Cheaters in PS2

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by dngray, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. Teoke

    The game aint called Clientside 2 for nothing!:rolleyes:
  2. Utrooperx

    I've said it before and I'll say it again...the best solution to this debate is a simple "probability script" type anti-cheat system...similar to how "probable" is it that Player A's first six rounds never miss...when aiming at Player B from X distance.

    Sure, maybe once or twice in 5 encounters Player A manages to land all six of his/her rounds without a single miss...but the "probability" of consistently doing so in every encounter...with "designed in" recoil & CoF bloom...makes it rather unlikely.

    To test this, all one needs to do is pop into VR and check just how many rounds it takes to kill the non-moving targets...with a full auto weapon. Then consider if the target was actually moving while you are firing at it...and doing the required "ADAD" dance-with the corresponding degradation while ADS'ing-see how many rounds miss. To make a fair sampling, test it 10 times and count the rounds.

    A "probability script" would quickly dispatch the obvious cheaters...and I am willing to bet that a public announcement of the immediate implementation of such a system will quickly quiet the doubters.

    Provide me a guaranteed level playing field...and if you out-play me, that's on me...

    But I want that guarantee FIRST.
  3. JonboyX

    You could very quickly mine recent activity and put a dubious flag against any player with high accuracy spikes, a sequence of headshots, or even a high kpm... then just watch them. Not a perfect solution to things like movement speed and ESP, I admit, but at least it's another level up from nothing.
  4. Earthman

    There might already be something like that, at least in an active sense.

    It'd explain the people named O0o0ooo0oOoo0 that are standing around between fights unloading entire magazines into walls. They're offsetting their MLGproskill.exe script.
  5. Earthman

    Reading comprehension, learn some.

    I was not calling you a cheater (unless you have a guilty conscience or something). I was mocking your all-too-standard-issue forum warrior argument that there is a specific line that one has to cross with a K/D ratio/accuracy/whatever to have an opinion.

    Now, the inverse may apply: your reply shows you don't have much to say except some empty chest-beating and misplaced worship of a guy clicking a mouse in a video game.
  6. vsae

    You didnt read my first post or you're just zealously overprotective and exxagerating what I've said.
    Concerning KDR and other statwise stuff, an opinion of a specialist is valued much more than an opinion of a bystander that just joined the project in any field of duty, gameplay wise, I value an opinion of people who spent lots of time in game and who learned the game to improve themselves rather than those who just joined and still learning.
    The most people that complain about cheats are:
    1) Playing their first FPS game ever.
    2) Having FPS borderline 30 or below
    3) Having bad connection
    4) Have no clue what the netcode is and how it works
    5) Self entitled due to being teenagers.
    I've played PS2 for about 700 Hours and I've seen just 3 cheaters. 2 of them back in december 2012 and one in january 2014. Unless you're one of those americans that see cheaters on every corner I have nothing to say.
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  7. Earthman

    Hoo boy, where to begin?

    You are using broad generalizations and thinly-veiled attacks on the character and integrity of, oh, most of the playerbase and are expecting people to listen to you.

    There's that tired "entitled" tough guy gamer word again. I swear, since Mass Effect 3 came out, and people didn't like the ending, I've been seeing that word being used more and more for just about anyone who has a problem with anything. I'm sure quite a few of us in this thread have seen stuff that was more or less "That ending was horrible" and the white knights came rolling in to defend Bioware saying "ur all so entitled lol". And that damn word kept cropping up whenever someone wanted to bluster and put down someone with a complaint.

    There's a logical fallacy called "Argument From Inertia" which seems to be the tactic used by this nonsense. Oh, and due to the attacks on the integrity and character of people saying cheating is happening and it is a problem, there's plenty of Ad Hominem to go around, too. (Source: )

    Ah, the old "I have a subjective opinion based on experience, but my experience is automatically more valid than yours" defense. It's so weak and nonsensical that it requires no further rebuttal than to mention its existence.

    The "one of those Americans" statement also speaks for itself.
  8. vsae

    Dude, read the forums. Everytime someone makes a HACKER RUIN GAMEPLAY thread its almost 90% surely from US servers. This is not just noticed by me. US have plenty of cool outfits like AC, DA, well lots of them really and people just cant stand that they're being rendered useless in certain situations so they come here and assume they know everything. Did you see 50 pages of fame (DA Hackusations)?

