Characters Unavaliable (Steam)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Thismanhaslazers, May 7, 2020.

  1. Thismanhaslazers

    Hello, currently me and many uses launching the game through steam are unable to retrieve their characters or any game data from the servers. All character are listed as unavaliable, and even after logging in loadouts cannot be changed. It's almost as though the client isn't fetching some of the server data?

    I'm unsure as to how widespread this issue is, however it is affecting many steam users.
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  2. Yellow Rug

    same here. I launch the game through steam. You can still click play and you will go in the game but if you have multiple characters you kinda have to guess which slot the character you want is in.
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  3. xHighHammerx

    Jeees Same here. I thought Ive lost all my account saved details ffs ... what is going on ??? Im also playing the game via Steam!
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  4. SpartanG007

  5. Zhakathoom

    Not on steam - Same problem.
  6. LadiesMan217

    Glad I'm not the only one. :D
  7. Hersiphar

    Same here (without steam)[IMG]Note you can still play (but cannot buy anything, in certs or dbc)
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  8. then00b

    Some/many weapons and attachments are unavailable as well.
    So something broke I guess.
  9. LadiesMan217

    First it was G99 error, and now this. :(
  10. Norris

    Have the same problem. Can not buy anything aswell.

    Edit: Logging in a second time and now I can buy with certs.
  11. Caesar_REDMIST

    Cannot login, my character seems not even loading at start screen
  12. Caesar_REDMIST

  13. RTBM

    Yeah me too! is it only via Steam, can you confirm?!! seem highly unlikely though since it is a server issue, the server status says the population is low, so I reckon it's not only through steam buddy...
  14. Caesar_REDMIST

    NO, I DON'T PLAY through steam and I have it too
  15. OldPittie

    Same problem and also NOT on Steam
  16. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Same thing here, but I can still log in and play. Just that a lot of my loadouts are missing attachments, and the depot is broken.
  17. LadiesMan217

    Still not fixed?
  18. Caesar_REDMIST

    yes sorry i checked is like you
  19. ILikeLions

    It's absolutely not just on Steam. I use the Daybreak Launcher and the same problems occur for me.
  20. LadiesMan217

    Still no action :(