Cheating is Accepted

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  1. SpuggY

    I've played on Miller for years. Countless times I've reported cheaters, even with video evidence, nothing is ever done. I meet the same people day after day and I know they are cheating pieces of trash, but i can do nothing about it. This game has a small community, most regulars know each other. Who do you people think you're actually fooling with your "clumsy" and aimbot abuse?

    Congrats on your awesome fabricated KDA in a game that won't be here in another two years.

    I'm out.
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  2. Zizoubaba

    (just my personal opinion).

    To be fair, for a game this old, not being developed anymore since SOE sold it to DBG, it could be a lot worse. I'm not saying what you say isn't true, I know it is. In fact, I personally made a post not so long ago about it (I took a 5 month break from game and when I came back I was shocked at the huge increase in cheaters).

    Fact is though, it's 7 years old, it's not being developed anymore. Way I see it, the cheating is only going to increase in the future.

    But to be fair, compare it to most 7 year old MMO (rpgs, fps whatever) and you gota admit that even though there are cheaters, and even though there are a ton more now than 5 months ago, it's still not THAT bad. Especially considering you can play for free.
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  3. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I've only properly come back to the game after a long time being away and I've seen 2 people who were clearly cheating. One evidently had speed hack as he was zooming, not teleporting, across the terrain. Another clearly had some form of radar. No matter where I went as a stalker, he would always make a beeline for me. Even if I were in the middle of no where crouch walking. Around 6 or so months ago I was playing as an Infiltrator and kept getting sniped at by some player over 200 metres away using a battle rifle. No matter how careful I was not to be seen, he'd still grab those headshots on me from such a long distance. Using stalker, I recorded myself sitting crouched and cloaked at the edge of a cliff, the guy still took me out with headshots from that distance, with a battle rifle, while cloaked.

    I've played this game long enough to know when something is legitimate or not, and those three players were definitely weren't. I sent a report with the first two, and I sent my video footage with the final one. They still play.

    I could argue that my footage was enough to give that player the ban hammer. But this is what I think. I know this player wasn't playing fairly, just as you know the player you saw wasn't either. From our perspective, it's so easy to say, 'Yes let's ban this player' because we know they're cheating, but DGC does not. Yes, they have BattleEye, they have internal moderators, there are dozens of statistics that point towards the fact those players were playing unfairly, but there are multiple reasons why they're not banned yet, and the biggest reason of all is process.

    Imagine all the bug reports they receive on a daily basis, from several servers. Imagine how much data they have to sift through to find out if just one player is playing fairly or not. Yes, video content can help, but it would have to be really condemning evidence for them to ban right off the bat. All they see is maybe one incident of it happening. They have to keep an open mind and consider other factors such as system glitches, lag, coincidence, and many other things. I know, and you know, that these things aren't the case, that that player really was cheating, but they don't. They have to look at things objectively and not make assumption based upon one person's video/report. If more and more people report that player, and I'm talking not just 5 or 6, but 20,30, maybe even 50, that would most certainly grab their attention because it's evident that something is wrong and that player would be placed at the top of the investigation queue.

    These 3 players are the only ones I've seen that are evidently cheating since a couple back in 2013. I know there are likely others that are more subtle, but please don't let the few idiots do their job. They generate entertainment for themselves by knowing what they're doing is working - ruining your fun.
  4. AllRoundGoodGuy

    If I ever see something suspicious, I usually change fights. I'm not gonna let someone else ruin my gaming session if I can help it. I could get worked up all over it but it's just not worth it. Especially with the new spawn feature it's never hard at all to get into a new fight.
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  5. Towie

    If I come across someone deeply suspicious I always report. However - I know darn well that if they've spent money on the game (camo or something else you can only get via DBC) - they will be not be banned.

    Unfortunately it makes financial sense. 1 person cheating but paying is worth more than x people not cheating but not paying. Of course there is a good argument saying that people aren't going to pay if they feel there are cheats around but sometimes I get the feeling that if DBG managed to remove all the cheats, the PS2 population would take a hit - possibly a serious hit.

    It is unfair to say that DBG haven't tried though - Battleye, the new file format, they have known that cheating is most definitely an issue in PS2 and they do 'stuff'' to address but alas - the scum just find a way around it.

    Cheating is an enormous issue in many games and free to play are prime targets due to the relative lack of consequences.
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  6. JibbaJabba

    Let me just put this out there because it's recent...

    Hacker kills this player at 11:35pm EDT (3:35am UTC the next day...timezone will matter in a moment...)
    Player publishes video, submits report to daybreak at 11:45pm.
    11:54pm gets an email from daybreak and it says this...