    I've never said this game has no hackers, although I've seen much more of them in Battlefield series so in comparison the number of hackers here is nonexistent. They subtle hacks everyone keep telling stories about is another matter and is rare enough for you to notice anyway, plus this game has not so perfect netcode with clientside hit detection and its just laggy sometimes. With all this in mind people still assume that these are nonfactors and there are just enormous number of cheaters.
    One thing about people that hack. They never play long enough. They lose interest in game way too fast and leave. So assuming that lots of BR100 are hacking is just plain bs.

    Would you listen to some guy who has spent 100 hours repairing tanks or to someone who spent 700 hours killing infantry with HA?
    You say that my gameplay experience formed opinion is invalidating everyone else's opinion, and its true to some degree because people with even longer gameplay experience are agreed with mine and players with much less will say exactly what you have said meaning that either you are all incompetent bunch of whiners that refuse to learn and grow up or all the people with lots of gameplay hours just join the hacker club at some point.
    And FYI, I've never played Mass Effect.
  9. ZMdeTora

    I...I thought you said cool outfits?
  10. Earthman

    I moved from Connery to Ceres. As I said in a now-locked thread, the difference has been night and day in overall quality of experience, with no signs of wall-shooting, indestructible vehicles, long range C4 tosses from people spotted hundreds of meters away, or other such strange experiences.. It might say a lot more about the number of cheaters on US servers than it does about the number of cheating accusations. But of course you've already made up your own mind.

    Besides your own opinion and experience (which is the same stuff that people come here with to say that they saw cheating or were suspicious of cheating), do you have anything else to go with? No? I guess you expect us to take your word for it that the cheat-selling websites, which are only a single Google search away, and with constant Youtube videos not only showing the cheaters, but showing the cheaters SHOWING OFF from their perspective, don't get much business? Nothing else to affirm your claim but "I'm elite, I don't think it happens, mad cuz bad hurrdurr"?

    About the "they lose interest and leave" thing. For one, again, you have as little evidence of that as those you claim have no evidence to stand on. Second, especially on Connery, almost all of the suspicious behavior and cheating I thought I saw was from LOW BR people, 10 BR or less, usually with weird names like ililiILiiiiiillLII and 0o0o0o0oooooo0, probably with freshly made free accounts that they don't care if they lose them. So, you're making a strawman accusation for a claim I never made, though even then you might be wrong even with that.

    Your next question is a non sequitur. The guy repairing tanks may have saw something that happened, even if the MLGPROSKILL guy that you celebrate so much didn't. Or, the guy you're celebrating may actually be the cheater to begin with. But of course that would never happen. Good Old Boys, right? Surely everyone with high game stats isn't a cheater or does dishonest things in the game because having high stats means you are honest and have high integrity. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    You're committing a broad logical fallacy (which is especially bad considering how many denialists like to pretend how "logical" their opinions are) by assuming the guy with the better stats is more honest and has more accurate perceptions than someone who doesn't. It begs the question of what K/D ratio would satisfy your demands for who is allowed to spot and identify cheaters (presumably at least as high as yours, I take it), among other things.

    TL;DR version: Nice try, but nope. If all you have to offer is "your K/D ratio is too low to have an opinion" dressed up in a few paragraphs again, you're not even worth replying to anymore.
  11. acksbox

    I'd be very surprised if anywhere near 1% of players were cheating.

    Any given server has several hundred to several thousand of distinct individuals log in on any given day. Only a few times a week do I see or hear credible reports of blatant cheating, and even if the total number is tenfold higher, that's still a fraction of a percent of the player base.

    My mistake. I noticed that that the punkbuster services had been installed on my system around the time of PU2 or one of the hotfixes, but I have traced this to another program.

    Thanks for the clarification.
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  12. Hiding in VR

    While playing last night I saw two enemies run into the shielded room at the top of a tower, which I didn't think was possible. Needless to say the base was no where near being taken over. Was this a bug or a hack or something else entirely?
  13. BloodyG

    U know u can just up the DamRessi? U know u can tighting the COF? U know u can up the Dam? All of them can be excused for lag or some other BS, but u can do all that without even buying a special Hacktool so if u don't know **** u probably shouldn't talk like u do...
  14. PastalavistaBB

    There were some blatant aimbotters on different servers over the Christmas Holidays which sat under the ground and dropped everybody. These are easy to detect and bannable. What really worries me are the high BR subtle cheaters with different hacks.

    What are these?

