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  1. QRLegion

    Something needs to be done about this, there are so many cheats and exploiters playing now it's becoming a joke.

    The in-game report system is not much use.
    Very often you can't type the name of the player you want to report as it is made up from random characters.

    There is also no option to add a reason as to why you are reporting them, surely it would help if a
    /report <playername> <Reason> system was implemented? At least if there is anyone actually checking these reports it would give you some clue what to look for?

    Yes I know I can also raise a support ticket with the details of the cheat/exploiter but it takes a lot of time when there are this many around. If I had done that this morning I would have spent 75% of my 2 hour playtime trying to report these sad little kids.

    My whole session this morning was spent trying to combat cheats & exploiters.

    I was in an AMP station on Esamir (Freyr). It was in total NC control and there were only 2 NC there, me and one other.

    There was a VS guy taking out the generators.

    I was playing as engineer trying to resecure the Gens, as was the other NC player.
    I took out a flash with the radar attachment that helps show up enemies on the map when they are moving.
    I started repairing one of the gens after checking for cloakers with my INV gun sight & placing 2 Bouncing Betty mines on the 2 doors to the Gen room.
    While I was repairing a VS cloaker appeeared in the room and shot me.
    He was not in the room before I started repairing and he bypassed both my mines. He also then shot the other NC player.
    I returned as quickly as I could this time with an HE lightning with Night sights. I checked the area carefully inside and out of the gen room and there was nobody there. I started reparing again, with my mines still on both entrances when the same guy, this time as a Max Unit appeared in front of me and shot me again.
    A few seconnds later he shot the other NC guy but this time as a cloaker. There was no way for him to get in that room without triggering the mines and he also changed from Max & back to cloaker in a few seconds.

    I returned again to the same gen room but did not try to repair I just waited using my INV sights to see if I could see him enter but he just apppeared in front of me i.e telported in and shot me in a Max unit.

    Same thing later in a tower a TR cloaker just dropped through the roof in front of me, twice outside the A capture point. When I asked him about it he just laughed and said "Pwnd Noob, just google PS2 teleport hack it's easy, anyone can use it" I did try and report him but I couldn't type the characters in his name.

    Not that it would help much anyway as there have been numerous cheats around for weeks that are still playing with impunity.

    Next up is the exploiter cheats.

    I went to the Traverse bridge where 1 NC guy appeared to be capturing the point.
    I was in an HE lightning & playing as engineer. I placed 2 Tank mines on the bridge near the capture point.
    I thought I saw a VS at one end of the bridge so started to drive towards him to see if I could keep him away and allow the other NC guy to take the point.
    I started to get shot by some sort of rocket, when I turned around it was the NC guy trying to shoot me. probably using the now limited dumbfire mode of the Hawk. Eventually he managed to kill me and I respawned at the bulding at the end of the bridge. He appeared there also and shot me with a rifle.

    I asked him what he was doing and he replied "I'm Spanish VS player helping my friends"
    So basically he was capturing the point as NC then allowing his VS mates to capture it back and Team killing any NC that tried to stop him. They did that repeatedly for the next 30 minutes. He had a name made up of numbers and a few strange characters that toook me a while to figure out before I could report him, By the time I had done that he had logged off and back on again with a different name but doing the same thing.

    The report system is just not going to work for pathetic kids like these, even if anyone from Sony did take a look they are unlikely to get caught as they will have logged off before anything is done, make another random character and do the same again & again.

    If you are serious about wanting to keep these servers with a minumum number of cheats/exploits you need admins online 24/7 that can take a look as they are reported. It's no use banning them many days later when they can just create another account and do it again & again.

    And from what I have seen of the cheats I reported before, they don't get banned anyway. There's one guy with Chaos as part of his name that has been blatantly cheating for the last 2/3 weeks. I see it being Yelled in the NC warpgate most days, people pleading for others to report the guy for cheating. I don't follow those plees unless I see it for myself but eventually I saw the guy cheating. But still I see people asking for him to be reported.

    I gave up on PS1 because of the blatant cheating but at least I got a good few years fun from it before it got too out of hand. PS2 is now getting almost as bad after less than 2 months.

    I'm certainly not going to spend another penny on this game until it looks like something is being done about it.
  2. Veri

    Fair enough.
    The Warping to player thing has been around for a while now and probably what the accused used to get around the bouncing bettys.
    Would have made a difference if you placed bouncing bettys right next to you when they warped.
    May have kille you but would have killed them too.
    Also why the cheater may have switched to a MAX to survive the blast but i have not heard of instant class changing.

    Don't accuse only kids of cheating and exploiting either.
    I knew someone in their 50s who cheated in Runescape so it is fair to say regardless of what game, people of any age can and will cheat if they choose to.
  3. Gammit

    An old suggestion from PS1 for these odd character names: allow us to click on their name in the chat box or kill spam to select them and then report them.
  4. QRLegion

    I know, I used the term kids as it does also apply to anyone. If you are any age and cheating, you are acting like a sad little Kiddie. Just never ceases to amaze me that people can be so pathetic.

    Yes, allowing copy and paste of the name would be useful, but I still don't have much confidence that they will do anything to those I have reported. And even if they do ban them, the same moron will just login with a new account and do it again.

    Having a free to play game will always cause problems and that's when it got bad in PS1, once they enabled the limited BR trial accounts the cheating just got stupid. They never managed to sort it then, I really don't have much confidence they wil sort it this time either.

    I'm sure I will stay with this game for a while to see how it develops but I'm sure as hell not going to give them another penny of my money unless they get this issue sorted
  5. Sasha Temnikov

    It's a nightmare just from today morning. Woodman is a mess now. And what is interesting - all cheaters are from TR.