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention! Let me assure you, all suspected cheaters will be investigated thoroughly and any violations will be enforced according to our Rules of Conduct. Any additional evidence you are able to provide in your report such as screenshots and links to recorded videos will greatly assist us in our investigation. Remember that due to our Privacy Policy, we are unable to provide any information as to what action may be taken in regards to this report.

    Again, thank you for helping us make PlanetSide 2 a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone!

    This petition will now be closed as we continue our investigation. If you have any other questions, comments or concerns, please let us know.

    So that's it right? "Cheating is Accepted" is what this whole post is about yes?

    But wait...

    Here's the video:

    Here's the player:

    Here's what REALLY happened:

    Last online: 2019-07-04 03:50:18 ( 11:50pm EDT …. 5 minutes after they were reported)

    As for network manipulation, hitbox mods or whatever the flavor of the month is... some of that crap is really hard to detect so I'm sure people are getting away with it. That said, to say that cheating is accepted is not being intellectually honest and it's unfounded talk like that which is harmful to the game.

    Now everyone can attack me for being a "cheater apologist" or whatever.
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  7. Towie

    I suspect they have some sort of automated check for anyone reported (we know they have the check for 'unusual' stats on new players). When the hitbox modders were going stupid, they didn't last long at all.

    Speaking of which - that players stats are very unusual (excellent aim but low to zero HSR), as is the cheat itself. I haven't seen anything quite so ridiculous for a while now.
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  8. JibbaJabba

    I suspect the guy did not have a working aimbot. Just whatever that movement hack was. He was up in the sky about 200m away about 30 seconds prior to that. I'm told that was also his 2nd account of the night. He had been banned on a different one 45min earlier. Have never seen it since though. Maybe they just made it too much trouble for him to keep it up.

    By contrast.. This person below is not a cheater. I was absolutely sure at the time, even got into a spat with support when I noticed the account kept getting used. Turns out the guy also had a support ticket in complaining about network problems. Yeah he was glitching all over the place but he didn't really have control of it. They got him fixed, never happened again..

  9. HelioUSP

    It'd be interesting for sure if DBG actually got rid of the cheats. Would more people come/back to PS2 if they didn't have to deal with the frustration of cheaters? Would DBG be able to ward off the dos attacks some of the paid subscription sites will launch? Dice had a giant ban wave after players purchased the cheats themselves and sent them to Dice/PB. You couldn't even connect to the servers much less play.

    I went ahead and threw some money DBG's way after DX11 ( I felt I needed to be fair). I hadn't done it for well over a year exactly for the reason you stated above. If they were to get rid of most of these guys, I wouldn't be cancelling my subscription after 3 months and I guarantee more people would do the same. 15 a month to play a hack-free game? Yeah, I think that would go over very well indeed. I know many of my Battlefailed friends would give serious consideration.
  10. Tumdaydar

    Isnt the abuse of the netcode the same as cheating in this game? I still want all the cheaters banned in this game to make a mutch more fair and fun play for everyone.
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  11. iller

    That's a Rage Hacker... IOW: so blatant that no investigation is even required. (and there's probably even an API which auto-alerts the GM's of any new reroll pulling those kinds of Accuracy numbers and KPM) ... That's NOT what most of us are encountering on an almost Daily basis which is then NEVER dealt with no matter how many people report them. DBG's threshold for banning moderately aggressive Cheaters and especially somewhat Subtle cheaters is "If the newest N00b couldn't tell, then we're not gonna bother"

    ...and you have ALWAYS.... ALWAYS taken the same exact approach which is rather suspicious itself because you know enough about the mechanics not to live in persistent Denial over it
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  12. Towie

    ,,,depends what you mean by abuse of netcode. If you mean someone deliberately interfering with the games packets (via software or hardware switch) then absolutely it's cheating. PS2 used to have incredibly lenient lag allowance (i'm talking MINUTES !) - check some of the older videos on the subject.

    If it's someone who has a laggy connection - it's not cheating.

    Now - try to tell the difference - and herein lies the problem.
  13. Tumdaydar

    netcode abouse does not need software for this but if they do yes 100% that is cheating. I am talking about someone how knows that lag gives a edge. for example someone made a post were they perfect conection and they get punished for it but the lagers abuse the system of the netcode and are aloude to get away with it. If you look at it like this yes rawly its cheating becouse they know the netcode is trash and needs fixed and are abusing it for most advantage meaning they cheating by exploiting the netcode. this is a fact and needs to be looked at.
  14. Savadrin

    If they banned everyone who periodically had a laggy connection, the game wouldn't exist.

    Now if I know that I will be punished by latency for being defensive, and be rewarded for being aggressive, are you suggesting I should just stand and die, because fair is fair? Like you do in the spawn rooms?

