Cheater WASDXASAD getting a free pass

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jingstealer, Aug 29, 2021.

  1. Jingstealer

    There is a hacker with the nick of WASDXASAD on Miller ALL MORNING shooting through walls or mountainsides. There have been endless reports and the bastard IS STILL THERE?

    What kind of **** is this? Cheaters are so commonplace that it erodes the trust in the game to the point where it becomes unplayable. This has been going on for way too long. FIX YOUR DAMN GAME with some PROPER cheater protection. This **** is a f*cking joke.

    In addition: get some bloody moderators!!! If your automatic measures are not worth a damn, pay people to be on call to manually remove such scum from the game!!
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  2. nanu

    its sad but simple, they dont care otherwise they woud had implemented an automatic response for tickets
  3. Le Taualrd

    It's 15h28, and since 15h WASDASAX is whiping all of his ennemies at the same time trought walls, mountains, etc.
    It's no fun. I don't care about NS Operative, or new guns or new maps or news whatever you'd want to add to this game. I want it cheaters free...
  4. Nila

    Same probleme.It's heavy cheating.
    He kill everyone on the map, ignored wall

    That ruined the fun for everyone. We report it, massevly but he is still here.And he get some support, beacause "he expose how weak the code of the game is"...
    So do something pleang!
  5. Trebb

    /report in game is literally a script that adds a number to a variable, then deletes the complaint. So it looks like something is happening. The ENTIRE SERVER can /report a guy who is getting 10000 kills an hour, and nothing will be done until someone opens a ticket on the website. Let that sink in!
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  6. Eternaloptimist

    Was there yesterday as well. Still pulling blatant cheats and nothing done about it. Been reported multiple times by me and others
  7. Blue_Lion

    The changed how you are suppose to report. you need to screen shot take video and email it to them. Even though the loading tip says use /report they do not man that. I have herd that the email does get response after X amount of time.
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  8. FLHuk

    Record a vid, send it to

    If that's too hard send it with a support ticket.

    Are you guys doing this in this case?
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  9. BorgUK1of9

    I think the point is, it takes them 5 minutes to write a script that would detect this happening on the most blatant hackers out to disrupt game play but DBG wont or havent.

    15 hours is a stupid amount of time to have not just checked on your servers, it says they arent monitored from a gameplay position anymore.

    On PS1 this is how the servers died, literally its deja vu, one minute a small but dedicated population on Werner, a month later a ghost town.

    It took SOE a month to realise.

  10. Nakron

    wait a minute i think i recognize this name this dumba*ss was wrecking havoc on hossin a few days a go i was there he got almost 900 kills in a few minutes literally he/she destroyed the fun it was a nice skirmish going on at the moment, so it seems this piece of scum still being a nuisance? where's the devs response to this? he/she needs to be severely punished for his actions. What a shame that's very lame and tragic that's the kind of stuff that kills an entire game (i have a guess that the devs don't even bother to read the forums). :mad:
  11. FLHuk

    Oh I 100% get you. I've read your detailed posts on the subject in the past with interest.

    But this is all we've got. We tried to work with them and they declined, well, ignored....