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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by The Jiggler, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. The Jiggler

    Problem has persisted for 12 months!

    Statistics websites such as players.planetside and dasanfall are not updating the statistics for my main character. The stats are still displayed (and updated) inside the game. Dasanfall appears to have pushed through an update around the time of the community clash but it now shows that the character profile is out of date by 100 days.

    The statistics type forum signature for this character sometimes doesn't show which server this character is on. The players.planetside website is able to update my kill feed, score per hour and average KDR. But literally nothing else. I've been told that the profile on this website sometimes doesn't register outfit and server for this character.

    Here is the real issue! I am unable to use the Recursion real-time stat tracker and i think it is related. The software is able to read my character ID from the game but immediately disconnects after doing so. It indicates a D3D error.

    Anybody have experience with solving this problem?

    Character; kheebab
    Outfit; The Jesters
    Server; Cobalt (originally created the character on Lithcorp)

    I contacted support with a ticket and was instructed to post on this forum.
  2. The Jiggler

    Bump for SOE census to fix my character! It has been suggested that i may have a duplicate character ID or a duplicate entry in whichever database stores character information. Any chance of a response?

    I am concerned going into the new server merge!
  3. Zhakathoom

    Only one of my characters show up on my profile on the SOE PS2 player site. The other characters can be found by a player search though.

    I also created a ticket on the matter and was directed here.

    It's admittedly a slightly different issue than yours since my characters update their stats, but are seemingly not connected to my account/profile. But it shows that the player site problems is manyfold. And I too have found reports of the same issue going well over a year back in time.. :p

    - Z