    This isn't a metered duel at high noon. This is a sandbox PVP competition where the point is to use every available mechanic to your advantage. That means vehicles if necessary. That means MAX units when the situation calls. That means punishing players for being too dumb to know when the fight is lost and prep defense at the next base BEFORE the attackers get there.

    Your silly white knighting in a game you have 5 minutes playtime will look, well, silly in retrospect, if you hang around long enough. We deal with the PlanetSide world as it is, not in some idealistic Utopia that has never, and will never exist.
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  15. JibbaJabba

    Y'know man. Just get bent. Your stupid paranoid suspicions are just fine but you keep that crazy over there and leave me alone.

    I have tried to be nothing but helpful here and I don't need this crap from you.
  16. OgreMarkX

    Cheaters prosper in PS2. All the cheaters have the same M.O. that I've seen since I started online gaming in 1997 (oh Ultima Online you old cat you).

    Cheaters always perform the same in all scenarios (some learn to put in variability but get lazy soon after). In PS2 it's instant tracking to you, instant and always head shots, same movement patterns.

    Cheaters always use the same forum exuses (game muhcanics! Muh Skillz! L2P! Muh muscle memory is better!)

    Cheaters always diminish after a developer implements a counter, then the cheaters ramp back up when counter measures are in place. This happened in PS2 when Battleye went live. NC Recursion on Connery DISSAPPEARED for a week after Battleeye went live. Then slowly crept back in, less many members.

    It is always always the same.

    If I had access to 2001/2002 VNBoard discussions about L33t Guilds in Dark Ages of Camelot the conversations (and excuses) would look identical to Recursion members today.

    Developers have a hard time dealing with it, their focus is (or should be) on the game itself. So I feel for the game companies here.

    But one thing that encourages cheating is KDR. And KDR rewards. Planetside 2 failed miserably in design here. They took the very very very lazy path. Cheaters need epeen, and KDR is ****** for them.

    Oh ya, edit to add: DBG actually thinks Planetside Arena will succeed....a game where KDR is even MORE of a focus. Oh ya. This will go well.
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  17. HelioUSP

    You're the one who keeps sticking his nose in every cheat thread claiming it isn't a problem. So don't go crying when somebody pops you in said nose.
  18. JibbaJabba

    Participate in cheating threads = DESERVE to be called a cheater.

    Ok, got it. Thanks for clearing up how you guys work.
  19. HelioUSP

    Comprehension impaired? Who called you a cheater? The only thing I saw was somebody saying it's suspicious the way you act on these threads. I don't personally find you suspicious, just annoying, much like your signature. Nobody, and I mean nobody, buys the nonsense you keep spewing on cheat threads unlike the others where you generally put out good posts.

    I'll leave you with two words, Statistically Improbable.

    Let's take being in a hex with 10 guys on your side and 4 on the other. The four are kicking the crap out of your 10. None of the four are in the same tag group. Each of the four has s, s+ and s++ accuracy and hsr's. What is the probability you'd run into these four, unaffiliated-tag, top 1% players? What if this happens weekly only with different variations of the four? The probability doesn't even make it to negligible.

    As I've stated before, I don't have a problem with one-percenters. I do have a problem with how many there are. The numbers just don't add up.
  20. JibbaJabba

    Pretty sure no matter how I try to remain consistent, and no matter how I try to carefully phrase people seem to hear from me what they think I'm saying and not what I'm saying. You yourself see I put out good posts yet I'm suddenly unable to on one topic? Maybe.... it's not me. hm?

    There are cheaters in this game. I'm sure of it. Some are getting caught, some are not. (watch how everyone pretends I don't say this all the frickin' time)

    My position is this: The game is not *riddled* with them. The devs DO care. The devs DO act (I've proven it). To keep pounding the narrative (like this entire thread....look at the title of it) is being dishonest and it's harming the game. Crap like this has given the game a reputation that it does not deserve.

    That is my position. Now look and see if people act like it's my position.

    And being a guy who is most certainly not even a top 10% player...I do hang around with some of the 1%ers. And guess what... you'll run into them in packs and yes they'll have different tags. Heck, you'll be lucky to even catch them on their main characters as they don't really even have one anymore. It's not a rare thing either. Every. Night. The top players know each other or of each other.

    But yet it's more of the same isn't it?
    I've seen this with my own eyeballs repeatedly.
    You don't believe it.

    So what do we do?
    You might tell me in some civil way that you simply don't believe me. I suppose that's the best outcome.

    But others will quietly in the back of their mind say: oh...he's probably one of them.

    If you for just a moment assume the best intentions from me. What would you suggest I do with this? I am listening with sincerity. (to you at least, Helio)