Cheating : I don't know whether it was gone, but it's back!

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  1. Inzababa

    I dont' have any stats, or proof, or evidence.

    I don't know anyone who's got stats tbh.

    And since battleye was introduced, I don't know whether that had an impact on the amount of cheaters in the game or not.

    What I do know, for sure, 100%, is that the amount of times where I stop playing 3 seconds to report a guy who just killed me has never been higher.

    I only do this when I'm sure of it, I let alot of potential cheaters pass just not to make any false claims.

    And it's not always BR 5 or 15 with names like iiilllLLliIIIl.

    There's a TON of cheaters running around now, what's going on?
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  2. Eternaloptimist

    Without details of the kind of things you're referring to I can't really comment. But I heard that certain types of cheat that do not involve third party programs are not identified by BE. If that is the case and if people have now realised it then maybe some naughtiness is creeping back into the game.
  3. JonnyBlue

    Just while were at it what's the circler motion people make when aiming down there guns while firing at you I see that a lot like there gun is doing circles in the air while aiming?
  4. Demigan

    Cheaters never went away.

    As far as I know, Battleeye only scans for potential threats but doesn't ban anyone. All it does is tell someone "yo, these players seem suspicious, here's the data". Someone looks at them, tries to pick out the cheaters from the false-positives, cheaters are banned, less cheaters around.
    So no matter how you look at it, cheaters never went away. Battleeye at best reduces the amount of cheaters.
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  5. ObiVanuKenobi

    Your description is kind of confusing but i guess you mean slightly glitchy flinch animation when hit?
  6. JonnyBlue

    Not sure to be fair I was in Bio labs funny enough the other night fighting against a BHOT squad and it seemed all there guns were doing it when you look at them firing at you there gun does a circler motion when there aiming you don't even need to hit them.

    Very strange cos its not happened today at all.
  7. Towie

    Battleye has the ability to search the users memory and drive for anything 'suspicious' and reports back to the server. It has the ability to insta-ban. It also prevents some known hack routes, such as proxy-DLLs, from loading.

    It has a kernel mode driver - so very very hard to bypass or hide from.

    BE won't necessarily prevent brand new hacks that can somehow get in - likewise it doesn't auto-ban on PS2 - we have to assume that someone, somewhere in DBG is looking at the stuff it produces then takes a judgement as to what is appropriate. Temporary or total bans, warnings etc.

    MANY suspicious folks have stopped playing altogether and my personal experience has improved dramatically, even if I do occasionally still report...
  8. Eternaloptimist

    A while back, DBG said they'd fixed a hit box cheat (this was before BE was installed). I know my deaths went down a bit afterwards for a while.

    Is that the kind of cheat that can avoid detection by BE.........y'know, fiddling with the .ini or the game settings instead of loading cheat software (sorry, not a techie so I probably don't use the correct terms).
  9. DeadlyOmen

    "I dont' have any stats, or proof, or evidence."

    Stopped there.
  10. Zuprize

    I don't know why people make these threads.
    I always tell them to use /report function when ever they think people are cheating, not private message the person about it.
  11. Inzababa

    Me neither, I really don't know why everybody doesn't just do as you say because it makes so much sense :(
  12. Villanuk

  13. 0fly0

    Just ask, just ask...

  14. Towie

    Effectively yes - there won't be a hack running so BE can't find what isn't there. DBG fixed the issue by checking the files for modifications periodically - any modification resulted in a short term ban plus a requirement to 'verify' PS2 form the launcher which would fix the modifications.

    Exactly why they didn't perma-ban is a mystery - and more than just the hitbox can be hacked from the pack files. Oh and it appears that someone has found a way to bypass the pack check (for now at least) :(
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  15. Cullwch

    I come across like one suspicious guy every month and I have only ever come across like three players and some warping liberators a few times where I was convinced they were hacking. I find that hacking is largely not an issue, at least on Miller, and when you get hit all the time as you play, you learn to recognise when all shots hit you and whether they're headshots. You also learn to recognise how odd it is when you get popped in the head with an automatic weapon from miles away whilst you're in stealth, and that really does not happen often.

    Furthermore, lots of people are super sensitive. Very often when I pop br100+ players in the head with a low optics basr and especially when I pull it off successively, they have a hard time admitting that everyone dies in Planetside, so of course they make hackusations. It's actually very simple - most of the time, someone had the drop on you and now you're toast. Occasionally, someone will come along who is magnitudes better than most of the competition, a truly masterful player, and then people won't admit to his mechanical superiority because of their insecurity. That's the majority of hacking issues. I mean, I know from experience that it is irksome when some mlg engine of annihilation paints the walls with my viscera for the 8th time, but some people are just good and better than the rest of usand I have to admit it. It is only honest. It's a cheesy statement, but it's true: Winners train, losers complain. Just git gud.
  16. Inzababa

    yeah yeah, basically a copy paste of all the millions of posts people make on this topic, always the same arguments and story, and always almost word for word the same stance about hacking on every hack thread on every game that has ever had pvp.

    you're late my friend, it's not "git guud" anymore, just like "1337" and all the other short lived language fashions, along with the "there is almost no hacking, it's noobs" combo.

    it's all so last year!
  17. Cullwch

    What are you saying? Are you saying there is hacking? I mean, the onus is on you witch hunter people to establish that someone is hacking, not on good players to prove they're not. You might think it's outmoded to tell people to git gud, but it's the right answer 99.999% of the time.

    There are people who maintain, on certain weapons, kd rates of 12+. Do you automatically assume that they must be hacking or something? I don't understand how good performance is now automatically cause for suspicion. You know what, I think you're more interested in some kind of celebration of mediocre normalcy where we can all live in Inclusiveland, hold hands, sing Kumbaya and revel in how we're all actively trying not to improve.
  18. Kdog559

    Cheaters are everywhere even in the real world we call earth.Cant avoid them we just adapt to it.
  19. Inzababa

    as most cases, the conclusion is towards the end, and "what I was saying" was, or is, at the end of my post.

    Which is why I totally understand that you didn't read it, I do the same thing, I read the first couple of lines and immediately start typing a reply in the fear that I forget my spontaneously unique great idea I wanted to share !

    Just like now, I didn't read all of your post either, so we're even :)

    But I can reply to your question though, which I think is important, but that you won't read unfortunately, if you stopped before now.

    Or maybe you just skipped all this nonsense and went straight to the end, I do that too sometimes :)

    Right, so to answer your question :

    "What are you saying"

    (I mean that's hell of important, you know, in a conversation hehe)

    Here's my copy paste from my OP :

  20. OldCuban

    Oh cheating in PS2 is alive and well.

    Anyone that says otherwise is either a hacker themselves or oblivious.

    Case and point?

    This idiot made a post complaining about a fellow outfit member of mine who was riding around on a flash with his max. Not killin anyone, just killin time. But look closely at the pic he posted......he's using a program called PS2 BM. Google it, and you'll find a hacker forum where he talks about how to install this hack that HE developed. It's downright comedy gold how he ousted himself like that.