Cheaters - and cancelled membership

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Towie, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Towie

    Dear DBG,

    I've played since 2013 and have been a paying member for much of that period.

    With a heavy heart - I have decided to cancel my membership.

    Your inability to tackle the constant issue of cheaters is the single reason why.

    It has been bad in the past but right now it has reached epidemic proportions and I see no reason why I should continue to fund this.
    Here is a top tip - those people who have recently joined and hitting crazy stats, even compared with the historical stats from all preceding years where cheats were freely available for purchase, are not legit. They are cheating - with an easily available hack that you are unable to detect.

    I do not recommend anyone follow my principle. I've loved PS2 for a very long time and it deserves to continue.

    It's not as if DBG haven't tried to tackle the issue - indeed the period immediately following the introduction of Battleye was truly enjoyable - yet I see the constant battle on hack forums which DBG seem to ultimately be losing.

    I do not blame DBG exclusively for this - those people who went out of their way to discredit the auto-ban along with many who said 'looks totally legit to me' have their part to play. I have to wonder about their motives.

    It gives me no pleasure at all to write this but DBG deserve a reason why. As the great Douglas Adams would say - so long, and thanks for all the fish...(regarding the Vanu gun models if nothing else ;) )
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  2. Skraggz

    Judging by what's going on over at reddit, it doesnt seem like it is gonna get better for any of us that love this game.
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  3. Towie

    Blimey - ok i've caught up on the news - pretty bad to be honest.

    I can't help but feel it was inevitable. I tried to get some of my friends into PS2 but they just didn't like it - being completely owned (mostly validly) by the vets, completely owned (invalidly) by the cheats, the level of 'fun' just wasn't there. Let's face it - there's little to no chance that a genuinely new player would have bought into PS2 for a long time, leaving us with a bunch of people who join just to cheat, either subtly or blatantly for the lols.

    Then pumping all their time and resources into an arena game after the market was effectively sewn up - missing the boat doesn't even begin to describe it.

    A crying shame if you ask me - I loved PS2 - and most of the people who played.
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  4. FlR3

    I cancelled mine also a few months back after being here since the beginning when I saw a hack sight was making a new hack for arena which is undetected. I only play once in a while now but as soon as I see cheaters I switch maps or locations but also find them there too so I log off. It's sad that lowlife cheaters can dictate against gaming companies and win. It's beyond sad for gaming companies to just give up and let these lowlife's destroy the very games they make.
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  5. Zer0Dawn

    Its bad they are everywhere now and game is ******* mess with all the bugs.Cloaks half working,jump pads not working,construction moduls sometimes work sometimes not,...its a mess
  6. TwwIX

    There's no cheating in this game according to the astroturfing ***** plaguing this forum.