[BUG] Cheater: jydhtghjy

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  1. Scatterblak

    Dude is TR, sitting underground at the Crown, just picking people off with his aimbot.

    There are several more on my channel - I record *everything*. And yes, I know 'oh, you're not supposed to post names, cheaters, blah blah blah' -- You can stick that stuff up your 4$$. I've been here for 10 years, been a paying member, and so far, it looks like no one gives crap about the cheating issue. Granted, there are a few who claim it doesn't exit, or it's not that bad - those are the cheaters, though, so I pretty much ignore them.

    Every cheater I video (and there have been many as egregious as this one) I send through proper channels. /Report (yawn), email to cheater@planetside2.com, including a link to video of the cheating, etc. The combined policy of 'don't mention any names; and the devs not even acknowledging that they're doing anything about the issue is crap.

    It's time to be loud. Tell them on Reddit, tell them on Twitter, tell them on Facebook, tell them anywhere they're stumping for new users, anywhere they're talking about 'hey, we're brining out blah blah blah next update!', etc.

    Cheating is the problem that needs to be addressed next.
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