[BUG] Cheating, 4/23/22

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  1. Scatterblak

    And here's some cheating from Emerald this morning:

    Cheaters name is ManUsuukZ (you can save your 'but...but....but you're not supposed to use names' whining - I'm paying for this mess, and I couldn't care less). This guy has been reported a ton of times, every time he gets kicked he creates a new account and pops back in with the same exploit. Here's why:

    • Daybreak doesn't know. All they really read (for some reason) is the PS2 reddit stuff, as opposed to the official forums.
    • Daybreak doesn't care. This guy has been reported a tone of times, and this has been going on for more than a year.
    • Daybreak doesn't have the technical skill to deal with it. PS2 is a FreeRealms mod after all - PS2 is a scripted mod, not a purpose-built game from the ground up.
    The hard part about replying to / dealing with flames is staying awake. When you see this sort of stuff, *report* it. Get video, send it in. Do something. Don't just watch it go by and think 'wow, that guy's cheating'. Until DBG figures out a solution (or cares to try), this is the sort of crap that will kill the game.
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  2. Mcmarion

    Yep this guy was moving all over hossin murdering VS and NC all over the place while spouting his discord to get hacks.
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  3. FLHuk

    If it was an issue it would be on the road map.... Same as the 2nd part of the resource revamp was :D
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  4. FLHuk

  5. Sumowning

    I mean, I am not into baseless hackusations. But if you have solid proof like this, of him flying about and one-tapping you with that gun. By all means, name it as it is.
  6. FLHuk

    Some would still say he's just really good....
  7. Yaesu

    Got me 6 times, twice in spawn rooms. The following morning, once again in a spawn room. Followed the advice from the players in chat and emailed in a complaint. A while later, AGAIN, in a spawn room but they under a similar/different name.
  8. MonnyMoony

    There are no hackers in this game - you all just need to git gud ;)
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