cheat on Miller 15:20 GMT and still there

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by QRLegion, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. QRLegion

    There is a TR cheat on Miller at the moment. Speed hacking, shooting through and entering the spawn room at The bio lab. Also speed hacking.
    Lots of pathetic kids trying to justify him saying NC have overpowerd max so it is ok to cheat.Ban those losers as well, with attitudes like that they don't deserve to play.

    You can't report him as his name is not recognised.

    Lost a sunderer to him earlier as he was in a max unit running around at insane speeds. I have a video of him shooting me inside a spawn room speed hacking straigtht through the walls.

    Now we will lose a Bio lab as you can't even spawn there without being shot in a supposedly safe area.

    Why haven't you got contactable people online at all times so they can join the server and see for themselves?

    Yet another day of sad cheats ruining the game, not played for 1 hour today without losing vehicles or bases to cheats. lifeisfragiledontdoit
  2. Rago

    Just for the Future Write in the Chat /report anyway if you are Lucky you get a GM.
  3. TribbleFluffer

    Yeah i know your pain man. but if you look at the other forum posts, namly "strange going ons in miller" youll see they probably have their hands overloaded right now with the hackers tearing the game appart. If you cant play there jump continents, bout the only thing you can do beside logging out. :(
  4. gabba

    Same on Woodman. Getting more and more of them lately.
  5. QRLegion

    Rapidly losing any confidence that SOE can deal with these problems.
    I Logged on again this evening must have seen 5 obvious wallhack/speedhack cheats in the first 5 minutes. By the end of my session a few hours later I gave up trying to report them , just getting constantly killed by cheats.
    Unreportable due to stupid names. I'm not wasting anymore of my time posting video evidence to SOE when they seem to do nothing about it.

    I Have sent 3 videos to them recently and could have sent another 20 if I'd have had the time to spend, I'm still seeing the same guys I reported days ago doing the same thing.
    If a video of a player walking through the wall into the spawn room of a bio lab that is in our control, and shooting many NC repeatedly, then speedhacking away isn't enough evidence, I don't know what is?