Cheating is Accepted

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  1. HelioUSP

    Define "riddled". Getting banned on a throw-away account for going 120-1 while rage-botting doesn't prove anything. I've yet to see anybody here scream that "half the players are cheating."
    Running an anti-recoil script on your mouse is cheating and it's effective. Spot hacks, ESP, Aim-assist (like console games) are also effective. Those will all give you a very unfair advantage and yet none of them are aimbots nor especially aimbots set on auto-mode. Please, stop acting like rage-botting is the only cheat and that's what we're all claiming. You go on to blame us for people leaving rather that the actual cheaters??!!! Now who's being dishonest?

    Best intentions assumed and I know neither of us will see eye to eye on this issues. There' probably more issues we agree upon not. We'll more than likely be arguing this again.
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  2. Savadrin

    This is what I have been talking about (the use of those items you have listed) for a while now.

    It certainly annoys me that people use this stuff, and by just browsing the public sides of the dark forums you can see that there's a sizable volume of people who are looking for this stuff. Have I considered how much easier it would be to dominate using this ****? Of course, like anyone has. y tho?

    As much as I am personally against this, I have a specific outlook on the entire issue.

    If these dudes need to use this stuff to compensate for their deficiencies in order to compete, that is their problem. If they want to be fulfilled with a bunch of hilarious hollow victories because they aren't good enough to win otherwise, that is of course their choice. A lot of people spend most of their lives lying to themselves, so this is nothing new.

    As for me? I like being the underdog. I like trying to excel when the odds are stacked against me, and I like being beaten because it provides me an opportunity to learn to do better on my own merits, even against cheaters. Especially against cheaters. I specifically put myself in unwinnable situations just to SEE if there's a way to pull off a miracle. Sometimes it even happens.

    Plus the laughs come extra thick and fast when you have the rare opportunity to farm an aimbotter/cheater because outside of their boosts they're just plain awful. We talk a lot of **** in discord when that happens, and we laugh, and laugh.

    Taking this game super-serio is part of the reason this happens in many cases. The trolls are a different story, they just lack respect and self-awareness which is also cool. Their lives, not mine.