Cheater issues are becoming more prevalent

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  1. PoodleC0W

    Cheaters in planetside have becoming so much more prevalent as of recent, to the point where there is at LEAST 1 on every day, and these cheaters aren't inconspicuous about it, they literally will just stand in a rock shooting everyone or fly around in aim botting. it has gotten to a ridiculous level i mean yesterday (soltech) there was a single tr hacker who single-handedly killed off the entire nc and vs pop as no one wants to play where you spawn and instantly die. these kinds of hackers mixed with the already terrible servers are making the game downright unplayable. Another example is i reported this guy for hacking (he was flying around aimbotting) and i kid you not 2 days later he was back, same account everything. I really love this game and i have been playing for nearly 10 years i just wish the devs would focus on these big issues like cheaters and the lag(though that is more due to playing soltech from AUS)
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  2. Deice

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ It cost money to police cheaters in PC gaming! A lot. It's sad that this game is updated over and over after 10 years and they will not stop cheaters or hacks. I remember ingame GMs. Now it's about keeping it afloat with minimal staffing to make more money. Sad but true. One of the best games ever will die as a great idea with no replacement in the near future. The business model with free to play games that will not stop any time soon. Buy some skins! Deal with the cheaters!
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  3. PoodleC0W

    I just wish it didnt have to be like that, the cheaters are killing the game the most out of literally anything else on soltech which is one of the biggest servers if not the biggest
  4. ladorade13

    I stopped my subscription for this on miller we have LPS this team kills
    the game on miller and I play from SOE but now no longer supports this game