to feed the systems ?
    So even when people are throwing 'suspicious' flags all over the place on the likes of Dasanfall, that would still be including the banned folks stats, making suspicious that much more - well - suspicious ;)
  13. ObiVanuKenobi
    80-90% hsr with rifles.
    Directive score. You can see it only on death screen not on stats sites. That might be a little bit suspicious but still doesn't guarantee anything.
    People don't play this game forever, player numbers are on a constant decline, there's no way to tell if a person got banned or simply stopped playing, i've got lots of high br players on my friends list who quit the game.
    None of the linked players in this thread have stats like that, where did you pull this out of?
    You could but with no real examples, no stats, no videos, nothing. Only your opinion.
    Doesn't sound like you're trolling, pretty sure you actually believe what you're saying.
  14. OpolE

    History is important. PS1 hackers were allowed to run riot! in the last couple of year. Buckle yourselves in for a very frustrating time.

    Now we have Planetside Forever project we are in control and will make sure we don't have incompetence towards hackers like SOE/DBG did.


    It looks like when account suspended, even permanently, characters still exists and their stats never deleted. Just in case you know... i think it's better than youtube politics when they completely erase your channel after 3 strikes.
  16. Towie

    Well - there has been some water under the bridge since I put this post up a week ago - but SuyinTR is no more and appears to be completely deleted. Hurrah.

    However - suspect he has two alts with equally incredulous stats and he played on the VS version on the 12th.

    One step forwards - two back - those remaining guys (should I say pair ?) at DBG are going to have their work cut out with the current state of play !
  17. Zer0Dawn

    Its getting real frustrating to play i just played where we had 1 NC defending base and he was headshooting everyone with a SAWs ffs he was BR 45.I mean how can you play and enjoy a game when you have people like that ruining it for all.I reported him but i dont have any hopes of him getting what he deserves.Though when we started calling him out on it he was gone i think he redopleyed somewhere else.
  18. Oroboro

  19. Oroboro

    Sorry. Don't read the post above and i can't deleete mine.
  20. Towie

    Well they managed to delete suyintr so that's something - but left suyinvs and suyinxnc ? Weird considering they are almost certainly the same person and all pretty unbelievable to be honest. Maybe they do hate TR after all ;)