Cheapest CPU to run PS2?

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  1. Gundem

    Currently working on getting a build set up for a friend. The plan is to use my old GPU and a cheap CPU while he waits for the money to put a big kicker CPU and GPU in, but otherwise to build a very high quality foundation(Mobo, Cooling, PSU, stuff like that).

    That all out of the way, what would my fellow Planetmans recommend as the cheapest CPU to run for temps?

    Currently I'm thinking of using the i3-6100 and overclocking it to about 4.5GH'z.

    Alternatively, I was thinking of using the even cheaper Pentium G4500, but in order to Overclock that, it requires(To the best of my knowledge) an ASRock Motherboard, of which the quality I am unaware of.

    On a side-note, no, I will not accept any AMD CPU's. The plan is to eventually fit this beast with an i7-6700k/GTX 1070, so AMD is a no-go.
  2. Taemien

    For cheap.. I think that i3-6100 will do it. Being a LGA1151 allows you to upgrade in the way you wish. I don't even think it will need overclocking to be honest. There's i5's that are double the price, but don't give quite as much performance for the higher price. PS2 does multicore.. but inefficiently at best. So the benefit of more cores will be negligible.

    Its no 4790K or 6700K, but for $130, its a bargain.

    If you guys do decide to go with it.. let us know how it worked out. I'm curious to see how well that would run PS2 with a decent GPU. I've got spare parts laying around I wouldn't mind tinkering with on the cheap. I just don't want to use an AMD Phenom to do it.
  3. Gundem

    I think the G4500 is also 1151 socket, so we can eventually put the 6700K regardless, but I have been leaning a bit towards the i3 so far, even though it's about double the 45's price.

    As for the GPU, it's okay enough, I'd have called it a budget mid-tier GPU before Pascal. It's my old GTX 660 Superclocked, and it ran PS2 surprisingly well(Though not that surprisingly, since PS2 is a CPU heavy game), running a consistent 80 to almost 100 fps in WG with near ultra, shadows disabled though.
  4. Masyaka

    im not sure about it needs a good GPU scince my laptop GPU allowed me to get to 40 FPS no prob

    if you want some graphic included do it for your pleasure.
  5. Taemien

    GPU will be fine. My 6 year old laptop has a GTX 555M and runs it well. Sh-t the laptop's CPU laughs at PS2.. but it is an i7, if even an older one. Was not a cheap laptop to say the least.. but it paid for itself, so I can't complain.
  6. Towie just need to make sure you do a lot of reading before overclocking a non-K CPU - Intel seem to be none too pleased with the concept, although there are still options out there.

    This is a useful reference -

    There are always downsides - CPU will be locked at that frequency, no C-states / turbo etc. so you need to ensure the fan is good enough (Intels are very efficient though).

    BUT THAT SAID - I think the i3-6100 is a good choice regardless and they appear to reach 4.4-4.5Ghz easily.

    (I know you know your stuff - just didn't want a randomer coming along and thinking it's a doddle. It's not hard either but there are some caveats and the right component choices to be made)
  7. Nie_Tutaj

    I used to run this game on a 4-5 year old AMD Anthlon. It was a quad core, but I eventually unlocked it so I could use the other two cores that were disabled. I got around 25-40 frames per second, depending on the base and the fight. Huge fights could sometimes sink to twenty or less. Being in the air as a galaxy without moving would max at 59-60 FPS. Moving would drop it to 40-50 range. Graphics were sub-par. At first, I played on medium to high settings. Eventually I started messing around with the settings to get higher framerates. Now I'm playing on an AMD FX-6300, and I can get to nearly maxed out settings and still get a decent framerate (I upgraded the video card as well, but this game runs primarily on the CPU, so that is less relevant) of 30-50 Frames, depending on the fight. In smaller fights it's great, and in larger fights it still works well, even at 30 FPS.

    So, I guess I'm saying that you can run this game decently, even with a CPU that is roughly $80. This game isn't optimized for AMD yet though, so I'd recommend putting in some extra cash for an Intel processor.

    Note: I don't know how much the processor was on my older computer because I bought it pre-built for about $600. Make of that what you will.
  8. Rebelgb

    "This game isn't optimized for AMD yet though, so I'd recommend putting in some extra cash for an Intel processor." - Nie_tutaj

    ^ You obviously have zero idea what your talking about so please stop.

    As for the OP, I run with a AMD FX-8350 Black and the game runs like an absolute dream..... that being said, I agree with your idea of using an Intel so you can upgrade later. AMD is changing architectures (again) and itls likely that any new processor from AMD will not work on current Mobo's. My 15 year old plays Planetside 2 on an i3 and it plays well. Thats with an older Radeon GPU and 2GB of RAM. He uses a mod that closes all other applications in the background, but other than that he isnt OC'd or anything.
  9. kr47er

    Allways played the game on a i3-4030U, It runs decent (60-65 fps in potato mode), and since what youre propposing is better, I think it would work.
  10. Stigma

    After re-Reading OPs post, my reply is sort of off-track to what he is actually asking for, so I'm removing it.