    -Radar hack that shows all enemies on the minimap.
    -ESP Hacks that shows enemies through obstacles.(Advanced Wallhack) It gives you detailed information about the enemy too. (Name, class, health etc.)
    -Warning hacks: Enemy is visible Enemy can see you Enemy looks at you
    -Autospot enemies
    -Grenade/Explosive warning icons
    -Directional damage warnings
    -No spread / No recoil hacks (You know that something is wrong when an Infilscrub headshots you hipfiring with a BASR) It basically turns the game into COD.
    -Script kiddies that use burst fire weapons with a script for their mouses that increases the rate of fire incredibly without removing the accuracy bonus of burst mode. (See BF3 videos on Youtube)

    These are the ones I can come up with. I'm sure that there are tons of others. The problem is that they are -almost- undetectable. Unless we get a very advanced anti cheat software and live GMs, this game will be full of subtle cheaters that the community will continue to treat them as "Top Players".
  15. ZMdeTora

    Eeer, what, buddy?
  16. Goretzu

    That's the problem, there's pretty much no way to tell the difference between a good player and a subtle hacker.
  17. BloodyG

    What can't u read or something, troll some other people...
  18. vsae

    Whatever man, keep your opinion, I didnt even mean to impose mine on anyone, since its so touching topic to the novice players to comprehend.
    I just wanted to say, that unless you are highly competent in something your opinion is not valued and we can measure competence here only by stats, though not KDR only based.
  19. Utrooperx

    In response to Vsae:

    1) This is not my first FPS...I've played BF3 and CoD...just downloaded BF4. I currently have 802 hours in PS2.
    2) My rig was built by me to play online does quite well and exceeds 50 FPS in quite large battles on High settings
    3) My ping is 58ms (round trip)
    4) From:

    Now you may be thinking, if someone I'm seeing on my screen was actually there a little time ago, is that why I miss when I shoot him? The answer is no, in most scenarios you just missed, in others there are more complicated issues that I'm not going to go through in the first post, however might go through if asked about. Why the answer is no? The server keeps track of the relevant settings to netcode for each client, When you shoot a bullet, it doesn't just check when you shot it, it also checks how much network latency you're receiving on average, and it checks to see what you would have been seeing when you fired your bullet, in other words it looks at the time it received notice about you firing your bullet, then it goes back in time to where you shot your bullet on your computer (network/internet latency), then it checks your cl_interp value (or the time you were visually delayed by) and goes back in time that much extra. Using this information the server can check whether the bullet you fired should hit anyone or not.

    5) I'm 30 years past my teens (49)

    I don't see "cheaters on every corner"...but I often see people that "never" miss...and are always ADS'ing at my head...whether I enter via Door A, B, or C...heck just two days ago I was attacking a Tech plant and watched a NC Max flying above the cap point like s/he was Superman.

    Since I've "proven" that I'm not a "bystander" (and actually have more time "in game" then you do...802 hours), does my opinion count?

    The simplest solution is a probability script.


    Massively multiplayer game holds a huge market in the digital entertainment industry. Companies invest heavily in the game and graphics development since a successful online game can attract million of users, and this translates to a huge investment payoff. However, multiplayer online game is also subjected to various forms of hacks and cheats. Hackers can alter the graphic rendering to reveal information otherwise be hidden in a normal game, or cheaters can use software robot to play the game automatically and gain an unfair advantage.

    Currently, some popular online games release software patches or incorporate anti-cheating software to detect known cheats. This not only creates deployment difficulty but new cheats will still be able to breach the normal game logic until software patches are available. Moreover, the anti-cheating software themselves are also vulnerable to hacks. In this paper, we propose a scalable and efficient method to detect whether a player is cheating or not. The methodology is based on the dynamic Bayesian network approach. The detection framework relies solely on the game states and runs in the game server only. Therefore it is invulnerable to hacks and it is a much more deployable solution. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the propose method, we implement a prototype multiplayer game system and to detect whether a player is using the “aiming robot” for cheating or not. Experiments show that not only we can effectively detect cheaters, but the false positive rate is extremely low.

    We believe the proposed methodology and the prototype system provide a first step toward a systematic study of cheating detection and security research in the area of online multiplayer games.

    THIS approach is a winner.

    Give me a guaranteed level playing beat me, it's on me...

    But I want that guarantee FIRST.
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  20. Jalek

    1. Gain position over a nest of enemies that have been there a while.
    2. Get 3-4 extreme menace kills.
    3. ??? (a few minutes pass)
    3. TK'd by C-4.

    That's the game with the instant team swapping that is allowed.
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